Tra Maestra e discepoli

One-Year King, Part 5 of 9, Dec. 12, 2021

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But it is not the Almighty God who does it. It is the one who borrowed God’s Power to create this world, for example. (Yes, Master.) He wants it that way. He wants people to have to struggle. And then even send the devils down to seduce them into doing wrong, then punishes them. See the outcome, what happened.

Alright, my God. I’m very tired also, very tired. Even though I don’t have the pandemic myself, but very tired also, praying so hard and working so tiringly, not tirelessly like you would hope. Not tirelessly. Tired, but still continue. (Thank You, Master for all Your help.) You’re welcome.

It’s not for you I did because you are well taken care of and you’re safe. You know where you are. You have the principles, you have the morals to wear on your body like an armor. Protective armor. And you have your Master. (Yes, Master.) And you have a very, very high, high quality job. (Yes, Master.) So, anyway, we are OK but, millions, billions are not. (Yes, Master.) And that’s why we’re working hard.

Sometimes I’m also thinking I’m stretching myself too thin. Because many Masters, They came just for some and then They just feel happy and They leave. Or happy or not, suffering or not, They would leave, and They know They’ve done Their best. I’m never satisfied, like I’ve done my best. I know I’m doing my best, but that doesn’t mean that I’m satisfied. (Yes, Master.) I feel like it’s never enough.

There’s too much suffering and I feel sometimes very frustrated. Frustrated. Like keep yelling at the deaf. (Yes, Master.) Or forcing the blind to read without the proper equipment of course. Nowadays the blind can read. (Yes, Master.) They make a special alphabet for them so that they can read with the fingers. (Yes, Master.) My situation is worse than that. All these blind people in the world, they don’t have equipment to read. They have, but they don’t even use it. (Yes, Master.) And it is a surprise that I’m still alive. (Thanks God for that.) That they didn’t even do away with me yet. So, it’s at least something. Something good. But I feel never satisfied. (Yes, Master.) I feel never satisfied.

In my mission, I never feel like I have done enough or I’ve done my best. Even though you can say I have, but doesn’t give me the satisfactory feeling that that is all I wanted. (Yes, Master.) That all I wanted is done. It’s not like that. I feel so much suffering when I see an animal-person skinned alive on TV, (Yes.) or chopped mercilessly without any sympathy from anyone in those slaughterhouses or hunting people. (Yes, Master.) Oh, my heart felt just so wrenched. And I just keep saying to God, “Oh please God, stop all this. Please stop all this. The karma law doesn’t have to exist. Doesn’t have to. You don’t have to give people here free will.”

But it is not the Almighty God who does it. It is the one who borrowed God’s Power to create this world, for example. (Yes, Master.) He wants it that way. He wants people to have to struggle. And then even send the devils down to seduce them into doing wrong, then punishes them. See the outcome, what happened. (Yes, Master.) Like watching theater.

And I cursed him, I said, “You are wicked, you are terrible, you’re not worthy to be the creator. Just stop all this. I really have contempt for you.” I told him that. “Don’t have to have this law of karma.” (Yes, Master.) He said, “Like that, so that people can become better, improve.” I said, “Nonsense, garbage. Many beings never left Heaven. They never needed to improve, nothing. They are always good. (Yes, Master.) And nobody asked for this world. Only you make it into hell. Hell here and hell in hell, as well. All are hell.” So I said to God, I said, “Please, if I cannot do anything, why don’t You just destroy me? Because I just cannot bear anymore. Cannot bear anymore the suffering of this world.”

Every time I see things like that, even just in the film, you can turn it off. But my heart just cannot bear. (Yes, Master.) Feels like shattered, and oh, so much, so much pain, so much suffering. That’s why I can never feel satisfied. (Yes, Master.) Because in every corner of our world, there is suffering going on to someone, either humans or animal-people, or even tree beings, trees and bushes, and all that. They are helpless. They’re delivered to the mercy of whoever. (Yes, Master.) This is terrible. It’s not fair. (No, Master.)

Any more questions, love? Are you happy with my answers? (Yes, Master. We’re happy.) Any more questions from the team? (No more questions, Master.) No or yes? (No, Master.) No more. Right? (No more, Master.) I hear just, “More questions, Master.” (Sorry. No more.)

Good. I read you a story. (Oh, wonderful, Master. Thank You, Master.) We take a little break. (Yes, Master.) Come back maybe a couple of minutes later. (Yes, Master.) I need to take a drink, a quick breath after all this. (Yes, Master.) I come back very soon. (Yes, Master.) Few minutes.

