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Lucy Musgrave: The Inspiring 15-Year-Old Vegan Entrepreneur on Kids’ Wonderland

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Today, first we will introduce to you a special Plant-based chef from Hull, England, Miss Lucy Musgrave. She is only 15 years old. Her budding business, Puredelicious (, has recently attracted a great deal of attention. Lucy’s delicious recipes, creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit have inspired many people to be vegan. Would you like to know why Lucy wanted to be vegan? When she started cooking? “As I grew older, I became fully aware of damage being caused to our planet and animal habitats… especially in the meat and dairy industries. Because of this, and my love for animals, I decided to do something to change how I eat.” Do you want to know how she got started in her business? Because her food was so tasty, and so many of her friends wanted to learn from her, she was inspired to promote her recipes, in order to help others create their own tasty and affordable vegan food. Aside from her recipes and online ebook, she is also a guitarist, writes her own music, and performs with the “Second Level Band.” She certainly is a very creative young woman. Here we introduce some of the bright examples of our young vegan elites, who not only spread the benefits of the vegan diet, but also actively speak up for our voiceless animal friends.
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