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Only by practicing spiritually diligently can one enjoy safety.

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Respected Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team, I’d like to share an inner vision I had in meditation: During my meditation in the early morning of the eighth day of the second lunar month, 2022, I saw the ruins after an earthquake, billowing floods rushing into cities, and people fleeing desperately for their lives. I met an initiated sister telling me loudly to quickly run up the mountain where a spaceship would take us away. While running, I saw that there was a giant spaceship in the distant sky, which was shining with silver light and so huge as to almost cover up half of the sky. There was a voice from the spaceship saying, “Fellow initiates, please line up at the light checkpoint; only those qualified will be admitted into the ship.”

The four members of my family, including our dog baby, queued up for the light inspection. My daughter was the first one to enter the light checkpoint. A dark light beam appeared, and she was instantly sucked into a downward channel. Dashing toward her, I cried out loudly, “Master, please save my daughter!” However, she had already disappeared into the bottomless channel. I screamed out her name loudly in fright, but I knew in my heart that she was gone. For my husband, the second one to enter the light checkpoint, a red light beam appeared, which meant he failed and he was sent to another system, also gone without a trace. The third one was me carrying my dog baby and the screen showed a white light beam, and I heard a voice, “Welcome Home.” We were taken to the spaceship by the upward light beam.

With mixed feelings of grief and joy, I saw a lot of fellow initiates sitting in the spaceship. I felt happy being able to board the spaceship, to survive the catastrophe and greet the arrival of a new era, while also feeling sad that my daughter went to another channel. Though having been initiated for years, up till that moment, she had not been able to do the basic meditation homework every day, not to mention learning Master’s teachings and being diligent in spiritual practice. On top of that, she had not kept a strict vegan diet when eating outside. My husband was often not meditating enough hours, and rarely watched Supreme Master TV and Master’s teachings, so he could only enter another system instead of boarding the spaceship.

Through this meditation experience, I realized more deeply that initiation alone doesn’t guarantee absolute safety. Only those who are truly awakened inside and outside, keep a pure vegan diet, meditate earnestly every day, and practice diligently, can have true safety. Mei-Yin from China

Perceptive Mei-Yin, Thank you for the indispensable reminder. We hope that our fellow initiated brothers and sisters have kept their promises given at the time of initiation, to keep all the precepts strictly, and to meditate diligently for at least the required amount of time every day. May you and the congenial people of China continue wholeheartedly in your spiritual quest to seek inner wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master expresses Her Love: “Virtuous Mei-Yin, I’m glad to know that you passed the test! What you experienced during your meditation is indeed a Heaven-sent message of the importance of being truly dedicated to your spiritual practice and steering away from the deceptive worldly temptations. As much as my heart desires to bring all of you back Home, I can only guide those who are sincerely willing to walk the path. I pray for everyone to awaken soon and embrace World Vegan for a peaceful planet. May you and cultured China be infinitely blessed by Heaven’s radiance.” 

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