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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s URGENT Message to All Animal Meat Business & Livestock Factory Owners, also Fishing, Egg, Milk, Fur, Lab Test, Cosmetics and Leather Industries, February 22, 2020

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Dear all animal meat business persons, groups, and livestock factory owners, fishing, egg, milk, fur, lab test, cosmetics and leather industries: Please take heed, because this is very, very important for you. You must know this before it’s too late – for you. This is what hell will sentence you for: … Maybe you did not do it on purpose. Maybe you didn’t think about it, but you must do think about it, because it concerns you. You will go to hell and suffer so much more, a thousand times more than these animals and people are suffering because of your bloody business. I am not swearing. Blood is on your hands. On your body, in your hair, in your stomach, in your breath, in your lungs, in your cars, in your houses. In your food, in your shoes, the leather shoes that you wear. Everything. It’s all stained with blood, soaked in blood. U-turn now when you still can. Begin a new life. I promise to intervene with Heaven on your behalf. For I also love you, despite what you have done. So stop the murdering. Stop it now and repent, so that the mercy of God might not be obstructed for you and yours. May God help you to be awakened soon. Please keep watching to find out more. This is a highly recommended must-watch!


Dear all animal meat business persons, groups, and livestock factory owners, fishing, egg, milk, fur, lab test, cosmetics and leather industries: It’s difficult for me to find you, plus time is urgent and I am a very busy woman, so I am reading it on air, on my television. Please take heed, because this is very, very important for you; so important that I have to spare my valuable time during my retreat. Now, I’m still in retreat, but I spare my time to inform you. You must know this before it’s too late – for you. If you have no time to listen, then you can download this or someone will download and try to send it to you. I’m sure some people know where you are, even if I don’t. Download this message and hear it ASAP. As soon as possible.


You see, I am in retreat. I don’t know when I will get out. And I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, before my retreat even. Though it took many days and even weeks and nights to script it, for myself, it’s very, very, very precious – the time that I’m having. Therefore, in a hurry, even though I have been thinking a long time about it, but in such a shortage of time, maybe some things are still missing. But this should be sufficient enough for your knowledge. This is what hell will sentence you for:


1) You hand out a few hundred dollars and make the workers sell their conscience. They have no other work, perhaps, in your remote area, where you hide murderous sins from the world. 2) For tempting the loving parents with your cheap, subsidized, bloody flesh in disguise and reduced prices at taxpayers’ expense, so that they buy it and are forced to feed their babies, children and themselves too, mostly unaware of all the chemicals, extra poison, hormones, etc., in that piece of dead carcass. 3) For cashing in and living wealthily at the cost of hundreds of millions of humans’ and animals’ pain and suffering daily. 4) For wasting billions of hard-earned taxpayers’ money, all the time. 5) For corrupting political entities by lobbying with your cash and tactics so they could not speak-up against you, being so busy themselves. Thus, you are at liberty to maim, poison and massacre our animal co-inhabitants. Not just the animals but also your co-humans, mentally, spiritually, physically, as consequences of eating animals and using animal products.


1) For poisoning humanity, including children, and sentient animals with meat, eggs laden with all kinds of chemicals, in the name of medicine, in doses that endanger people’s health. 2) For costing billions of zillions of the National Treasury because of critical illness and for costing your nation zillions of gazillions of citizens’ hard-earned money for all meat-related treatment. 3) For causing soo much sorrow, anguish physically, emotionally, mentally to unsuspecting humans who are maimed, lame, crippled, die in anguish, and the bereaved families and friends. 4) For separating families and friends because of meat-related diseases and death and consequences. 5) For friends and acquaintances whose lives have been taken away in sickness and pain, because of your immoral, blood-soaked, murderous, crueler-than-hell so-called “industry.” Meat industry. 6) For loving beings’ personal health, as your horrendous, evil treatment of the poor, helpless innocent animals, makes them sleepless, angry, sorrowful, anguished and thus less efficient in their mission for God and humanity. Or even in their any mundane job.


1) For causing the climate emergency by your heat-trapping, methane-producing way of livestock raising for gain, and ignoring the lives of billions on our planet, including precious species that are in danger of extinction. And many have been already on the list of extinction. 2) For causing deforestation by chopping pieces of the great lungs of our world. 3) For polluting our water sources, rivers, oceans, environment, air and soil. 4) For causing a lot of resource dwindling including food and water shortages due to animal raising, and drought that causes further traumatic effect on human life and animal life as well.


