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Ukraine Relief Update

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In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Relief News Update from Ukraine and Poland…

The unjust and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has left millions of Ukrainians still uprooted from their homes and in need of assistance. With the €100,000 recently set aside by our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai for helping the Ukrainian people, along with contributions from Association members, our relief team has been able to continue its efforts in Ukraine as well as in neighboring Poland.

Within Ukraine, the team sent several pallets of VBites’ ready-made meals to families as well as Ukraine’s frontline defenders through the charity Lviv Vegan Kitchen, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient.

Then, working together with The Honorable Alexandr Kulakov, a City Councillor of Volyn Oblast in northwestern Ukraine, our Association members had a chance to deliver medical supplies for frontline defenders. They also gave out bags with goodies at several sports events in Volyn held for Ukrainian children of defenders and internally displaced youngsters. The relief team then distributed non-perishable vegan food items to a rehabilitation center, helping to lessen a food shortage for families in the Volyn area.

Furthermore, more medicines for animal-people were delivered to a warehouse, from where they could be distributed to animal-people shelters and others in Ukraine. Plus, six pallets of vegan dog-people food were donated to shelters in Kyiv through the Ukraine Pet Association Worldwide (UPAW).

In addition, to spread awareness about the vegan lifestyle as an important means to bring about lasting peace, our Association members distributed copies of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book “Love Is the Only Solution” across the city of Lviv, Ukraine, and in Poland. The relief team continues to bring vegan snacks and drinks for refugees at the various Polish train stations. They also recently prepared hundreds of vegan sandwiches and fruit juice, along with toys and other items, for the Ukrainian children and mothers staying at refugee centers in Radymno and Boratyn, Poland.

Our Association members had a chance to visit the Ukrainian Consulate in Przemyśl, Poland, where they held a vegan cooking demonstration for interested refugees as well as a program to cheer up the children.

“You presented us big energy and big good emotions. We’re so happy because you visited us, and our children are very, very happy, because they’re playing and they’re smiling. Thank you.” 

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