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Music - Gift of Heaven

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Not only can music change the way we feel, studies have also shown it can improve memory, sleep, verbal intelligence, and keep a healthy brain. Something happens in our brain when we listen to good music. Guess what? Yes, our animal friends respond to music too. Where did music come from? Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai is well known for Her Heaven inspired creations in art, music, and poetry, to name a few. Let’s hear what Master has to share with us about the origin of music and musical instruments. “These sounds are not ordinary sound. Just because, originally there’s no such instruments in this world. After the people who practiced well, they come to Heaven, they listened to the harp and the flute, and all that. The direct teaching from God, which is so melodious. Then they came back here, they tried to make the instrument, which became the musical instruments of our time.” Do you play an instrument? How fun it would be to make musical instruments of our own! “We made shakers. Let us show you how to make one, so you can play too.”
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