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Being Indebted for Master’s Miraculous Power to Save Me from the Hostage Crisis

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On January 13, 2022, I got up and went out to earn money to make ends meet. While on the way, I faced a terrible life experience. A group of guys with balaclavas and weapons intended to destroy my very existence. 

As we arrived in Martissant, 15 bandits hijacked at gunpoint the car I was in and made us follow them all the way to Grand Ravine. These guys were yelling a lot to ask for money. They snatched briefcases, wallets, and everything that was in the car. They beat me because I didn’t have any money on me, and they even told me they would shoot me if I didn’t provide them with a phone number to call for ransom.

But I didn’t lose hope because I knew Master was watching over me. While in the hands of the bandits, I kept humming one of Master’s songs in my heart. I am indebted to Master because I was released at 9 pm that night. I used my wisdom in asking Master for Her guidance and Grace to be saved from these wicked people. January 13, 2022, is a day I will never forget. Without Supreme Master, my life would have been ruined!

Thanks to the meditation and Master’s teachings, I have learned to live with a clean and wise heart. In my mind, I love all that is good for me, and for that reason, I will never tire of expressing my thanks to Master. Everything is blessed thanks to Supreme Master. She teaches us to meditate so that we can live in harmony with each other. I say, “Thank You, Master!” for the Grace She bestowed on me that day as She saved me from these bad guys. Everything is blessed thanks to Supreme Master.

I will proclaim what Master has done for me and what She keeps doing for me. I say thank You, thank You, thank You, for all the hardships She has saved me from. Day after day, She makes me see more clearly what is negative in my perceptions. Day after day, She makes me see more clearly so I can strengthen my ways. That day, when those bandits in Martissant had taken me hostage, if Supreme Master had not been present in my life, I really don’t know where I would be today!

I thank all the teams of initiates that always support us in Haiti, in every way possible.

Thank You, Master, who incredibly transforms the life of each initiate. Master teaches us what is good. Master teaches us how to do group meditation well. Master teaches us how to live harmoniously with each other. Master teaches us Wisdom. Master infuses motivation into our hearts. Master teaches us how to love Her, teaches us how to share with all in need. Master teaches us to love all that exists in nature. Master teaches us to love animal-persons as we love people. She deserves a huge “Thank You!” for how She touched my life! 

Glory and Gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai. Everything is blessed, thanks to Supreme Master. Samuel from Haiti

Kind Samuel, Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us. It is yet another example of Master’s endless Power to protect and bless the lives of all initiates and those who have true faith in Her. We are so very lucky to have Her Grace and protection in this world and beyond it as well. May you and the beautiful Haitian people be forever blessed by the Providence, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this loving message to fill your heart: “Grateful Samuel, I am so happy to hear your miraculous story. It is not only the inner Master Power’s Divine Grace that saved you, but also your faith in it as well as your sincere spiritual longing and practice. Sometimes when we are in a desperate situation, we connect with the inner Master Power more fully because we have no other choice. Then we can truly see the miraculous Power of the inner Master at work. Your story is a perfect illustration of this. I pray that people awaken to the Love and protection of Heaven, and not wait for dangerous situations to arise before they come wholeheartedly to God. All we need to do is to become vegan and sincerely pray to God for forgiveness and to help us to realize our true nature. This could happen today if everyone decided to do this now! May you and the earnest Haitian people be always uplifted by Divine Love.”

“The beings with unfortunate karma that we are supposed to be protecting are instead being killed without the slightest compassion, and their boiled flesh and blood are being presented to us, and we − their protectors, the Bodhisattvas – then gobble it all up gleefully, smacking our lips. What could be worse than that?” ~ The Venerable Patrul Rinpoche (vegetarian) 

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