Tra Maestra e discepoli

The True Saint Title, Part 1 of 7, Dec. 4, 2021

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So, the thing is not like you just do anything. People truly have to research into the history. (Yes, Master.) And to truly know the facts before any event, (That’s right, Master.) because behind the curtain, there are many things that happened that people don’t know, (Correct, Master.) and just easy to blame anybody.

(Hi Master!) (Hallo, Master.) (Hi, Master!) Hallo, guys! How are you? (Very good, Master.) (How is Master?) I’m OK. I’m OK. Too busy to be too formal anymore. We used to wear beautiful dress and you guys arranged a time and I would take my time to put some anti-shine powder or something. (Yes, Master.) And throw some pink powder on the face or whatever, (Yes.) and now we just talk as is. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) I’m glad that you guys are available and I know you guys work late, that’s why I can call late. (Oh, yes, Master.) (Surely, surely.) Others not guilty, we let them sleep. (OK, Master.) There’s no need to call the whole village up (Yes, Master.) just for a chat because it’s so late already. (Yes, Master.) But I didn’t have time earlier. (Alright, Master.) Yes. (Understand.) At least some of the urgent work is already done, but I still have a lot of other work waiting. (Wow.) But I thought I’d call you guys up because I still need to do my job as a teacher. Maybe I worry that later I won’t have any more job to do, so I do it while I can, (Yes, Master.) while the situation offers opportunity.

Are you guys OK with the winter? (Yes.) (Yes, very fine.) (It’s alright.) (It’s not cold yet.) And your villas are warm enough? You have things? (We are warm enough.) (Yes. Heaters, blankets, warm clothes.) Please keep well. Be well. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) (Thank You, Master.) Anyway, this is life in this world. You have winter, you have summer, you have autumn, or whatever you have. (Yes. Seasons change.) And our bodies sometimes cannot adjust quick enough. So we need some extra equipment. (Yes, Master.) That’s alright. (Yes.) Anything you want to demand from me (Yes, Master.) or any questions? (We do, we have some questions, Master, if that’s OK.) Some actual news or something? (Yes, Master.) Go on. Go ahead. (OK.)

(So, recently the pope has declared five Catholic priests who were victims of the 1871 Paris Commune, as martyrs, so that they can be beatified in order to be named a saint. Have You heard about this, Master?)

Yeah, I kind of passed it by, the news. (OK.) But I thought it’s just … I didn’t pay too much attention. (Right.) At first, I thought, “Oh, it’s just a normal thing that they do. Because otherwise, what would they do? (Right.) What do they do? They only have one Bible. (Yes.) And anybody can even learn it by heart if they have so much time like that. (Yes, Master.) Do some liturgies or go to funerals or go to weddings and eat a lot, talk holiness and stuff like that. What else would they do? (Right, Master. Right.) So I thought that’s their normal exercise. (Right.) So, I heard about it and what about it, then? What do you want to know? My thinking? (Well, Your views.) My opinion? (Your opinion and Your thoughts on this.)

If you want to know, by the way, I think it’s just exercise. There’s nothing else to do, and also to do damage control, because there’s so much bad news recently about molesting, killing children, (Oh, yes.) (Yes, Master.) raping children, and all this kind of ugly, devilish stuff. So they have to try do something that looks like positive. (Oh, right.) These are like politicians, they do damage control, (Oh, yes.) (Yes.) (Right, Master.) like distracting people’s attention to something good. And also blaming people for killing the priests.

But the thing is, we don’t know how they died. If they are good and virtuous, they can be saints, I don’t care. (Yes, Master.) For me, they can. But according to something I read in the news, was that these priests, they were kind of practicing opposite to the teaching of Jesus, (Ah, right.) like doing many bad things. (Yes, Master.) And cooperated with the government to do many bad things against the normal people, like sadism, they call it. (Yes, Master.) Sexual molestation, or sadistic kind of actions against the normal, innocent people, in the sexual practice or just for pleasure. (Oh, gosh.)

And that’s why they were killed, according to those news. (OK, Master.) Otherwise, why didn’t they kill any other religious priests? (Right. Yes, Master.) Buddhist priests or whatever. Or even Muslim priests. (Yes, Master.)

