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Unity in Diversity through the Vegan Diet: Interview with Father Anthony Chang Sang Loy (vegan), Part 3 of 3



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“Now, we want to have a combination of the body, the mind and the soul. The body is the physical body; the mind is our emotions or mentality; the soul is the spirit. They are not separated. The spirit in humans and animals, and even in other substances are existing, evolving, and developing together. Should we wish to revert and recover, all these have to work together. The trend of veganism is expanding, and now more people are aware of the importance of veganism. Also, scientific research has affirmed the importance of the vegan diet, which at least is good for the body. But the fact is, all are linked together and must be related to spirituality.” 
“I think people who have faith should love God, humans and the Earth, which means to be one with Heaven and Earth. This is what we should advocate and carry out. Recently, some young people are embarking on the vegan diet. It is because they know they shouldn’t be cruel to animals, and they need to treat animals better. They adopt the vegan diet for the animals and not for themselves. We can observe that it is also good for the animals, for the ecology and our body, so it is good. Then just advocate this concept.” 
“Christ does not belong to individuals, but belongs to the whole Universe. Christ is associated with the whole Universe, right from the beginning of creation to the accomplished universe that God desires. One of the messages from Jesus Christ is: ‘I have come that they may have life, and [that they may] have it [more] abundantly.’ That is evolving towards a more abundant life.” 
“We say that the Holy Trinity is God. This Trinity is actually One, and the One is the Trinity. So, even God Himself is like this. If God is love, then amidst the relationships or interactions with each other, the energy of love, the love of God will emerge. God creates according to His own image. The form of His creation is in His own form. Unity in diversity or diversity in unity, that is the original nature, on which the whole creation and the whole universe function. Even the original God Nature also functions in this way.” 
We sincerely thank the kind Reverend Father Anthony Chang Sang Loy for sharing his time, as well as his wise thoughts and knowledge with us. May all our benevolent deeds and efforts in following God’s clear messages through the Sacred texts be carried out with success. With deep appreciation for your conscious acts and endeavors in protecting people, animals, and the natural world, we wish you the best of health and happiness, in God’s love and light.
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