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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai presents the Shining World Leadership Award for Caring to Warrnambool City Council and Shining World Hero Award to their two hero dogs in Australia, United Nations report to help countries reduce food waste, city in Arizona, United States, opens fire station designed to protect firefighters from cancer, Russian researchers install cosmic particle detector in world’s deepest lake, elderly Indian man with disability earns praise for clearing river of plastic, top vegan-friendly cities ranked for 2020, and almost extinct crane successfully returns to Britain.

Shining World Leadership Award for Caring and Shining World Hero Award News from Australia…

In 2006, there were less than 10 fairy penguins remaining on Middle Island, Victoria. The once-thriving population had dwindled due to fox predation, with the foxes able to cross to the island during low tide. When a local resident suggested that Maremma dogs could be trained to protect the penguins, a test run proved to be highly effective and led to Maremmas Eudy and Tula happily protecting the penguins for almost a decade. Dr. Patricia Corbett has been working on the project for the last four years.

“So the older dogs are probably our best tool for training because they already know what to do. And they’re better to show the ropes and also tell the puppies off if they’re doing the wrong thing. We also take them around with us when we’re doing our penguin monitoring to get them used to the penguins. We ease into having them stay on the island when we’re not there. And it can take about two years actually to train a Maremma properly.”

In acknowledgment of the love and vigilance shown in safeguarding the lovely penguins, Supreme Master Ching Hai presented the Shining World Leadership Award for Caring to Warrnambool City Council for their Middle Island Maremma Project plus US$30,000 for the “continuing preserving effort, with all love in God’s mercy.” Master also extended a “special thanks to Tula and Eudy plus the Shining World Hero Award and US$2,000 each for vegan snacks.”

Our Association members in Victoria, Australia, cheerfully presented the Awards letters, crystalline plaques, Master’s financial gifts, as well as Her publications and DVDs to the representatives from the Middle Island Penguin Project Working Group and the hero dogs Tula and Eudy.

“Today, we’re honored and privileged to present you this Shining World Leadership Award for Caring from the Supreme Master Ching Hai. … With compliments and gratitude for outstanding governance, wisdom and compassionate management.”

“Our appreciation, for this is just enormous. The award comes at a very good time for us. And it will really help us to continue this wonderful conservation project. It’ll help us to maintain penguins on Middle Island, which is terrific for those of us that are passionate about conservation, but also for the whole of the Warrnambool community and the visitors that come to our town. So, we would like you to pass on our thanks to the Supreme Master. Thank you very much.”

“And with this award, also the Supreme Master Ching Hai humbly contributes US$30,000.”

“Thank You very much to Supreme Master. I reiterate the gratitude shown by our president, this comes at an extremely important time. We are going to purchase a vehicle specifically for the transport of dogs. We’ve been after such a vehicle for over three years without any luck, and the volunteers and the staff have had to be using their own cars, much to their detriment. This is a wonderful gesture. And we are extremely grateful.”

“…Your love and vigilance to safeguard the lovely penguins, ensured the success of this brilliant method of conservation. Good on you. There is also a humble contribution of US$4,000 for the dogs to have some vegan treats.”

“Thank You so much to Supreme Master Ching Hai. This is our beautiful Tula here who has retired and Eudy over here. They’re feeling quite happy to have received their awards and see that they can now have a little rest. They’ve also helped us train our new guardians, so they will forever live on. And thank You so much for this very generous contribution and for recognizing the incredible work that they’ve done for all of these years.”

On behalf of the Middle Island Project Group, Dr. Anne Wallis also wished to share a special gift with Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“On behalf of the Middle Island Project Working Group, we would like to show how much we appreciate what this award will do for our project. We’ve put together just a few little things here. It’s only little, but it’s from our heart. And from our heart, we know that Your contribution now will make a big difference to sustaining our project. And so we would like to say to the Supreme Master from our hearts: Thank You so much for what You have now done for the Middle Island Project. Thank You.”

Our joyful congratulations to everyone in the Middle Island Project Working Group, including the brave Maremmas Eudy and Tula. May your compassionate work continue to protect the vulnerable penguins and ecosystems on the Australian coast.

