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Ami, Child of the Stars

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The book starts off with Peter, a young boy who meets an extraterrestrial, named Ami, on the beach after he sees a spaceship crash into the sea. Ami’s first challenge is to overcome Peter’s belief that aliens are coming to invade Earth. “Other than those already on Earth, impossible. Because crazy people destroy their own civilization before reaching the necessary scientific level to leave their own planet and invade other worlds. And you should definitely make a note of that. Real intelligence goes along with goodness, or it isn’t real intelligence.” “You love whom?” “We love it all; people, nature, animals, life, everything. Those who love can’t harm what they love.” Ami and Peter walk around the town together, while Ami explains many things about the human race, along with life on other planets. He also shares some wisdom with Peter along the way. “Life is here for us to enjoy, Peter. Try to pay attention to all that life brings you. There is magic in every moment, but we hardly notice all these simple things. Try to feel, to perceive, instead of thinking. The most profound meaning of life lies beyond thought.” When Peter checks in at home and sees his dinner, Ami tells him that he doesn’t eat meat, as it is actually eating a dead body. Peter immediately understands and decides to be vegan.
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