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In today’s news, Germany assists underprivileged border communities in Northern Chad, climate experts call for worldwide ecosystem restoration program, fire extinguishing robot joins fire department in United States, global environmental prize promoting eco-innovations premieres, social worker offers free ambulance service to neighbors in northeastern India, European Union supports lab-grown meat-related research, and Texas, USA, animal sanctuary connects uniquely-abled children and rescued animals.

Germany aids Northern Chad’s vulnerable border populations.

Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has launched the €5 million “Balke – Security and Stabilization Project in Northern Chad” to assist migrants and host localities and improve border management. Not only will the project directly benefit 4,550 people while helping 150,000 individuals in 50 communities, but it also includes a job and business skills development program for young people. Locals will be informed of the dangers involved in undocumented migration and human trafficking. Officials along the Chad-Libya border will also be trained in various security measures. Germany is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion and a Shining World Caring Leadership Award laureate. Many thanks, the International Organization for Migration and the German Federal Foreign Office. In Heaven’s forever love, may Chad enjoy peace and harmony with ever-increasing prosperity and stability for all her citizens.

Global-scale ecosystem revival can save species and remove CO2.

A new report in the journal Nature by some 27 scientists from 12 countries recommends restoring key habitats to protect endangered species and remove 49% of the CO2 added to the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. The proposal calls for a globally coordinated effort, with 30% of former ecosystems worldwide that are now farmland (about nine million square kilometers) being converted back to their original natural state. The paper states these priority areas identified for restoration would greatly aid preserving biodiversity and slowing climate change at the lowest cost. To enable habitat renewal, boosting food production, reducing food waste, and eliminating unsustainable products like dairy and meat would also be required. Thank you, participating scientists, for your planet-saving plan. May nations quickly cooperate to bring back nature and halt all animal livestock raising for a replenished world.

Up next, fire extinguishing robot joins fire department in United States. We’ll spend some time now to thank opticians who fill optical prescriptions and fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and other devices to correct eyesight. We’ll be right back with more benefiting news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, brilliant viewers, I’m Daisy the vegan Double-Barred Finch! Why are the younger generations going vegan? Because vegan is cool! Today, I have tips to help keep a hearing aid in place while wearing a mask. First, be extra cautious when removing a mask as hearing aids can get stuck on the elastic earloops. If you can, take the mask off either in the car or at home so you will be able to easily find the device if it falls out of your ear. You can also make or purchase a mask extender to ensure your mask is well- fastened around the back of your head. This will relieve the pressure on your ears and make it less likely that your mask catches on your hearing aid. Thank you for watching, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Here’s the weather around the world!

Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD) in United States debuts robotic firefighting vehicle.

Recently, the Thermite RS3 was successfully deployed to quell a blaze at a Los Angeles building. The remotely-controlled robot can spray almost 9,500 liters of water per minute, with the hose stream reaching 45 meters high and 91 meters wide. RS3 will assist with large commercial and fuel tanker fires, wildfires, and other scenarios. The US$278,000 machine was purchased for the LAFD via a generous donation by the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation. Los Angeles is a Shining World Super Loving Care Leadership Award and Shining World Leadership for Compassion Award laureate. Much appreciation, Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation, for this marvelous gift, and way to go, Los Angeles City Fire Department, for putting your new life- protecting robot into service. May it help ensure people’s safety for many years to come, in the grace of the Providence.

Environmental prize honoring planet-saving solutions unveiled.

His Royal Highness Prince William of the United Kingdom and famed British natural historian 94-year-young Sir David Attenborough have announced the “Earthshot Prize,” a new, prestigious global environmental award. With a £50 million fund, five prizes of £1 million each will be given annually until 2030 for a total of 50 innovative answers to the Earth’s most serious environmental issues. All are eligible for the competition, including people, governments and corporations. Winners will be recognized for new ideas, policies, technologies or solutions which address one of these five areas: Protect and restore nature, Clean our air, Revive our oceans, Build a waste-free world, and Fix our climate. Our gratitude, Your Royal Highness Prince William and Sir David Attenborough, for your vital leadership in Earth protection. In God’s glory, may many wonderful ideas to safeguard our precious planet quickly arise.

Indian social worker saves lives with free ambulance service during pandemic.

Hongnao Konyak of Mon in northeastern India’s Nagaland State converted his vehicle into an ambulance and transported about 150 people, including 48 pregnant women about to give birth, to the hospital. The 39-year old humanitarian received permission from local officials to carry out his life-saving service, which he provided for 100 days until Mon received its first of three ambulances. Mr. Konyak also acted as an interpreter for villagers who spoke dialects of the local language that medical staff did not understand and took blood donors to and from the hospital. The kind man had been given the truck by his father, who requested him to, “Put this gift to good use.” We applaud your altruism, Hongnao Konyak. May your selfless deeds inspire many, as we extend a helping hand to those in need, in Divine mercy.

