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“A Brightly Guided Life”: A Near-Death Experience and the Beings of Light, Part 2 of 2

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As we continue, Dr. Honkala tells us what happened after she returned to her body. “So right after my near-death experience, I’m just about to be three, and now I can read and write, I can resolve mathematical problems, and this kept going on. And then for me, it was the sense, even when I joined a school and started to do the other things, like, I’m not needing to learn any of this; I’m just remembering.”

Dr. Ingrid Honkala explains what happened in her communications with the Beings of Light. “One day, I see this star-like figure that was shining in gold, and it approached me and shaped itself into a human form to show me, ‘We’re the same.’”

“And one day, later in life, I would say I was like 13 years old, we were watching a movie. And this movie was called ‘Cocoon.’ And this movie was about some aliens. And in the movie, the aliens, there’s a scene in which they rip the skin open, and under the skin there’s light. And they’re made of light. And when I saw that scene and looked at my sisters, I said, ‘Oh, that is what we are. That is what we truly are.’ And then that’s how I always felt. I have had so many experiences. One day, I woke up in the middle of the night and then it was that sense of ‘I am enormous.’ I was so big that I didn’t fit in that room. I was huge. And I heard the word ‘grandiose.’ It’s then I knew we’re bigger than we really think we are.”

“But there were a few things they said to me. They said that all the things that I was experiencing, and all the things that I was going to experience, were gifts. And they were for me someday to share with someone, but that was going to be later in the future.” “But they also said, ‘There will be people put on your path to help you, to guide you.’”

“But there was a moment I asked the Beings of Light, ‘Why me?’ They said, ‘Because you are special. Everybody is special. But not everybody knows that yet.’ They said, ‘In our core, in our source, we’re all the same, but what happened is that we become distracted. We become layered.’” “And how can you get to touch that light? Start calming the mind, and start becoming an observer of yourself ‒ know thyself. And little by little, you start peeling those layers.”

“They said, ‘For everyone, your true and only purpose in reality is to be the light, to remember that you are that light. And your mission is to shine that light.’”
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