Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 20 - Spread the Word

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“How many more patients do we want to see languishing in the hospitals between life and death, or dead because of that piece of meat that we put in our mouth? How many more families we want to break up due to this kind of disease and death caused by meat? How many more children we want to see suffer with heart disease, cancers at a young age already, because of the meat diet? And how much more energies do we want to waste in producing meat? How much more grains, food do we want to waste to raise animals at the cost of starvation of millions of other people? Right now we have 1 billion people already go to bed hungry. Every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger – every 5 seconds, while I’m sitting here talking to you. How many children dying or dead already? How many more we want to see? How long we can afford to bargain in the face of these sufferings of our own kind and of the animals, of the environment?” The answer is clear. We must stop the degrading practice of meat-eating to save ourselves and our world. For centuries, humans have been indulging in this unethical, unhealthy, and unsustainable meat habit. Time is of the essence and if we want to preserve our beautiful planet for precious future generations, we need to act now to end all animal exploitation practices and adopt a vegan lifestyle as advised by Supreme Master Ching Hai. "Once we are successful in being vegan ourselves, with organic vegan being even better by the way, we can start inviting others to join us. Ask your friends and colleagues over for dinner and lunch, and introduce them to vegan dishes along the way. They can see for themselves how tasty and healthy it is. We can also pass out flyers that show the health and environmental advantages of being vegan, complete with all the famous, smart, beautiful and strong examples of vegans, like movie stars, athletes, fitness training gurus, etc., etc. Meanwhile, you also can write to the government, schools and other important organizations to let them know the urgency of our climate, and the importance of being veg, with any materials you need freely available from www.SupreMaster.com Or, please ask our Association members to help you. All the vegetarian and vegans should go all out to inform people and tell them the grave situation of our time due to the meat diet and convince others to switch to vegetarianism (veganism). I would call on all the vegetarians and vegans, don’t just be a quiet vegetarian, least of all, a closet vegetarian. You are the pioneers, the heroes, the world saviors. Come out and showcase your most needed shining example. Help in any way you can. Be an active vegetarian; the world needs you." There are so many ways to help others realize the urgency of adopting the plant-based diet. Let’s all do what we can to help people realize the truth in hopes that our world will heal and become a place where all beings are treasured and respected in equality.
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