(Hallo, Master!) Hallo! (Hallo, Master!) I’m calling from outside, so sometimes the line is not so easy. Listen, it’s winter, you guys are warm enough? (Yes, Master, very warm.) Coming winter already. You have everything you need? You can order anything. (Yes, Master.) Just to keep warm. Keep warm or new clothes or something. (Yes, thank You, Master.) (We are all looking good today.) Yeah, you do? (Yes, Master.) Ah wonderful! Wonderful. Because I thought you don’t have enough clothes. That’s why I keep reminding you. Anyway, you don’t need anything maybe. That’s why. You have the best job in the world. You don’t know. (Yes, Master.) (We do, we’re very lucky.) Very lucky, yes. (Thank You, Master, Thank You, God.)

I also thank God that I have some dog-people’s blankets on me. They prepared blankets for the dog-people in case the dog-people come, but the dog-people are not here so I can wear them. (Oh.) Because I don’t have any myself. Actually, they don’t prepare much for me at all nowadays and I don’t ask also. I don’t ask anything. Whatever they bring. But the dog-people have many blankets. Anyway, even if it’s my blanket, it will go to dog-people. It’s always like that. (Yes.) If they’re around, because sometimes they don’t wash, they don’t bring the dog-people’s blankets back, so I use mine to put on them. (Oh.) And then after a while, they send it back. They took it away to wash, and then they don’t bring it back. Or they bring back, but it’s also dog-people’s. Same stuff. As long as it’s warm, it doesn’t matter who it belongs to. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t mind wearing dog-people’s blankets. I just mind if I wear somebody else’s blankets or clothes. Dog-people don’t feel impure somehow. Like I can share with them my bed, but if I share with somebody else, I don’t think I like it. (Right, Master.) See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) But the dog-people, you have to clean them well of course. You have to wipe them before they go in the house. Then you can share your bed or your sofa with them.

It’s all theirs anyway. If they are there, everything belongs to them, except my working desk. They like the sofa, they like my bed. They like their beds also. They have them but they like mine better. After a while I stopped telling them not to. OK, whatever it’s all yours. Even one, they don’t leave it alone. You know, they have many! For example, we have three sofas. They should have just two. But no, they want everything. So I just wipe it and then sit on it. I let them sit next to me anyway, whenever, if they are there. (Yes, Master.) Nowadays, very busy, can’t see dog-people too much.

I wanted to even talk to you a few days ago. I thought I have to continue teaching you and my so-called disciples. (Yes, Master.) Even if I’m in retreat. Otherwise, who knows when we can see each other anymore, considering the pandemic, you see? (Yes, Master.) I have to continue to remind all of you about how to live a decent life. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) And spiritual life, we need constant reminding. (Yes, Master.) It’s true like that. It’s like many stories I read already before, preparing to read to you, but when I look at it again, I can’t remember what it was. So, anyway, I’ll read you this story, but I don’t remember the content. I will read on and We’ll both find out what it is. (Yes, Master.)

You like a joke to begin with? (Sure. Sure, Master.) There were two inmates inside a prison and talking to each other. Inmate John, said to inmate Smith. “What are you in for?” He said, “I robbed something. And then, they caught me.” So, inmate Smith asked John, “And how about you? What are you in for?” He said, “Because I’m deaf.” Deaf, cannot hear. (Oh.) So, the other inmate, Smith, was very surprised. He said, “What? My God! They are so strict nowadays. Even if you’re deaf, they put you in jail? My God!” So, John said, “No, no. Because I’m deaf, so I stole a radio when it’s still broadcasting.” He stole a radio, when it’s still on. So, of course the owner chased after the sound and got him. Imagine, he carried the radio into the garden, to the gate to get out, hey? So easy to follow the sound to catch him, no? (Yes.)

We should also catch this (inner Heavenly) Sound. So, God will catch us. (Yes, Master.) We should everyday practice on the inner Heavenly Sound which is inaudible to everyone else around us. Catch that (inner Heavenly) Sound so that God will catch us, so that we can go Home. (Yes, Master.)

Now this is the storyA Jewish story. I originally wanted to read you a Muslim Hadith again. But they messed it up. I asked them to categorize the stories for me. They did it all wrong; I could not find it. It’s all wrong number, wrong book. So, I have to read you a Jewish book now. It took me a lot of time to try to find it. I thought I was wrong, but I was not. I kept looking again, again, I could not. So, finally I thought I have to read the Jewish book. (Yes, Master.)

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