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Just change all into organic (vegan) farming. Give subsidized money to these meat industry people. (Yes, Master.) And then they’ll change their lives. If they have money from government, they would change. (Yes.) Then they start a new life. Why wait until everybody is sick, and then cannot work and no income, and have to pay for everybody like this and make the country bankrupt?

We still have a lot of earth, even though crowded. We’ll be nine billion, or something. We are seven billion now, right? (Yes, Master.) Even seven billion, but we still have a lot of room everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Even Taiwan (Formosa), if you have some time to go to Taiwan (Formosa) and then you go out on the many different roads, and even on the highway, you will see many empty mountain forests are still there. (Yes, Master.) Of course, it belongs to the government and you can’t just go there and live at random. You can’t just bring a tent there and say, “Whoa, it’s no man’s land!” But if they come up, and legally, they can just live anywhere, there’s still much room left. I think. (Yes.)

Even Hong Kong, believe it or not, they still have mountains and forests! (Yes, Master.) Untouched! Because sometime I was thinking of buying land in Hong Kong for disciples to meditate, because the present center is very small. For Hong Kong, good enough, but not for everybody, for international. (Yes, Master.) And they want me to stay there, and I also liked Hong Kong very much at that time. At that time, to me, Hong Kong was very free, very advanced in many aspects. And the Hong Kong people are very nice. The ones I met. (Yes, Master.) I thought maybe it is good to be there, but I cannot find any suitable place. But even then, Hong Kong had big places, but not big enough. Big like for two, three thousand, five thousand people. But we are exceeding that. (Yes.) So, even though for Hong Kong, that’s very big, but it’s not suitable, for retreat and all that sometimes. But I did get some more new land for Hong Kong people. (Oh, wow.) I think they bought one piece or two for themselves, and other pieces I bought. (Wow.) And renovated my little hut and all that. Even Hong Kong and Taiwan (Formosa) have a lot of free land left.

On the Earth we have a lot, a lot of land left. (Yes.) Like maybe, if you want to own a big land you can go to Siberia, for example. Maybe with $50,000 you can buy many, many hectares. (Yes, Master.) All for yourself. Wouldn’t that be nice? Freedom. (Yes.) Space, no neighbors, no spying. The dogs can run forever. We don’t have to leash them. They’ll be too tired to run anymore, anywhere. So probably just drop somewhere and we just go pick them back up. Pick them up and bring them back. That would be freedom. (Yes, Master.)

Also, in Mongolia they have a big Gobi Desert. (Yes, Master.) People live there. In some areas, there is water, so they’re living there. So, if we are not convenient or comfortable, we can all go there. They will welcome us. Desert people are very generous. (Yes.) In their house, they always leave some food and drink for anyone who comes in. Their house is never locked. (Wow.) Always leave some food and drink enough for a few days for the travelers, whoever pass by their house, if they need them. But most people they are very honest. They also bring their own food. Just that if they need it, they can. They can stay in their house, eat their food, sleep on their bed, drink their water, however precious it is. They leave it open for travelers. How nice! (That’s very nice.) If the whole world does that, if the whole world learns from that, wouldn’t that be wonderful? (Yes, Master.) Instead of throwing food away, why don’t we give to the poor? (Yes.) Throwing food away to keep the price high. Many times, many farmers, many producers of fruits, vegetables, they throw them away, even though they can give it to the poor, give it to food bank or whatever.

Our world still has a lot, a lot of work to do. So you guys hang on in there. OK? (Yes, Master.) Just hinge yourselves. Not hang yourselves, but hinge yourselves on Supreme Master TV work. (We’re with You, Master.) Stabilize yourselves there. Don’t think of going anywhere, doing what. If you see the world chaotic outside? (Yes, Master.) Even if you go out, can you even find a job or can you even find your life, your guarantee, your insurance? (No, Master. We can’t.) Insurance is only money. Life, nobody can insure you. (Right. Yes.) Life is so impermanent, so unpredictable. Nobody expected this COVID-19 to come so up at your door like that. (Yes, Master.) (No one would, no.) We’ve been talking about it, warning about it, but nobody cares.

Ah, God! Why don’t just change? Just change all into organic (vegan) farming. Give subsidized money to these meat industry people. (Yes, Master.) And then they’ll change their lives. If they have money from government, they would change. (Yes.) Then they start a new life. Why wait until everybody is sick, and then cannot work and no income, and have to pay for everybody like this and make the country bankrupt? (Yes, Master.) And don’t know if can even get up again. I read some news, some headline, they said that COVID-19 has brought this country to its knees. (Correct, Master.) Really prostrate, some country, making debt more and more and people’s lives cannot even save. Why wait for this to happen? Why? Why? If known already?

Diseases are caused all by animals, at least 75%. (Yes, Master.) The rest is I think hereditary. But also because the ancestors or the parents or the grandparents, they’re eating meat, that’s why their systems are weak. (Yes.) And then the disease is there and then it stays in the family. If they have been living with a clean vegan diet or at least even vegetarian diet, it wouldn’t have been so bad. They wouldn’t have even disease to pass on to their poor, precious children. Because in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “If the parents eat too salty food, then the children will be thirsty.” (Oh, yes.) Just like we say we have the ancestors’ sins. Ancestors’ sins pass on to the children, the next generation. (Yes, Master.) That’s what they say.