1) For violating the laws of your country as an animal caretaker. In your hands, the law trusts that you “protect them from all manner of pain, fear and cruel treatment,” etc… One look into your factory, anyone can testify the opposite. The opposite is true with your business. 2) And despite your country’s laws stating that you cannot maltreat animals, not make them fear and all that, no cruelty to animals, you are squeezing them in a tiny crate that they can’t turn around all their life – can’t have their babies in a humane and decent quarter to nurture and raise them as parents should. Instead, they are cramped and squeezed all over mum in a tiny crate, made with steel. Imagine if that were your mum and yourself and your siblings; such as pigs in your factory. What shall we call that? They have feelings, you know. And you massacre them… (I am just too… too exhausted too, by thinking about all this, all these days, before I read this. I had to script it and read it now.) What shall we call that? And you massacre them brutally while they are still conscious and alive; is that benevolent or hellish cruelty?? Worse than hell, I would say. Worse than some hells. 3) For going against not just human laws but even God’s laws; the most important Commandment, “Thou shall not kill.” All the religions say the same. Not just Christianity but all main religions stated the same thing. “Thou shall not kill.” So, which side are you working for? Because God says, “You shall not kill.” God didn’t specify just not to kill humans. So you are not on the side of God. And you’re not on the right side of the law either. 4) For giving busy governments extra difficult decision-making work, because of your business. Because this murderous so-called “business” has become normalized, so the governments don’t know what to do nor how to deal with your evil business, thus making them, force them vulnerably into reluctant accomplices. 5) For causing law-enforcers more uncalled for, unnecessary extra tension-filled work, having to deal with animal-rights protests often and everywhere nowadays. Even if they are peaceful protests, still, police already have more than enough, more than a lot of unnerving hard work at hand. (And all those crimes they have to deal with, are also primarily produced by the mental imbalance-causing meat diet that makes citizens easily fall in to the wrong side of the law or acting against their own will.) 6) For causing people including Supreme Master Ching Hai’s self, to lose sleep, to lose precious time, agonizing in the heart, risking their life, safety, position, health, finance, secular and spiritual power etc…, taking care of and handling this issue due to your despicable deeds.


1) For degrading vulnerable, innocent holy priests and monks and nuns into your trap to also have to consume the flesh of helpless, lovable creatures whom God lovingly created – not for eating obviously. Because in all religious scriptures, say that “Thou shall not kill.” “Be you not among wine drinkers and meat eaters.” “Be not among” even. Not just to talk about eating them. But with all this powerful lobby, humanity is dragged into this trap all this time. I feel so sorry for everyone. Therefore, I don’t mince my words anymore. We need to speak it up. It’s time. It’s too late already. I should have done it earlier. I was too soft, too polite. And it did not work very well. So now we try a different approach. You see, God created animals not for eating. But because it’s there already and everybody does it, it became like a habit in the society. So even monks and nuns and priests, they are vulnerable. They are busy, they have things to study, they have work to do – for others, for their faithful. So they just eat whatever is there, whatever’s prepared for them. Thus, the eating of the animal flesh, lessening the men of the cloth their holy status in Heaven’s eyes, and more likely succumbed even to judgment in the Hades. Which they are not all of them are aware of even. 2) For dragging humanity into a degrading status of disgusting cannibalism, from what we are supposed to be; the benevolent children of God! The crown of the creation. Thus, they could be also subjected to terrifying purgatory. 3) For making a tyrannic reputation for all the governments and the human race, feared by the entire creation and detested even by the most humble; such as dogs. 4) For passively inciting war and hatred among humans and other beings involved, by making dead flesh available, and advertised, cheapened by government subsidies. You know? Taxpayers’ money again. So when consuming it, they lose some sanity, which inflames the cause of conflict even more. 5) For making our world a habit-forming, brutal society, full of violence, murderous society, killing sentient animals by billions all the time, on this beautiful place that we’re supposed to share with all co-inhabitants… Therefore making people forget their true God-children nature, thus pushing them into agonizing lasting Hells.


