Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 18 - Lessons Learned from Animals

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As most humans have lost the ability to telepathically communicate with each other and other beings, we do not know how animals think and feel. Fortunately, there are spiritual practitioners and animal communicators who can perceive the thoughts and feelings of animals. Today, we’ll present some of these people’s personal experiences encountering animals. “(It scared me also, that I can talk to the animals.) Why? It's good! (Yeah, because I didn't expect that they can respond me in the psychic. Sometimes when I pass by on the street and the dogs come by and I can hear his feeling or what he wants. Like sometimes I talk to them, but they are very scared. They keep distance from people, you know, they have broken heart, and they can hardly believe anymore that people can mean goodness to them.)” “(Recently, I went to a conference hall in Greece, and previously, it was a slaughterhouse.) Ah! Yes! (And I started feeling uncomfortable, and had pictures of panic and fright, and I didn't know why. I felt the pain and the panic. So, I started reciting the (Holy) Names, and I really cried for them, and I saw Your presence there. And their souls, I felt that their souls were liberated. They were previously entrapped in pain, in a level of pain. And through the reciting of the (Holy) Names and the prayer, they were liberated. ) Yeah, wonderful! (And I was grateful, and they were grateful immediately.) Oh, I am grateful to you, that you were there. (Thank You!) They were liberated... You bring love and blessing to them. (Yes, thanks to You, thanks to You. I brought You there, and it was such peace all over the place, and I immediately felt better, so I knew, I knew.)” “(I’d like to share something about the animals. I used to go and visit the cows. There was a field nearby with the cows. And sometimes I just needed to get something out, something off my chest and I’d cry from the bottom of my heart. And whenever I felt that way, the cows, I’d go and visit them, and they’d come right up to the fence every single time. And they also, they said a few things. They said they were very grateful for Supreme Master Television, for the work that You’re doing, for the work that all the disciples are doing. And sometimes I’d see one or two of the cows crying. And they said that it wasn’t because they knew of their fate, that they were going to die. They were crying for mankind.) They really feel sorry for humans, they don’t hate humans for hurting them even, the animals. When we’re hurting them, they are praying for us. They’re forgiving and they feel sorry for us so much. Because they feel that humans are so ignorant, they really didn’t know what they’re doing. So they feel very sorry. Yeah, so it’s good that you have such experience, very profound.”
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