Every country, they have similar sayings, I think. (Yes, Master.) What do they say in America? (They say something like the sins of our ancestors, we have to pay for. It’s similar to what You’ve said already, Master.) (We have the same saying, too.) What did they say? (Ancestors’ sins, the descendants bear them. Means, the grandfather’s sins will pass down to the grandson, etc.) The grandfather’s sins will pass down to the children. (Yes, yes.) That is very spiritual, it’s another thing. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we also say something like, if somebody does something bad or treats somebody badly, and that victim will say to the aggressor, saying, “Oh, please. Think about it. Leave some merits to your children, won’t you?” It’s something like that. (Yes.) Like “stop making trouble because your children will inherit your bad karma” That’s what they meant, also. (Yes.) Not just eating salty food. It’s similar meaning anyway. (Yes.) OK. So, what else?

I see my diary. Anything else I talk to you about? That’s about the thing now, about the northern lights. Oh, on the 14th, Sunday, the spider came again. (Wow!) They’re surrounding me all the time now. They come any time and surprise me. I said, “Hey, buddy. What?” I call them “buddies.” “What?” So, he said to me, quotation mark: “Bow to You.” End quote. (Wow.) So I said, “What for? Can you even bow?” I don’t know if I said this to your sisters already or not. Maybe I did, no? You don’t know. The conference has not come out yet. (It hasn’t aired yet, Master.)

Oh, you know what? I just wanted to say “Hallo” to you actually, and to ask whether or not you’re OK, if there’s anything you need. Oh, and I wanted to tell you something before I forget. I wanted to call you to tell you that if you have a fan, don’t blow it directly on your face all the time. Maybe for some minutes, and you cool down, then you direct it to another part of the body or sideways. (Yes, Master.) If it’s cool enough already, don’t direct it on your body because the dust from your room or your place, will blow into your nose. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes it carries something not favorable if you don’t clean it every day, knowing you guys, men. (Understand, Master.) Because I just saw in some news, they said that it could make you sick. (Yes, Master.) Or dry your skin. Oh, that you don’t like it. You want to stay handsome. And they say also it makes you have a sore throat and cough. Sometimes if you cough during the night, for some reason…Another thing is if you are bitten in the night by those almost invisible kind of sand bugs, then it could be that your standby light attracts them to go into your place. So just turn off or cover all the standby lights, so then you will have more peace.

Can you hear me, still? (Yes, Master.) OK, good. I have two phones here. Imagine! One phone is to record my beautiful old face and another phone is to hear you. (Yes, Master.) (It’s much clearer now, Master.) Yeah, the mobile phone, that’s how I can hear you, because the landline doesn’t work! Yeah, yeah. I’m a very low-tech person. I don’t care. We have spontaneous meetings sometimes. It’s better than too much preparing. (Yes, Master.) Too much preparing, I lost it. (Yes, Master.) I lost my loving feeling, my patience, my inspiration, whatever. (Understand, Master.) We are not machines. (Right, Master.) It’s always official or professional. I said, “I’m professional all the time already, all these decades, every time, in front of thousands or hundreds of people already.” (Yes, Master.)

So when I talk to my own family members, I don’t need to always be so long preparing or waiting for professional equipment and all that. Who cares? (Yes, Master.) I’m old already. Let’s face it. No matter how much touch-up, I don’t look too much younger. (You still look good, Master.) People love me anyway. (Yes, Master. You’re beautiful.) Who cares what I look like. (Yes, Master. We love You.) I am confident people love me. (We do, Master. Everyone does.) Self-esteem, very high. I have proof for it. Because I have proof from my personal experience.

See my dogs? Do they look like me? No. Do they look like handsome guys or anything? No. I love them so much! (Yes, Master.) The dogs, they don’t look anything like we imagine. They don’t look like us, no? Some do, some do. Some do look like the owners, but not all the dogs look like me, no? Even if they do or not, I still love them so much. (Yes, Master.) You know that.

I sometimes do not get on well with some human caretakers of the dogs because I love them so much. I love the dogs so much, I worry they do this not right, do that not right. (Yes, Master.) And for love, sometimes it’s not very good for me, that people might think I treat dogs better than them. It’s not true. I’m just more protective because they’re like children. (Yes, Master.) They are very dependent on us because we bring them into our home, and they live according to our rules now. They cannot be outside and be free and take care of themselves. (Yes, Master.) So, we have to take good care of them, and I think I know how, that’s all. That’s why I tell some people, should do this, should do that.

Like in summer, you trim their hair. Even if we have air-con, but better trim their hair. (Yes, Master.) So when they go out walking, they don’t get out of breath (Understand, Master.) and drool all over the planet like that. Because some, their tongues, they have to let it out. The drool comes out, so that it cools off. (Yes, Master.) But for that, sometimes people don’t like to be told off. I feel sorry, also. Sometimes I apologize, sometimes I don’t. Because I know I’m right. (Yes, Master.) But even then, nobody likes to be told that they’re wrong. I know that. It hurts the ego. (Yes, Master.) Because of the dogs. Not because of any treasure or money or job or competition for beauty or anything, that I make a rift with people. (Yes, Master.) Never mind. So, I asked, “What for?” Why did I say to…? Oh, because I cut off this to tell you about the fan. (Yes, Master.)

It’s true. If I have a fan at night because I want to save air-con sometimes, then I put the fan next to me on my face to cool off, then I cough. (Oh!) And my throat is very dry, almost sore in the morning. If you wake up at night and cough a few coughs, you drink three very little sips of water. (Yes, Master.) Always put water next to you, clean water, and you drink just three little sips. Not a big drink. (Yes, Master.) That’s the cure. I hope I tell you and then I still can keep it. (Oh, Master.) Every time I tell you something, later I don’t have it. Don’t worry. I have other stuff. Maybe it works.

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