For the full presentation of the Shining World Leadership Award for Caring to Warrnambool City Council, and the Shining World Hero Award to Eudy and Tula, please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

United Nations report to help countries reduce food waste.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) partnered with the United Kingdom-based environmental non-governmental organization Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) to release the Food Waste Index Report 2021. It estimates that 17% of food available to consumers, or 931 million metric tons, is wasted yearly. The report, which uses data from 54 countries and is the “most comprehensive food waste data collection, analysis and modelling to date,” was completed to assist nations in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goal of halving food waste by 2030. Reducing global food waste would decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 8-10%, decrease land conversion and pollution, plus strengthen food security while lowering costs for consumers. UNEP will initiate regional working groups to build food waste measuring capabilities and develop national strategies to prevent food waste. The United Nations is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism and two Shining World Leadership for Lives-Saving-Hero Awards. Thank you, United Nations Environment Programme and Waste and Resources Action Programme, for this insightful study. May we join together to better utilize the sustenance that the Divine gives us, thus improving people’s lives and our planet.

Up next on Noteworthy News, city in Arizona, United States opens fire station designed to protect firefighters from cancer. We’ll just take a moment to thank the goldsmiths, who meticulously make dazzling jewelry that reminds us a little of Heavenly glory. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more visionary news.

Good day, smart viewers, it’s Hendrick the vegan Honey Badger. Are you becoming a better person every day? I’ll bet you are, if your diet is vegan! If you live near coastal areas where old seashells are abundant, then you can use them in your garden mulch. Seashells prevent weed growth and also have other mulching benefits. They gradually release calcium to the soil as they decompose over time, which will aid your plants’ growth. First, wash the salt off so they don’t harm the plants. Then boil the shells in a big pot using clean water. Once done, take the shells out and crush them into small pieces. Next, pour these in a burlap bag and set the bag on the ground. Use a large hammer to further break up the shells to your preferred size. Then scatter the shells out to mulch your garden, or mix with other mulching materials. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now it’s time for the worldwide weather.

United States city takes steps to safeguard firefighters.

The Fire Department in Goodyear, Arizona in the US recently opened Fire Station 186, designed to protect its staff from cancer, with plans to open two more in the future. Due to the nature of their work, firefighters encounter a high number of cancer-causing agents, leading to them having a 9% greater risk of developing the disease and a 14% increased risk of succumbing to it compared to the general population. New technologies adopted include a hose connecting to the firetruck exhaust, so the firefighters are not inhaling the fumes, while an air pressure system in the firehouse automatically closes doors and expels toxins. In addition, potentially carcinogenic materials are removed by high-powered washing machines, and areas in the station are color coded according to low and high risk. Our earnest applause and appreciation, Goodyear Fire Station 186. We wish cities everywhere will take note and pray that God will always protect these heroic personnel who selflessly come to others’ rescue.

Special device detects particles arriving from outer space.

Russian scientists, in collaboration with researchers from Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic, among others, recently launched a highly sensitive measuring device to detect tiny particles called neutrinos from outer space. The round-shaped telescope was placed deep inside Lake Baikal of Siberia, which is the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume. The high purity and depth of the water enables the detector to more easily observe the elusive cosmic particles that travel almost at the speed of light. Through the information gathered, scientists envision learning more about the neutrinos’ distant origin and the state of our universe billions of years ago. Fascinating news, researchers from Russia, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and others. May we further understand our cosmos’s ancient origins and feel peace in pondering the underlying Divinity.

Photograph of a senior gentleman with disability cleaning up a river in India touches many.

Photographer Nandu KS posted on social media a captivating picture he had taken of 69-year-young N.S. Rajappan, whose legs are paralyzed, as he collected plastic bottles on Meenachil River in Kerala, India from his wooden boat. The image was quickly shared by thousands online who commended Mr. Rajappan’s longtime eco efforts despite his disability. Though earning only 17 US cents per boatload of plastic, Mr. Rajappan gladly plays his part, saying, “Somebody should remove the waste from the water… I am doing what is possible for me.” The humble gentleman has also received praise from public figures such as Indian Prime Minister His Excellency Narendra Modi. Wishing to uplift his life, people have gifted Mr. Rajappan with a motorboat and a motorized wheelchair, and are planning to build a home for him. Heaven bless you, N.S. Rajappan, for your noble spirit. Many thanks, Nandu KS and kind neighbors. May each of us be inspiring good stewards of our Earth and one another, in Divine love. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present the Shining World Earth Protection Award to N.S. Rajappan, plus a humble contribution of US$10,000 for any needs as you continue your caring endeavor, with love, best wishes and gratitude. May you be forever blessed in Heaven’s embrace.”

