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Unity in Diversity through the Vegan Diet: Interview with Father Anthony Chang Sang Loy (vegan), Part 2 of 3



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“Previously, I used to have flu once or twice every year, but it stopped after I turned vegan. This change makes me stronger and because of becoming vegan, I have noticed the merits and goodness of animals, which are a lot. The vegan diet inspired me to review relevant materials in the Bible, and to appreciate the animals, thus broadening my consciousness.” “The Holy Bible It is very clearly stated in Genesis 01:29, He [God] said eat only fruits of the trees and other plants; there was no mention of eating meat. Even a lion should also be vegetarian. The other paragraph is in the Book of Nevi’im (Prophets), which said that in the Kingdom of God, lions and lambs sleep together, and the child shall have no fear to put his hand into the snake’s hole. That means peace is everywhere.” 
“The Pope’s Encyclical stated that nature is like a mother hugging us. He further said that nature is also like a sister to us. This is another perspective. This sister is about the cooperation and coordination with each other. But from the perspective of a mother, it is the nourishment from nature. Nature’s embrace is love. So, there are two types of feelings towards nature. However, this is very important, as it means we should give up our domination. That means we have to discard all the ideas about dominating and exploiting nature.” 
“Now I am preparing to write ‘God’s Lifelong Blessing and Love.’ It will talk about love. One of the new discoveries in recent decades is a hormone called oxytocin, also translated as ‘labor induction medicine.’ But further research found that its function is not as simple as inducing labor; it improves the contact between people, the contact between couples. That means good contact will develop mutual trust, thus, feeling the support of each other, and generate the feeling of love, etc. These come from this hormone.” 
“There is another new book called “Undo It!”, and the authors are a doctor and researcher. They say that it is not necessary to take medicine for any recovery. They mention four things; one of them is love, and then stress relief, exercise, and a healthy diet. They incline to having a vegan diet. These four things are good for many diseases. If you embrace all four of them, you can recover without taking medicine. Of course, it depends on how serious your condition is and how long you’ve had the illness. They have done a lot of research and their research has been proved to be scientific.”
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