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Love drives away the negative and will transform our world to create a peaceful and safe atmosphere for all.

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Beloved Master, I would like to share this inner experience that I had before receiving the news of Your new book “Love is The Only Solution.”

I saw myself in Hsihu Ashram. There were several people around listening to Master, and some of us were walking a little further from the meeting place.

Suddenly I felt myself turning back and there I saw some men with reptilian features in front of the people who were there. Their vibration was cold and the color of their skin was between greenish and gray. They were wearing opaque suits and they did not appear to have good intentions.

In that moment, suddenly, I was transported to the meeting place where Master was - very close, and it was there that Master began to teach us about Love. Master said, “Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. You have the potential to develop it to its fullest expression.”

While listening to Master’s words, at the same time, I observed how the energy of Love that came from these words was driving away those men with reptilian features. They disappeared completely.

Then, I saw myself crossing Hsihu Ashram and going to New Land Ashram through a garden, through a wide passage of vegetation. I passed a fence, and at that moment it was told to me, inside, that the places are connected.

In the New Land Ashram, I saw what looked like a very large portal. While there, I also saw some monks and nuns telling me that I will receive a confirmation from above. They pointed up with their hand, referring to Master. At that moment, I wondered what it was about or what they were referring to. And immediately, I appeared next to the Master, and She turned Her face towards me while gently closing Her eyes, and I felt a lot of Blessings. It was a magical moment. I felt Her Divine transmission of Love.

The next day, I received information about Master’s new book “Love is The Only Solution.”

Thank You, Master, for all Your Love and Blessings that You give to all the inhabitants of this planet every day that You are here among us. May Your stay among us be for much longer – until our planet becomes a world where love and respect reign among all its inhabitants and towards all sentient beings. With much love, Aiko from Peru

Tender Aiko, Such an amazing vision of how Love can be both protective and transformative! Our thanks for sharing this with us.

Here is Master’s response to you: “Intuitive Aiko, it is wonderful that you saw in your meditation the incredible Power of Love! Love drives away the negative and will transform our world to create a peaceful and safe atmosphere for all. If every human being expands their love and compassion by embracing veganism, our world will become the Paradise it was meant to be. May you and the gracious people of Peru continue to be blessed as you move forward along the spiritual path.”

Vegan side effect: The Amazon rainforest won’t tremble at the mere sight of ur shadow. 

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