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“The World Peace Diet”: Interview with Dr. Will Tuttle (vegan), Part 4 of 4

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“Anthropologists, for example, understand that every society transmits its values from generation to generation through the rituals of that society. And the main ritual in every society are meals. When people are eating food, we’re not just eating food; we’re eating attitudes, we’re eating a whole range of ideas about our relationship with each other, with animals, with nature. So if we’re eating meat, and dairy products, and eggs, we’re eating a whole worldview of domination and exploitation of other beings. And that permeates our society.” “But the good thing that’s happening, we’ve noticed, is that people are awakening out of this, are waking up and seeing that when we eat plant-based foods, then we’re not only much healthier ourselves; we create a healthier role for everybody.” “But I think when people look even more deeply and realize that their own health is interconnected with the health of ecosystems, of animals, of other people, and we make the move to a plant-based way of eating out of not just concern about our own health, but concern about others, and a sense of kindness, and caring, and compassion, for cows, and pigs, and chickens, and for oceans, and ecosystems, and rainforests, and indigenous people, and hungry people, and so forth, and slaughterhouse workers. I would never take out my wallet and pay for meat, dairy products, and eggs, not just because it’s not healthy for me, but I would not want someone to spend their whole day stabbing animals. I wouldn’t want someone to be going hungry because I’m paying for meat that takes huge amounts of grain that could feed those hungry people.” “And that is the adventure that is happening. It is happening. It’s gaining momentum. As we travel around Planet Earth, we see more and more and more restaurants that are vegan opening up; more and more animal sanctuaries; more and more people creating vegan festivals and meetup groups, and cooking classes, and so forth. And this is all a reflection of the resurrection of Sophia, the rising up of the sacred feminine spirituality that lives inside all of us and naturally wants to have a world of kindness and caring that includes all living beings. So, this is the transformation and the adventure that is happening in each one of us.”
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Episodul  4 / 4
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