U-turn now! You must U-turn, for your own sake even. Because if you don’t, you will be suffering in hell. You will suffer worse than the animals that you sell, that you kill, maim, kicked, paralyzed, forced to drown even into so-called disinfectant pond before they are getting cut throats. U-turn now. If you are still a human. U-turn, because there are also some other factors that you should consider. Following are just some examples, such as: 1) People might sue you because they are anguished, angered and in pain, either personally or for loved ones subjected to meat-related illnesses by the above mentioned. People are also angry because they know the meat business produces methane, which is heating up our planet, as the rate is incredible. So incredible. And it’s accelerating. People are worried about their own future, about their children’s future. Even children nowadays, only 12 years old, 16 years old, they are going out on the street to call on the governments to change the policy. To stop meat industry. Because they will think there is no more future for them if the planet is gone or the planet is heated up beyond endurance. That people could sue you, for all that mentioned above. But I am still thinking that you’re also human. You may make mistakes. You, inside the heart, inside your heart, there is still a soft spot somewhere, still some God quality dormant, waiting to be awakened. So I am still waiting. I have asked Heaven to grant me more power, so I can help such beings, difficult to help, such as your case. But still, I cannot control other people’s minds. You understand? So, people, they might still sue you, because they are tormented over the limit of what a tender heart can bear. It happened to me… too often to be counted. I am one of them. The people, if driven much harder, they will have nothing to lose, nothing to fear, and they will win. And the winnings… will go to some of the deserved causes like: 1) to those that save lives, such as The Red Cross, Save the Children, Salvation Army, those organizations that do good for the world and always be there for the needy and the weak. Or maybe orders of nuns and monks who work for others’ wellness, who take care of the infants, of the orphans, who take care of the elderly, of the homeless, of the sick and weak with no one to rely on. Or they give it to the orphans whose parents died from flesh eating and got sick, got incurable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, or mental disturbance. They died eating meat to fatten your wallet, adding to more of your flashy cars or/and enlarging your mansions and hellish animal factories. 2) to communities ravaged… by famine and malnutrition caused by most of the grain fed to your animal industry, instead of to humans who desperately need it. You can see it on television. Many children, only the skin covers their bones. You can count how many bones they have. You know that. Nowadays people can know many things. They can check it out, they can watch TV, they can search on the internet to have the knowledge that is necessary. 3) to give work to people for replanting forests, to replenish the oxygen that sustains all life on Earth. Including yours. And yours. The life, the precious life that you take away without thinking twice. Maybe you did not do it on purpose. Maybe you didn’t think about it, but you must do think about it, because it concerns you. You will go to hell and suffer so much more, a thousand times more than these animals and people are suffering because of your bloody business. I am not swearing. Blood is on your hands. On your body, in your hair, in your stomach, in your breath, in your lungs, in your cars, in your houses. In your food, in your shoes, the leather shoes that you wear. Everything. It’s all stained with blood, soaked in blood. 4) The winning money can go to opening organic vegan farms or restaurants or hotels. Or other organic vegan products. So, 5) U-turn now, because you are also shooting yourself and will drag yourself earlier to your grave by meat-related diseases, or/and your family members. And earlier to awaiting demons in hell, who will torture you, no-end. And the suffering you’ll endure there is more terrifying than what you have measured to the poor helpless animals under your brutal treatment. I told you, I don’t want to mince my words. It has to go straight, unreserved. So that it might have an effect to rescue our world and rescue your souls, and the souls of your family members and clans. U-turn now when you still can. What if you die tomorrow? Life is uncertain. You will go straight to hell. I swear to God. I’m telling you the truth. I know what hell is. You don’t want to be there. Please don’t. Please don’t. It hurts me even to think that you have to go there and suffer. Please U-turn now. You will… No one there will be helping you if you are in hell.


Repent now when you still have a chance. Make it over. Begin a new life. I promise to intervene with Heaven on your behalf. I will be there to help you. I have enough power, but you must U-turn and repent, because if you don’t, that means you are irredeemable, that you are from a very, very low substance that could not be changed. In that case, we all will give up on you, and you have to fare it yourself. Turn to organic vegan farming. Vegan shops, vegan hotels, vegan restaurants, vegan products, beauty products, etc., etc… instead, which will earn you a decent honest living on Earth and a place in Paradise. I’m granted more power to help humanity, including you. Especially you. But I still wait for you to U-turn with whatever is left of my patience and strength. I pray for your inner love to awaken, for your soul to triumph over the negative surrounding influence and ignorance. For I know that you have it in you; the compassionate nature inborn, inherent since creation began. For I also love you. I thought about you. I thought how you must have been pushed into this business by circumstances. By wanting to make it in the world to give it to your family and good standard of living. You must have your reason and you did not think about all this. Maybe no one has ever told you. Or maybe you’ve been too busy making this business, you don’t listen or you have no time to listen. For I also love you, despite what you have done. You aren’t aware even of all that you have done, are you? And you’re not even aware of the devastating consequences to our world, to our climate, to humans and all others, and to yourself and your loved ones as well, are you?! Because, if you’re aware of all that, you wouldn’t have done this business. I think I’m quite sure of that. You know why I am quite sure about that? Because I know the maya or we call him satan, the king of illusion, the devil himself has blindfolded most of humans’ spirit and led us to a vicious, vicious beaten path for so long, that we have forgotten the right road to go Home. We are all actually pitiful!! We are all victims. For that, I truly love you, feeling sorry for you. It could have been me too, given circumstances. Who knows?


