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The Joy of Homecoming: Supreme Master's Rediscovery of the Original Universe, Part 8 of 11, Jan. 26, 2014

Lecture Language:English,Thai(ภาษาไทย)
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But you meditate on Quan Yin, inner (Heavenly) Light and Sound, that’s the greatest help. (Yes, Master.) Because you will evoke protection as shown to you at initiation. You drive them out with strong willpower and conscience, as well as your meditation power.

(Master, are there any physical things that can ward off an invisible maya [negative force] being or even possibly destroy it?) You mean like a talisman? (Yes, maybe something like that. You had mentioned lemon one time.)

Oh. That’s hygienically speaking, it’s good, anyway. And it also like, disconnects some (negative) energy. But it’s not for everything. Not all, okay? (Yes, Master.)

Anyway, a lot of people, they wear my photo. (Yes.) And they say it’s helping. But please, don’t suffocate me inside your shirt. And don’t put my photo behind your wallet and sit on it. It’s heavy, your weight. Your weight is very heavy. If you think a photo, a live person’s photo is as effective as the person himself/herself, then please put them in a more obvious and respectful place. Okay? (Yes, Master. Yes, yes.) So that it effects better for you. Okay? (Yes, Master. Thank You, thank You.) This is just physical, some physical help.

But you meditate on Quan Yin, inner (Heavenly) Light and Sound, that’s the greatest help. (Yes, Master.) Because you will evoke protection as shown to you at initiation. You drive them out with strong willpower and conscience, as well as your meditation power. But to destroy them, you can’t. Because it is the power of earthly beings’ negative thoughts and/or deeds that keep maya active, alive and well. You can’t destroy them all because we created them by our negative thinking, deeds, and words, and many other things, and actions. But you can avoid them. You could avoid them by being strong morally and spiritually. Believe only in God and the positive power. Do only what’s good. Avoid, above all, anything bad, any action that you know is bad. Keep the five precepts even in your thoughts, not just in your actions. Meditate well. Be vegan, make peace. Then, all will be good. Then, even if maya is next to you, he can’t do much. He can only drool.

(Master, a follow-up question about having Your photo in a respectful place, is it all right to have Your photo on a necklace? Not inside the shirt. Outside the shirt, is it respectful?)

Yeah, it’s okay. I guess I cannot forbid anything you do. I’m just saying logically, okay? (Okay, yes, Master.) But you know what, the photo alone, it doesn’t help. You’ve got to also try to be a good person. (Yes, Master.) Keep the five precepts. Meditate. Okay? (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, it will not be fair to the Lord of Karma and to the justice of this world. We are here, we have to respect the law here. Just like if you go to France, you should respect the law of France, even though you are American. (Yes, Master.)

(The next question, Master, what do maya beings look like when they are not taking on a physical form?)

They are not visible to most of the naked eyes. But if you can see them, some of them look very hideous, grotesque. But some look reasonable, some so-so looking.

(Master, we know that our physical body houses many spiritual bodies. For example, the astral body can be used in the Astral world. But what are the purposes of those other spiritual bodies?)

It’s to use when you go to higher planes of consciousness. (Understood.) You have to go there someday. You will, you want to. Then you use that body instead. Because if you use your physical body, you can’t access there. And if you use your astral body, you will be burned. Because it’s the different frequency, different energy level. It’s too powerful for the astral body if you go to the Causal region, for example. Or if you use the Causal, the Second Level body, if you want to go to the Third Level, it’s not possible. You go there, you wear different clothes. Just like you go to see the king and the queen, you wear nicer clothes. Going to the palace, going to the party, you wear different clothes. Like today, New Year, you want to see me, you want to look handsome, you wear your beautiful clothes. (Yes, Master.)

If you ascend to these higher planes, it helps you with more positive power to deal with this world while you are alive, and it blesses also. Because each body has different energy, wisdom, and function. The higher you go, the stronger energy, the more wisdom, and the better… many multi-purpose functions for you. The higher you go, the more you acquire energy and power, wisdom, and the better for you and the world you live in. (Yes, Master. Thank You very much, Master. Thank You very much.) You’re welcome.

(Master, earlier this month, You lovingly gave advice regarding eco-friendly alternatives to using tissue paper and also for saving water. Master, were You particularly concerned about something to share this message?)

The trees suffer and people everywhere, millions of people don’t have water or no clean water to drink, and then we are flushing clean water down the toilet. And we’re not only contaminating the environment, but also polluting water sources from all kinds of things that we do, and even bleaching the paper and all related businesses. We have to really ask ourselves whether it is right or not. I think it’s not. I feel it’s not right. (Yes, Master.)

