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Important Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai, July 29, 2020

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On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai took precious time away from Her intensive meditation retreat to convey an important message for all who may hear it, regarding the urgent state of the world and people’s safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So now, I wanted to read you the message, (Yes, Master. Thank You.) that I wanted to tell on the 24th of July, but I didn’t. It’s in my diary on… Yeah, OK, here it is. “Message to all who hear.” I just wrote it short. (Yes, Master.) I mean, it’s not like a whole structure of the sentence. So I just read as is. (Yes.)

“Live self-sustainable, as much as can. Like, if you have land, you grow crops, fruit trees, etc., and vegetables. Whenever you go out, fully protective gear. Wear head gear also, like your hat, to cover hair as well, and goggles for your eyes. Overalls for the body. And wash immediately after returning home.” I say, “I want to tell you that I’m still here, and fighting for you.” (We know, Master. Thank You, Master.) I cannot help to stop the pandemic right now. I can minimize, but I cannot help completely. Because, as I told you before, once the wheel of the karmic consequences already turns on, it’s impossible to stop it. (Yes, Master.) But I have warned people in advance. I’ve warned you guys already also, before. (Yes.) And I warned people officially on our [Supreme Master] TV as well.

So anyway, “I am still here fighting for you. And the people who die, I will take care if they are your relatives, if they have seen me or my photo, or if they’re not possessed by zealous demons,” inside, meaning their souls have been gone. Alive body or dead body, they’re just demons inside. (Yes, Master.) I take care, whomever I can. The souls. I cannot stop the pandemic, but I will take care of the souls of the people who are sincere, who repent, and especially your relatives and friends. (Thank You, Master.)

Another one. “Change job if can, so that you can work at home. Or you could ask your company whether or not you could work from home. It would be maybe safer, save a lot of time for you in the traffic, also save the environment from bad pollution.” “All restaurants open just for takeout. Not sit in. All vegan products increase, make more.” I just wrote it short, so I read it short also. (Yes, Master.) “All vegan products be more for sending.” You know like people order and we send (Yes.) everywhere. “Upgrade if needed. Meditate as much as free time allows, any time, any minutes, anywhere, for self-protection and World Vegan, for animals no more suffering, thus humans consequently also no more hell karma. Those who already saw the cruelty, shown by film or videos or even on our internet, about animals’ suffering and languishing and torturous life and death, but still eat meat, or fish, or eggs, or dairy, will not be redeemable. So take heed. Tell your family and friends to beware and to repent and to change their lifestyle into benevolent one. Vegan diet is the answer.” (Yes, Master.)

And the people who are, for example, who are vegan for any reason, but die, it’s easier for me to take care of their souls, to help their souls to go to a higher level of Heaven. (Yes, Master.) But the people who keep eating meat despite the UN warning, despite all the scientists’ reports, despite all the films showing all the cruelty and incredible, inhumane practice of animal factories and still eating meat, still don’t change, then these people not redeemable. That’s what I wanted to tell you.

During this conference with Supreme Master Television team members, Master also graciously answered a range of questions and elaborated on the correct understanding humans should have about the present time of cleansing and the priceless chance for redemption.

I can only bless the people who listen, who cooperate. If a doctor gives a prescription to a patient, and the patient does not take the medicine, what will be the consequence? Will you blame the doctor for not trying his best already? (No, Master.) Yeah! You cannot just expect everything, but not give anything. (Yes, Master.) And you don’t even have to give anything! You just don’t take it from others. Don’t take lives from animals. (Yes, Master.) Very simple solution! If you kill lives, you cannot expect life in return. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” The law of karma is not to be messed up with. (Yes, Master.) If they keep taking poison and the doctor tells them, “Don’t take it anymore. At least stop the poison, then I can cure you,” but they continue taking poison, then the patient will die or be agonizing. Just don’t expect me to do everything and nobody does anything. There is no such thing like that. (Yes, Master.)

Even then, we have to be fair to the animals. They do nothing wrong. They’ve been tortured, they’ve been, oh, my God, like hell, before they die. (Yes, Master.) You saw it all on our [Supreme Master] TV and on Netflix, (Yes.) and all the films that we advertise. How can we as a human, strong, intelligent, have choices, torture somebody who is weak, and helpless like that and expect mercy?! I told them they have to repent and U-turn. That’s all they have to do. I don’t ask for a lot. (Yes, Master.) So that I can help them. Of course, I can bless the people who are repenting and turn to a benevolent way of life, I can bless by the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty. I have told you already that I helped the souls who are repentant, even though they have to die to redeem their sins. I help them if they are repentant in their hearts, if they have ever seen my photos, or my videos, or my talks, and have some reverence, or some belief in me. These I can help. But if they don’t listen, they continue their ways, then don’t ask me anymore to help them, Master’s blessing…A lot of blessing − for nothing. For these people, nothing will work if they don’t change.

Most Merciful Master, our utmost gratefulness for Your loving guidance and profound concern for our world. May the Great Godses always protect Beloved Master in Her Noble Mission, as we pray that we all will do our necessary part of repenting and being vegan for our souls to be saved. For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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