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Snuggle Sacks - Love and Snuggles for the Homeless, Part 1 of 2

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Today, we would like to introduce to you a compassionate young girl named Addisyn Goss, and her family from Michigan, USA, who go out of their way to share with those in challenging situations. Addisyn has been successful in running the nonprofit called, “Snuggle Sacks - Resources for the Homeless” with the help and support from her mother Stacy and stepdad Andy, sister Sheridan, and brother Jaxson. Their grandpa’s plight touched the tender hearts of Addisyn and the rest of the family, and inspired them to jump into action. “We took to social media, our own personal pages, and just asked for donations of about 15 different items of things they would need.” “We started off with 52 sacks, and the reaction that we got was people cried, because they got the socks and gloves out of the bag, and it was just shocking how they cried. I’ve never seen that before I did it. And that inspired me to do more. But now we average about 1,000 a month, and it’s just shocking how we grew in 5 years of doing this. I mainly handle the volunteers and what they do. They call me the CEO, which I don’t think of myself as one. I just handle the volunteers that come in and help them. But my sister does all the social media and my brother, we call him, the logistics guy; he lifts stuff, talks to the shelters who need more, and finds out where it needs to go and tells us. Now we have our own warehouse where we can have volunteers come in and help us assemble them. We have volunteers distribute them too.” “We have three set nights each week that we will have assembly nights, and we’ll just throw out a sign up on our social media sites and have groups sign up. Many times, it’s companies coming in for team building, or it’s a local Boy Scout troop, or Girl Scout troop, or sports team, or school. But we never lack for volunteers. That’s something we’re very, very fortunate to have.” They have also inspired many in their community to do the same. We hope that you have been touched too, so you will work to help someone in need as well.
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