So please U-turn now. I will be your friend. I’ll do all I can to lift you up, to take you Home where you’ll be safe and loved and respected as a dignified child of God that you are. You have to U-turn now. Because if one day the world becomes vegan… It will. The world will become vegan. And when that comes, your children will be taunted in school as barbarious murderers! As veganism is gaining strength now and popularity, perhaps they have already been subjected to that kind of ridiculing treatment! To embarrassment. I don’t think they’ll love you for that. If we succeed in becoming a vegan world, you will be looked at also as murderers of kids in the forms of animals, because they generally have an IQ equivalent to children at a young age. Leading canine researcher, Dr. Stanley Coren, professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia in Canada, showed that dogs’ intelligence is on par with a human child of two to two-and-a-half years old. So they are kids. They are children, just in a different form. You are not going to kill them again, are you? You are not a kids’ murderer, are you? No. I don’t believe that. You were just too busy to think. You’re just too busy. You ignore the inner warning from your heart. You’re too busy, (you) forget to feel what your heart wants you to do.


Wake up now. U-turn. There’s another scientist’s research. Neuroscientist and animal behavior expert Dr. Lori Marino stated that: “…pigs share a number of cognitive capacities with other highly intelligent species such as dogs, chimpanzees, elephants, dolphins, and even humans.” See that? One scientist said even said that horse, for example, has an IQ level as a child of 12 years old. All this is so stressful for me to be reminded. I cannot forget. I cannot forget, how much suffering they have to endure with no one there to even say one word of defense for them. With no one there to help them. All these poor animals, my God, imagine if it’s you. Animals show happiness, they show sorrow. They show love and compassion to other species including humans. They rescue humans also, so often that we don’t always have a camera to record. Whatever we can record it, we know that animals are truly ambassadors of love. The representatives of Heaven. You watch the Supreme Master Television, we always have clips of animals who rescue animals, who rescue humans, who rescue children in all different circumstances. And the dogs are not different from a cow or a pig or a chicken. They, the animals, help whenever they can and show absolute loyalty. They are better than many of us humans.


So stop the murdering. Stop it now and repent, so that the mercy of God might not be obstructed for you and yours, because a wall of vicious energy is surrounding you, due to your barbarious deeds. It’s surrounding you and your entire clan as well. Maybe you don’t have this clairvoyant eye to see, but go ask some psychic who can. They will tell you what kind of color you have around you. You know, like Saints Jesus, Buddha’s photos, They have a halo around Their head or around Their body. You don’t have that. You have just black, like charcoal, or maybe coffee, deep coffee color. You’re dimming the light within you. You cover it with all this unfavorable substance and energy due to your unethical work.


Change. There are many ways to earn money. Truly. Change to organic vegan business instead, to redeem your sin, to help the planet recover. Apply to your government for help to compensate and subsidize your new turn. And Heaven will forgive you, I forgive you, the Earth will forgive you, and we humans, animals and nature will all forgive you. Because you did not know what you are doing. I mean maybe you see it, you know, but you don’t really recognize it. Because you’re busy, your mind is elsewhere. Your mind is not connected with the suffering of the animals, which is unmistakable. It’s not ignorable. But we humans are sometimes funny. We don’t see the reality, even if it’s in front of our eyes. We don’t see the truth even though we hear it with our own ears. That’s why we condemned the Lord Jesus. Attempted to assassinate the Buddha, and many other Holy Masters. Please wake up now and turn around. Make your life worthwhile, make our Creator proud. I’ll be there for you, again I promise, this life and the next, as the best ever friend you could have.


