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Lesson of the Bell of Atri

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Hundreds of years ago, the town of Atri was ruled by a good king. Often though, he didn’t feel at ease. ‘I want my people to live happily in peace, and anyone who is treated unfairly should get justice. What can I do?’ Looking for a solution, he ordered his minister to acquire a great bell, and hung it in tower in the middle of the town square. It’s called “The Bell of Justice.” “Whenever any one of you requires it, you can ring it and then one of our judges will hear your case, and provide justice.” Later, the people of Atri suddenly heard the bell sounding loudly. They were very surprised as it had not happened for a long time. When everyone reached the square, they were surprised to find it was an old horse that was pulling the grapevine! The horse rang “The Bell of Justice” on purpose. Look! He is extremely skinny and famished. It’s obvious that he was not well-taken care of. It is very possible that he has rung the bell to complain against his human companion. He belongs to an old knight living on the hill. The judges asked for the old knight to appear before them. Your horse has asked for justice and he shall have it. When the king heard this, he was very pleased that even animals in his kingdom received justice. The horse lived comfortably and happily thereafter.
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