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Time is Truly Running Out and May Humans Awaken Now: Seeing in Dreams the Enormous Consequences of Meat-eating and Begging for Rescue from the Animal-people

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Hallo, dear Supreme Master TV team! I’d like to share two of my dreams via Supreme Master TV. When I was in my teens, I overheard someone say, “Animal-people also have their parents and feel pain just like humans. Besides, eating meat means killing lives and will definitely incur retribution.” I was so ashamed that I vowed on the spot to become a vegan for life.

That night, I dreamed that I went to a market and suddenly thousands of animal-people swarmed to kneel in front of me, begging me to rescue them. Not knowing what to do, I could only keep apologizing to them, “I am sorry. I don’t know how to save you.” After waking up, I looked for answers on how to truly help them. Later I realized that only by persuading more people to become vegan could I truly help them.

In the second dream, I went to a hell where the beings were astral bodies of living people, with neighbors I knew among them. In my dream, I understood clearly, that because they had done something wrong during the daytime, so their astral bodies had to be punished there. Many people queued up to walk into an icehouse to be frozen repeatedly. At that time, I realized why some people would feel unwell for no reason. Sometimes it is because their astral bodies are being punished without them knowing it.

Sometimes, I’d be really sad when thinking that humans are so ignorant of cause and effect and so insensitive to the helplessness of the animal-people. I wish more awakening power could permeate every human being, both outside and inside, so they could know the truth and then lead a compassionate and enlightened life.

Many thanks to the Supreme Master TV team for your loving devotion to producing so many colorful, comprehensive, and heart-inspiring programs to let everyone understand, through different perspectives, the importance of spirituality and that we must not eat meat. 

I am particularly grateful to Master. Because of You, the world is full of Light and Love; because of You, countless beings have been awakened. I pray that all beings in the Universe can hear Your call: “Be vegan, Repentant = Save your soul!” 

I’m also in deep gratitude to all Heavenly Godses for assisting our Beloved Master at all times and helping the world. With overflowing love, Chen-Hai from China

Benevolent Chen-Hai, Thank you for sharing your powerful inner visions with us. They have revealed the enormous consequences of meat-eating for humans as well as how desperately the animal-people are trying to avoid the horrible suffering and death that are inflicted on them by this most destructive human habit. May your conveyance of this knowledge help rouse others and aid in hastening the arrival of a peaceful vegan world. We pray that you and the radiant Chinese people always bask in the Grace of Heaven, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these thought- filled words to share with you: “Tenderhearted Chen-Hai, if all humans would just let the truth reach them, and acted on it by becoming vegan, then all the troubles on Earth could be avoided. It pains me so much, for the animal-people and humans alike, that this has not come to pass already. Time is truly running out. May humans awaken now before the devastating karmic consequences fully come into being. World Vegan is the only way out. May you and the wise Chinese people evermore embrace the Buddha nature within you.”

“The vegan diet is healthy and leads to a compassionate lifestyle. I’ve gotten so many benefits. My weight is easily maintained, my skin glows, I sleep better and I feel more energized.” ~ Meagan Duhamel (vegan) 

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