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Re-enforce Animal Laws for A Vegan World

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 (Earlier, Master talked about the vegan promotion in the budget as well. So, can the world ever unite to pass a vegan law?) A good question. Can, they can. All the leaders just have to sit together and sign it. Meat ban, fish ban, all animal products ban. Very simple, they can do it. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

(Usually, people want their freedom to eat whatever they want, etc. Any kind of ban usually causes a lot of protests. So, how can leaders pass a vegan law to protect animals and for everyone to eat vegan?) Possible that they will protest. But how long will they protest? Cannot protest forever. (Yes.) We have also radio, we have television. We have newspaper. We can explain to people through all these means of communication. We are in the 21st century. (Yes.)

Remember a long, long time ago, many decades ago – 1980-something. During President Reagan, bless him, during his time, many countries, all countries got together, united, to pass the law, in Montreal. They call it the Montreal Protocol, to ban the use of harmful gases globally, like aerosol in hair spray, etc. (Ah, yes.) to reduce the harmful effects of the chemicals that damage our ozone layer, (Oh, yes. That’s right.) which will save millions of lives, save almost half-a-billion skin cancer cases in a short time frame. (Yes.) […]

(Master, those meat industries are very powerful and they influence the policy a lot. How do governments deal with them to make the vegan law?) They did not want to deal. If they want to, they can. (Oh.) Many countries already have animal laws to protect animals. (Yes.) In many countries you cannot harm the animals, you cannot starve the animals, you have to give them adequate water, food. You cannot make them scared in any way. You cannot inhibit their natural behavior in any way. You cannot make them live in fear. You cannot oppress them. You cannot hurt them in any way. […]

They have the law already. They just have to act on it. (Yes.) The law has been for decades already, years already. […] All you have to do is just change all these slaughterhouses, abattoirs into vegan farms, (Yes.) vegetable farms. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) Organic farms are better. (Yes, Master.) […] If they don’t have meat, then they don’t eat meat. (Yes, Master.) […] They have to use their power that the people entrusted to them to do good for the people. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) […]

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