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He could have done much, much more. The second term, he would have pushed more, more and more good issues and really re-arranged the system of the country and really brought more peace and prosperity for the people of the United States of America.

(Hallo, Master!) Hi, guys! (Hallo, Master.) How are you guys? (We are good. Thank You, Master.) Good? (Yes, Master.) (How is Master?) How am I? I don’t even know. I don’t even think how am I, too much work; I don’t have time to think. Now that you ask me, maybe a little bit not very pleased with this world. It’s frustrating, frustrating. (Yes, Master.) I’m reported that you have questions. So, I’m (Yes, Master.) here for you.

(Master, recently the US congress certified the election results with Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election. Could Master please explain why this happened, even though President Donald Trump was mandated by Heaven?)

You asked me one question about the election’s result. (Yes.) It’s karma. (Yes, Master.) Americans, you know, too much karma… Americans, the United States of America, though it’s a great country, is a leading country in the world, but it has too much karma. (Yes, Master.) American people eat too much meat, too much beef and stuff like that. And the karma is very difficult to erase so quickly. (Yes, Master.) And also American people are sent abroad and everywhere to fight in many wars and in many countries. This is also big karma for your country. (Yes, Master.) I am so sorry. I have tried my best. (Thank You, Master.) You know I tried my best. (Yes, Master.) And because of that it caused me trouble. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just telling you that I really tried my best. (Yes, Master.) (Thank you, Master.) Trouble inside, outside and many other things. But never mind. It cannot be avoided. If you’re helping somebody or some country, or some people, you’re bound to get some of the karma from them. So it’s unavoidable. And at least he (President Trump) has been one term. (Yes, Master.) And then he has been able to do some of his work. Up to date. (Yes.) Many of his works.

He could have done much, much more. The second term, he would have pushed more, more and more good issues and really re-arranged the system of the country and really brought more peace and prosperity for the people of the United States of America. But, unfortunately, the other side, the opposite side of God, (Yes.) they prepared too well. (Yes, Master.) And nobody can catch them now. I told you before, it would be difficult to prove anything. Didn’t I? (Yes, Master.) I mean in one of the other conferences maybe. Even if it’s fraud or it’s rigged or it’s cheated, you can never find out. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) It’s very well organized and prepared.

And I told you, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s the demons. (Yes, Master.) They hang around many people. And they push them to do wrong things. OK? (Yes, Master.) Everybody knows it. Even if cannot prove, but I think everybody knows it. (Yes, Master.) I know it anyway. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) But what to do with karma so heavy and the demons are so concentrated just on that. Just on the election and on these people who are receptive to the demons, including high office people. I’ve been very frustrated about that. (Yes, Master.) And Heaven has done a lot, but still the karma of the people, there’s about 300-something millions now (Yes, Master.) in America. Right? (Yes, Master.) So that’s a lot; it’s a lot.

And some souls who have been in bad affinity with the American people about the meat and about the wars, they don’t let go. (Yes, Master.) Because their anger, their hatred, all overwhelmed their angel side of their souls, so they did not want to let go, they want to revenge. (Yes, Master.) They really want to destroy America. I’ll try my best to guard it. (Thank You, Master.) Regardless or not if Mr. Trump is in office, of course it’s better with President Trump because his frequency is higher. I will still continue to try my best and pray for your country. (Thank You very much, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) I don’t have any political power. You know that. I can rely on Heaven to help.

Even Heaven told me it’s fraud. Even Heaven told me that Trump won with flying colors. And I know that. He has about 85 million votes for him. (Oh.) (Wow.) It’s obvious. I think everybody knows it. Because he has been on the rise. And everybody likes what he was doing. (Yes, Master.) On the contrary, the other side, I’m sorry if I offend Mr. Biden, but he has been running for president two times before. (Yes, Master.) And he never went anywhere. Never gone anywhere. And how come the third time, suddenly his votes run up to 80 million. (Yes, Master.) Not doing much all these years in office, 40-something years, 47 or 48 years. His political career spanning 80-something years, all his life, 78 years at least. I didn’t hear that he did much. (Yes, Master.) Like everybody else, average in the Senate, and suddenly he comes out a third time, two times, nothing. Didn’t go anywhere. The third time, comes up, 80 million votes. Nobody would believe it. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) So of course the whole world knows it. That’s why anybody who has some intelligence can guess. (Yes, Master.) No need for Heaven to tell you or tell me. I myself, even though I’m very politically not involved or not interested, just a quick mathematic calculation, then you understand. Right? (Yes, Master.) So, I am very sorry for President Trump and for America. Nevertheless, I told you, it’s no one’s fault. Even if it’s fraud, it’s just the demons’ making and because of the karma of the people that allows it to happen. (Yes, Master.) Did I answer your question enough? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) If anything more is not clear, you ask me. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, during the certification process, many supporters of President Trump protested and raided the Capitol Building. Why would his supporters do that?)