These people, the Communards, they call them, and the whole France at that time, they were pretty much Catholic, and they believed in God. (Yes.) So, to kill these priests like this, is not normal. (Yes.) There must be something. (Yes, Master.) Besides, the government at that time killed about 25,000 Parisians, including women and kids, (Right.) and older people who were innocent. Kids! But the Communards, they killed about 1,300 and like 50 hostages, including the priests also. It’s not just all priests. (Yes.) They didn’t just kill priests only, there were also other people who were colluding with the government or these evil priests, according to the news, to practice sadism on normal, innocent people and maybe children. That’s why they did it.

But originally, these Commune people, they did not want to kill them, they offered to exchange these priests with their own prisoners-of-war at that time. But the government wasn’t interested. Many times they refused to exchange. Even for one of their prisoners, the old revolutionary, to exchange for all the prisoners from the Communards. The Communards offered to exchange all the prisoners at one time, just for one of their old Communards, (Right.) and the government refused. So this government was the killer of the priests. (Yes.) And then they (the government) killed 25,000 of them, including women, children. (Wow.) So that’s how they had to kill those priests as well. Not a lot compared to all these innocent people who died, (Yes. Right.) and compared to whatever they have been practicing with the government at that time in Paris, molesting, torturing, sexually harassing, or abusing, raping the faithful.

That’s how it happened. (Ah, yes, Master.) Otherwise, these Communards they did not want to kill anyone. They kept offering to exchange even all of the prisoners, including the priests, just for one of their soldiers. (Yes, Master.) Still the government refused. (Wow!) So, it’s not the Communards who were really killing the priests and the other prisoners, it was the government. (Right.) If they were truly Catholic at that time, if they truly believed the priests are important and good, then they should have exchanged at any cost. (Yes, Master. Right, Master. That’s correct.) But no! No. They wanted to just let it be. So the Communards finally killed them, because they killed all of their people, 25,000. According to the thing I read before. (Yes.)

So, the thing is not like you just do anything. People truly have to research into the history. (Yes, Master.) And to truly know the facts before any event, (That’s right, Master.) because behind the curtain, there are many things that happened that people don’t know, (Correct, Master.) and just easy to blame anybody. (Yes, Master.) To kill the priest, you should not actually. If they are real priests of course, but if they are killing people, killing children, raping children, raping people, then maybe they are not priests anymore. (Yes, Master. Correct.) But, the government didn’t do anything. They did not even want to rescue the priests. (Ah, right. Yes.) Maybe that government did not even believe in those priests because they knew each other very well, what they had been doing together (Understand. Yes, Master.) So, they just couldn’t care less. Otherwise, how do you explain it?

At that time, all the French people were Catholic, faithful Catholics, and believed in God. (Yes.) They wouldn’t have done such things. (Yes, Master.) There must be something that hardened them to this extent, (Yes, Master.) that they even made a revolution and even captured the priests. Because for them, to imprison the priests or to kill the priests is a great sin to them. They know that. (Right. Yes, Master.) They never wanted to even touch any priest or nuns. But there was a thing like this. (Yes, Master.) Maybe similar to what those priests nowadays keep doing to the children, raping them or molesting them. Torturing them and then murdering them. (Oh, my goodness!) Hundreds of thousands! (It’s terrible.) All these decades and years – and still continue, because they don’t just defrock them or anything, just one or two are defrocked, but never charged. I read in the news maybe one or two of them are charged, (Yes, Master.) for a prison term. Maybe some 20, 30 years, something. It depends on how big is the sin.

They are not priests. They are pedophiles. (Yes. Right, Master.) They did worse than anybody else outside. (Wow!) They don’t just molest one or two even. A priest will molest several or more. (Yes, Master.) Or sometimes many priests molest one person, (Oh, God!) (Yes.) one child. You read the news. I don’t have to keep telling you. (Yes, Master.)

It’s all open, but nobody does anything. They just shift those who are not charged, who still walk around, and even promote them to a higher position in the priesthood. (Oh my God. Terrible.) They don’t defrock them, they don’t excommunicate them, nothing. They just change them from one parish to another, one church to another, (Yes, Master.) so that he has a chance to do it elsewhere, until he’s found out again. Maybe they’ll be more skilled, I told you already. (Yes, Master.) More careful. Know how to do it without being caught again. I’m telling you, I’m so angry about all this, this terrible, injusticed society. (Yes, Master.)

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