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The Versatile Rice Paper, Part 2 of 2 – Aulacese (Vietnamese) Jicama and Tofu Rolls, Fried Spring Rolls & Grilled Rice Paper with Jackfruit Salad

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Today, we will learn some other appealing dishes using the multi-purpose rice paper. We will start with the Jicama and Tofu Rolls. The ingredients for the Jicama and Tofu Rolls are as follows: The filling includes vegan protein, cellophane noodles, and fried tofu. The vegetables consist of jicama, carrot, and sweet potato. The vital ingredient of this dish is roasted rice. We can buy the roasted rice in an Asian store or make it ourselves by roasting the rice until golden brown, letting it cool, then grinding it finely. The homemade roasted rice will be more fragrant when consumed right away. Next, we make the dipping sauce for the Jicama and Tofu Rolls.

We will learn how to make another rice paper dish – the “Fried Spring Roll.” The main ingredients of Fried Spring Roll include wood ear mushroom (or black fungus), vermicelli, yellow mung bean (without skin), white tofu, kohlrabi, taro, and carrots. We use the thin rice papers but choose the more pliable kind so that it’s easier to roll.

Besides the thin rice paper, we also have the thick rice paper, which usually has sesame seeds or coconut milk, and we roast it to eat. The roasted thick rice paper has the sweet taste of rice and the nutty flavor of sesame; is crispy and fragrant. This roasted rice paper can be eaten by itself or eaten with other food, such as the Jackfruit Salad that we are going to make next. The ingredients of Jackfruit Salad consist of pre-cut young jackfruit, tofu, laksa leaves, mint leaves, roasted peanut, one lemon, three hot peppers, vegan fish sauce, sugar and vegan seasoning. Besides the Jackfruit Salad, there is purple cabbage salad, cucumber salad, lotus roots salad, etc. All of which can be eaten with the roasted rice paper, and it’s very flavorful.

Another rice paper dish that’s appealing is rice paper and malt; the roasted thick rice paper is spread on top with malt, sprinkled with coconut shreds, and roasted peanut – a sweet and fragrant crispy snack!

You see, rice paper is very versatile and convenient because rice paper can be stored for a long time, and the ingredients and dipping for the rice paper are also flexible according to your taste. Therefore, having rice papers in the house is like having a ready cooked rice pot – we can always create a tasty, quick and nutritious meal with any kind of available vegetables and vegan protein suitable to one’s palate.
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