Coming up, list of most popular cities for a vegan lifestyle is released. We’ll pause for a moment to enjoy an Aulacese, also known as Vietnamese, musical tradition called Nhã nhạc, a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity that was developed for royal court ceremonies. We’ll be right back with more laudable news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Benefiting News for a Happier World.

Ranking of most vegan-friendly cities worldwide published.

A list of the top 15 most popular cities for vegans in 2020 was compiled by the international food magazine Chef’s Pencil based in New York City, United States. The food magazine used Google Trends and Google Adwords to compile data of vegan-related searches made in cities globally. Based on this method, it found that the top five vegan cities were Portland, United States, at number one, followed by Edinburgh, United Kingdom, then Germany’s Hamburg and Berlin, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, respectively. The data also showed a large growth in the number of searches for vegan topics, which increased by 47% in 2020 over the previous year. Such wonderful news, Chef’s Pencil, of the ever-growing rate of interest in plant-based food revealed by your research. In the wisdom of the Providence, may this trend quickly continue until a vegan world swiftly dawns.

Conservation efforts restore common crane numbers in the United Kingdom.

A 2020 survey of the Eurasian common crane population in the UK found that there were 200-plus of the gorgeous birds, with 64 breeding couples producing 23 chicks last year. The species had become almost extinct in the UK approximately 400 years ago due to hunting and wetland habitat loss. Their welcome comeback has been enhanced by the Great Crane Project, a collaboration between the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, and Pensthorpe Conservation Trust, with financing by the Viridor Credits Environmental Company. The initiative, founded in 2010, has hand-reared and released young birds on the Somerset Levels and Moors, and is working to protect wetlands and restore peatlands to provide suitable sites for the growing population. Bravo, all involved in the Great Crane Project. May the magnificent common cranes thrive in Heaven’s protection.

Here is a joke to massage your mind today, entitled “The Wrong Change.”

After finishing his bank account business, Tom moved away from the counter window, counted his change, and then went back and said to the cashier:

“Hey, ma’am, you gave me the wrong change!”

“Sir, you stepped away from the counter. We don’t make corrections after you leave. There’s nothing I can do about it now. That’s the policy of this bank.”

“Well, OK, I understand. Just thought you would like to know that you gave me an extra twenty dollars. Bye!”


And now we have a heartline from João in Brazil:

Hallo Supreme Master Television team! I would like to share a story about a non-vegan establishment in Brazil that recently converted to veganism. Managed by a couple, this house used to sell barbecue as one of its main dishes. It is located in a region that is known as the “barbecue land.” However, due to the wife’s influence, they started offering vegan options on Saturdays; then they extended it to every open night, and finally, they have announced on their social media that their restaurant has become totally vegan since June 1, 2020. I believe that Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Infinite Love makes the impossible possible. This is an example where we can see how the consciousness of the global citizens is shifting towards a planet without suffering for animals. Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for being the Light of the World in this time of struggles, and thank you, Supreme Master Television team, for your unwavering determination in sharing with the general public only constructive, loving, spiritual and uplifting information. João from Brazil

Joyous João, We are ecstatic to hear about the incredible story of a meat-based restaurant turning full vegan in your country. As we celebrate this excellent event, we pray that everywhere else in the world will follow this upward trend in the adoption of the vegan lifestyle to benefit all lives. May Supreme Master Ching Hai’s life-long dedication to saving our world bring forth endless fruition. God’s Love and Blessings to you and the warm-hearted people of Brazil. In Divine magnificence, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has a message for you: “Hopeful João, many thanks and congratulations to the inhabitants of your country who are choosing to be exemplary citizens of the world, just like the couple you write about, who are creating positive changes to uplift others by serving vegan meals. May you and the affectionate Brazilians be blessed with goodness and fortune in Heaven’s Grace.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May your precious life be blessed with treasured gifts from the Divine.

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