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Smart Youth – Tristan Owain Pang

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Tristan Owain Pang is a young prodigy from London, England, who inspires people with his curious mind and kind heart. At age 12, Tristan enrolled in the University of Auckland, New Zealand, being the youngest undergraduate student in the university’s history. Tristan learned to meditate. He realized just how helpful and powerful mindfulness was for his learning and understanding. From that point on, he never missed a day of meditation, which became an important part of his life. This helped him stay focused, and improved his inner nature. Tristan created “Tristan’s Learning Hub” to share awesome and fun animated videos on how to do math equations, along with other interesting subjects. Another awesome program Tristan created is a monthly radio talk show called “Youth Voices with Tristan Pang. He shares inspiring talks, interviews, and stories from a youth perspective. (Supreme Master Ching Hai) “These children, they are born with many talents, including both the artistic and technological, way beyond their tender age. Their faith in the divine gives them a simple but clear sense of life’s purpose. And, not only do they share their creative talents freely with the world, but they also have a lot of inborn virtues. As their nobler selves would only allow them to be so. So, their presence is a blessing; it’s a gift for the continued development of our world, and at the same time, they are an encouraging signal that our planet is on an elevating path.”
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