Oh, they were angry. No? (Yeah.) They have been trying to do it in other ways like going to court many times. (Yes.) And the court always rejected them. Or just did a few times like symbolic and did not really want to do anything to clear the injustice. (Yes, Master.) They should have because if the other party didn’t do anything wrong, they shouldn’t be afraid. (Yes, Master.) They shouldn’t have tried so hard to deny it or to stop it in different ways. You know, maybe under the table or whatever.

You know politics. I’m really bored, I’m really frustrated talking about politics, but what to do? We live in this world. We’ve got to help what we can. (Yes, Master.) Even without political motivation. (Yes, Master.) Because it hangs all together, the whole world population. (Yes.) They’re connected with each other. All the countries hang together. Even though people don’t realize it, but we depend on each other for food, for security, for many materials that are needed in this world. For building or for friendship, for humanity connectedness. Everything. And political as well. (Yes, Master.) So even if you live in this world as a spiritual practitioner, it’s not avoidable, you sometimes have to relate to it politically. (Yes, Master.) Even though no spiritual practitioner would really like anything political. (Yes, Master.) It is so scary, and it is so complicated. I also read the news that you have just asked me, concerning this question. I saw some of it, and I thought, “My God, how scary.” How scary and how impossible to even be any president or a good president!

A bad president is not too complicated. Just shut everybody up, jail them or whatever. Threaten them. And then everybody just doesn’t dare. But a good president is difficult to be. (Yes, Master.) Just like a good practitioner. If you quietly do it at home, do it yourself, practicing spiritually yourself, nobody bothers you much. But if you become like a leading figure, like a Master or something, then, oh my God, a lot of attacks. This is nothing new to me in my personal life. I experience many ups and downs, similar like in the political field. Of course, different, but similar. Similar in a way, that people try to suppress you, try to blemish your name, and try to accuse you for nothing, or from nothing. All kinds of bad names and all kinds of obstacles will be in your way. That’s the price to pay if you want to help the world, because the world is full of karma. (Yes, Master.) Very little can help them at all. In fact like the Ksitigarbha Sutra says that every little thing you do, every little thought in your mind, is all creating karma. You remember that? (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about big karma like killing humans and killing animals. (Yes, Master.) And you can see…

Actually, not all of the supporters of Mr. President did that. Just some of them. (Yes, Master.) I read on the news that 90 plus percent of them just stayed calm and quiet outside. Only some of them went inside. (Yes, Master.) Maybe a dozen. But of course, you understand that in every group there are bound to be some more go-getting, (Yes, Master.) more temperamental. (Yes, Master.) Even though they didn’t want to do anything, they didn’t have any weapons, they didn’t have anything anyway. And one lady was shot dead. She was unarmed. And then maybe one or two of them incited, in the heat of the moment, after all this frustration. Because sometimes before also, the President Trump supporters, they did protest, but they never did anything. (Yes, Master.) (Yes, Master.)

Mostly it’s the other side. Like Black Lives Matters or Antifa. (Yes, Master.) And maybe some others, mostly from them. Not all of them are excited or violent but some of them did. (Yes, Master.) And that’s how the whole group gets a bad name. Just like Mr. President’s supporters did something in the Capitol Building the other day. (Yes, Master.) It’s like that.

It just takes a few people to excite some others and they follow. (Yes, Master.) Even though Mr. President has never asked his supporters to do anything. He always tells them to have peace. Don’t play into their games. Have peace, we must have peace. He said go home, (Yes, Master.) go home, have peace, don’t play into their hands.

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