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More Important Messages from Supreme Master Ching Hai, July 29, 2020

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Supreme Master Ching Hai was quite concerned about a few other things She mentioned in the Wednesday, July 29, 2020, conference that She graciously held with the Supreme Master television team. Perhaps that’s why Master has lovingly disclosed this information now so we can be extra vigilant to protect ourselves and our loved ones in this time of uncertainty.

As of the 24th of July… this is the unofficial number of people who have contracted the COVID-19. It’s very far from the news or official numbers. (Yes, Master.) I have to tell you guys so that our brothers and sisters also know. OK? (Yes, Master.) Otherwise it’s a very sad thing, I don’t want to say it, but I have to so that you and our brothers and sisters, at least the initiates, will be more careful. (Yes, Master.) I’m not sure if outside people even listen at all. (Yes, Master. Understand.) OK, as of the 24th of July, this is what I checked inside. This is the inside news. Not official news. (Yes, Master.) Heaven told me. I checked, because I was quite worried about the trend of the pandemic. It keeps going and going, before that. (Yes, Master.) Before the 24th of July. And I didn’t catch any news since then.

So, 24th of July, we have in the whole world 1,003,322,462 COVID-19 infected people. (Wow! That’s a lot.) Only I’m talking about infection. I don’t talk about the dying and all that. (Yes, Master.) And of course, some are dying also. (Yes, Master.)

But, as of today, 29th of July, 2020, we have more. It’s always going up in numbers. (Yes.) As of today, it’s 1,005,432,271 COVID-19 victims, not counting the dead. (That’s so sad.)

Besides sharing the alarming numbers of COVID-19 victims, Master also expressed deep concern about the appearance of many other diseases.

There are many other diseases also showing up right now. (Yes, Master.) I saw it on our [Supreme Master] TV, something in Yemen, cholera. And what else? Ebola? (Yes.) It’s even showing up again. (Yes, Master.) And measles somewhere, etc. You see because of the COVID-19 energy, the air will be somehow polluted, when people carry the disease and running around. (Yes.) So, people’s immune systems are also being affected even though they are not infected by COVID-19. (Yes, Master.) Thus, if they have caught another disease, normally treatable, it could be untreatable; (Oh, wow.) because their immune system is already somehow compromised. So, that’s why I keep telling you and disciples all these conferences, just to let them be more vigilant and careful, and more protecting themselves with spiritual merit. (Yes, Master.) With prayers, with meditation, with purity of conduct and thought and action, and speech. That is the real protection. Otherwise, humans, including my own so-called disciples, don’t have enough love, don’t have enough merit to cover themselves. (Oh, I see.) So must borrow from Master power, from higher power, and thus must pray every day a lot, must meditate a lot, as much as you can. (Yes, Master.) That is to connect yourself always with the Divine. So that we don’t have more problems. (Yes, Master.)

Most Compassionate Master, our profound gratitude for Your boundless Love and care for the well-being of all on the planet, and for all the untold sacrifices You make so that humanity has the merciful opportunity for redemption and a life of bliss here and eternally in the hereafter. May Beloved Master be forever shielded by the Highest Heavenly Beings, as we pray Your days are filled with excellent health, peace and happiness in our emerging vegan world. For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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