Concluding, I thank Heaven, all the Heavens, for granting me more Worth through the promised power of love to be able to uplift those who repent. I thank my dogs also for their endless patience, true understanding, true supportive spirit, true sacrifice and big, big, big, big love. They know nothing else but love. I thank my wonder staff, who are always ready for my work, who keep typing and re-typing this piece of report (so) that I can read to you now. Because I’m all alone here. I have to send it away… I was writing all by hand, my own hand, and then they have to help me to type it clearly so that I can read. My staff, my Supreme Master Television staff, my wonder staff, who are always ready for my work to support me, to help me no matter when and where, good or bad situation, rain or shine – just to help better our world. Just to help uplift others. Just to help awaken those who are not aware of what they’re doing, such as you and your situation. I thank all heartfelt supporters, meaning in spirit. I don’t mean financial, I don’t take money. I don’t take donations. I make my own money. I earn my own livelihood in a good way. A good way. I design jewelry just like this one, for example. And some of these here. I even designed this cross called the Ultimate Glory of Love. This is attributed to Lord Jesus Christ. The Ultimate Glory of Love. Jesus had suffered so much for us. At least we do something to make Him proud. Make His blood which was shed, worthwhile. At least to show gratitude to Lord Jesus, to Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Lord Guru Nanak Dev Ji, for example, and all so many other Heavenly, Holy Beings Who have graced our planet with Their love, wisdom and spiritual Heavenly power to uplift humankind. I thank the same goal-ers, that means the same goal persons, anywhere in the world. May you all be well in God’s favor. May you never forget God. My fellow co-inhabitants, maybe some of the words are not very polite, but I did not want to use any more polite words. I have been using it for (almost 40) years already. The result is less than favorable. It has some effect, it’s just too slow and our planet is in danger. And nobody has told you that your kind of business will drag you to hell. Truly. It could be long, long, long, long, long time before you could even get out. And get out to become what? You don’t even know yet.


I’m a busy woman. I have my business to run. I have Supreme Master Television to take care. I have my staff to take care. I have my dogs to take care. So I have to make it straightforward and quick this time. So this is all from my sincere heart as tears flowed while I was writing all this to you. Hope you will be wise enough to apply love in all you do. But after all, if you do not listen, nor change your lifestyle in order to follow your loving heart, in order to awaken that Heavenly spark within you, then we might perish all together. You, I, mine, yours. The whole world. Animals, humans will be vanished from the surface of this planet.


I’ll still hold hope that you will change. I’ll still hold my love for you and all on Earth. So just in case you don’t change your lifestyle, please do remember my True Name when you are in hell. Call on Tim Qo Tu, which is my Real Name in Heaven, to help you. I cannot guarantee that I can. Number 1, in hell, 99.9% of the population……the hellish victims who are punished in hell don’t remember anything. That’s why they continue to stay in hell. Some are eternally. Because when they go to hell, they are made to forget. Just like when we are born on this planet, we are made to forget. Imagine in this life, we don’t suffer as much as in hell, we still forget, forget that God said, “You shall not kill.” Forget the Lord Jesus’ teaching. Forget the Bible’s teaching. Forget the Buddha’s teaching. We are saying we are Buddhist, we are Christian, we are Muslim, we are Sikh, we are Hindu, etc., etc. But we don’t do what our Masters said that we should. Like the law of the universe: “Thou shall not kill.” “You shall not kill.” “You shall not hurt others.” Or “Whatever you don’t want to be done to you, don’t do it to others.” This is a main doctrine, main principle of all religions on Earth. And we forget it all. How many times you remember Jesus’ name during your day and night? How many times you even pray? Even if you pray, no one listens to you, because God said that your hands are full of blood, because you kill innocent animals. They kill to even make offering to God, but God doesn’t like that. God said, “Wash your hands. Or I will turn my head away when you pray.” Hes doesn’t like any animals killed even for Hirm. How would Hes like it when we kill it just to eat, at the expense of innocent animals; cause them so much fear, suffering, all their lives. All their lives, until the last minute. And dying a horrible death even. So please, stop now. I just hope you remember my Name if you are in hell. But I don’t think so. That is the problem. If you can, then I can help you. But I don’t think… It is almost like zero possibility that you would remember the name of any Saint, past, present or future. Because the situation in hell, because the terror around, because the pain inflicted upon you non-stop, no end! Again, again, and again, and again. But you won’t die! You just have to live to suffer. Every nano-second. So you cannot remember anything apart from being in hell, and the pain; it makes you forget everything. So I feel truly sorry, imagining that you have to suffer so much, if you go to hell. Please change your life now. Money is not everything. Only God is everything. Do fear God. Do not cause so much pain to others, because they are all God’s children. Good luck then, if you have to go to hell, and we, the God-worshipping humans and non-humans, pray for your awakening. Love you. God protect. And so long. May God help you to be awakened soon. May God deliver your soul… after awakening. Thank you. Thank you all who listen as well. I wish you all the best. Amen.

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