Coming up, European Union supports lab-grown meat-related research. We will pause for a moment to be grateful for the sense of belonging and encouragement we feel from having like-minded people, who have common goals, around us. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more smoothing news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Rewarding News for a Satisfying World.

European Union invests in cell-cultured meat research.

The EU’s Horizon 2020 R&D program recently granted €2.7 million to lab-grown meat consortium Meat4All. The group is led by Spanish startup BioTech Foods, creators of the cell-based Ethicameat, and includes French biotech company Organotechnie. Meat4All’s mission includes culturing cells without animal serum, mass-producing and commercializing cultured meat, as well as developing food safety tests. The project will advance the EU’s implementation of its Green Deal, which has the goal of making the continent carbon neutral by 2050. The European Union is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace recipient and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring laureate. Exceptional news, European Union, BioTech Foods and Organotechnie, for your initiative to speed alternative proteins to the consumer market. May your research lead to successful outcomes with cultivated meat products more widely and quickly available, in Heaven’s joy.

Animal sanctuary connects uniquely-abled children and animals.

Safe in Austin was founded by Jamie Wallace-Griner and David Griner of Austin, Texas, United States, after seeing the immensely positive effects of Angel, a service dog, on their autistic son, Jackson. The 4-hectare property provides a home to their family of five humans and 150 animals rescued from abuse and neglect, including pigs, cows, goats, dogs, cats, tortoises, chickens and more. Some of the animal friends have health issues or mobility challenges and use custom-made wheelchairs. Visitors to the nonprofit, including differently-abled children, have the opportunity to interact with the treasured animal friends, often finding solace and inspiration from the loving co-inhabitants. You have moved us to tears with the wonderful work you do, Safe in Austin. May Heaven bless you, your special animal residents, and all those they help, with many joyful years ahead filled with love, in God’s protecting embrace.

Please sit back and relax with the joke of the day called, “Revised Salary.”

“This is your revised salary. We recommend you keep it confidential.”

“Don’t worry, I’m equally ashamed of it.”

And now we have a heartline from Ming-Ming in China:

Honorable Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team, Some time ago, I watched Part 3 of the program “Friends of Eternity” in which Master invited Her artist friends to visit the New Land Ashram. The moment I saw the video of Master greeting the world-renowned artists and saw Master sharing Her heartfelt gratitude in tears, I was deeply touched and couldn’t help crying until the end of the show. This made me suddenly understand the meaning of the lyrics in the musical “Loving the Silent Tears”: “Loving the silent tears for You, more than the diamonds of the world.” Supreme Master Ching Hai, You are not only a living Master, but also the best artist. Thank You! I am moved to tears when I feel Master's selfless and great love for the world and also feel that Master cares for every detail for each soul. I have come to realize that it is my happiest moment. When the inner soul regains true love and is cleansed by tears to renew itself, it is truly a rare and precious experience in the world, far more precious than any earthly jewel. In “Friends of Eternity,” the artists’ perfect performances from the heart and Master’s meticulous comments and encouragement all made people feel the immense love.

Art is indeed borderless. It is the best way of communication. It can break down many barriers invisibly. To elevate human consciousness, the artists have quietly contributed a lot of inner energy, and the caring Master can always observe that they need to replenish their energy of love afterward. So Master has not only declared the International Artist Day for all the artists, but also invited artists from all over the world, including United Korea, to gather in the New Land Ashram. Every time, to prepare for the artists’ coming, and to make sure the activities go on smoothly, Master has contributed visibly and invisibly beyond people's imagination. Supreme Master Ching Hai once said, “Love is looking in the same direction.” Artists are the truest and purest, and good-hearted. Their sincere performances bring people spiritual food, and bring the world hope and beauty. I deeply pray that more and more artists on Earth will choose to live a vegan life and constantly elevate their spiritual consciousness, and thus bring more inspiring and spiritual works to the world! Lots of love with gratitude and best wishes! Ming-Ming from China

Inspiring Ming-Ming, Thank you for your expressive heartline. We also feel deeply touched by Master’s profound love and unconditional sacrifice. Throughout the years, Master has worked and continues working tirelessly for the betterment of our world. We thank all the artists also for their God-given talents that help color our lives. May we celebrate International Artist Day every day to glorify God for Hiers wonderful creation. Let us join hands in rebuilding Eden on Earth. May you and the faithful people of China find refuge in the Buddha, here and forever after, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master also says: “Appreciative Ming-Ming, though I do not have time these days for artistic endeavors, I have always loved creating art, whether it be painting, photography or other medium. I hold artists dear to my heart as they bring vibrancy and brightness to our world by expressing their noble souls through their works and uplifting people’s spirits. International Artist Day is one way for us to show our warmth and gratitude to these imaginative individuals. Heaven’s abiding love to you and heritage-rich China.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your moments be replete with inner peace and Celestial inspiration.

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