If things are dirty, we can wash them, but the Earth can’t. We cannot keep giving poison to the Earth because it will stay in the soil forever and keep building up generation after generation. And we are the ones who will suffer unhealthy consequences. Because where can the Earth wash? All the toxins will go to the food, the plantation of food and the drinking water source, etc. So we have to really do our utmost to keep the environment healthy, to keep the Earth healthy, so we and the next generation, and generations and generations will stay healthy. I thank all of you who put an effort to do this. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.)

I’m telling you to remind you to be gentle to the world and yourselves. (Yes, Master.) We should be as kind as possible in this world, even though it’s a temporary world. See how much damage is done already to the planet that we live on, and live off, even. We should do what we can to minimize harm to the environment because that’s our duty. We should do that, we should be kind. (Yes, Master.)

(And actually, Master, here, we have followed Your suggestions, and we switched to these alternatives. And it was really cool because it impacts the environment less, and it actually also feels much cleaner. Like the toilet paper, for example, we realized it’s not that clean.) No. (It’s like trying to wipe something dirty off your arm only using dry toilet paper. And so it’s just not as clean as washing with soap and water. So, Master, thank You very much for Your wise…) And then use the towel, use the towel to wipe your hands. (Yes, Master.) And because the towel you can reuse, but the paper you cannot reuse. And millions of trees are cut down every year. We throw billions of dollars down the toilet every year. (Yes, Master.) Not just trees, but financially, environmentally, it’s really unsustainable. (Yes, You mentioned 99 million trees every year, and also You mentioned US$80 billion every year.) If we can count that all, even.

(Master, is saving the trees also like saving the animals, in that love for other living beings will beget love for ourselves?)

Yes, yes, of course also. It’s all about love, (Yes, Master.) different ways of love. Love in action. Love and kindness, protectiveness, being loving and tender to all beings as if to yourself. You will feel good doing that. That’s love in action. Just like if you love someone, you want that person happy, and you do anything that person would like to be happy. (Yes, Master.)

There are many more ways we can protect the world and ourselves. Think and be inventive in your daily activities, use, and try to minimize, or replace, use, and try to minimize, or replace, or cut out completely what we can to have a more simple, healthy, and gentle way of living for yourself as well as for the world. I keep saying that again, again, and again. And I gave many tips already on Supreme Master Television before. And I give tips mostly to my assistant or some people I know. But last time, I thought maybe I’d give it to everybody else. (Thank You very much for this advice, Master.)

(And would You like to share any further eco-friendly advice for saving our Earth’s precious resources?)

Oh… more? Wow. (Yes, Master, please.) Okay, well, but they are just my personal ways. And in your situation, maybe you can modify or do a little differently. Just think of what you can. Whatever you can replace… It’s like this: replace, reuse, okay? Rethink. Rethink. Rethink. Many depend also on where I live. If feasible, I stay in a cave or a small hut, 3 by 3 meters or much less, even. I use anything sparingly, always with gratitude and with remorse. Because anything I use, I feel remorseful. Only if I cannot help it, then I use it. Even electricity, water, car fuel, etc. By the way, I have electric cars. I collect rainwater in tanks and convert the swimming pool, clean it completely like new and convert it into a water collecting deposit. (Yes, Master.) And use only them, only rainwater.

Whatever tips I gave you this month or before that, I do them all myself. (I see.) I do the same as I told you. Walking the talk. (Yes, Master.) Not because of trust, but because that’s the way we should. What I give you and others before you, What I give you and others before you, I do them all. I do exactly what I told you.

One good thing will produce more other good things. For example, if you use rainwater, okay? Just a small example. (Yes.) You collect water from the roof into a big tank, as many tanks as you can, connect them together and connect them to your main water system. Then you can wash your hands, flush your toilet, wash clothes, everything in it. That’s what I do. I use everything from the rainwater now. (Yes, Master.) And even if I am in the remote mountain, even then, every little hut I live in, I have two, three, four tanks around it to catch all possible rain and I can use it.

One family doesn’t need a lot of water. Maybe 100 liters per day. That’s easily given by rainwater if you have many big tanks. There are tanks. They’re made specially to collect rain. Not plastic tanks. The tanks that are made with some iron inside and outside is like ceramic. (I see.) They have tops to cover it so that there’s no dirt coming in. And then you have some filter. Before the rain goes in, you have some kind of filter. You ask some expert to do it, your plumber. And also, the dark cover is so that bacteria don’t breed in there. So when you turn off the tap from the rainwater, you just use a cloth, any cloth, handkerchief even, to screen out in case any dirt or any dry leaves are in it. And you just boil it to use it. I mean, boil it to drink or to cook with it. Just very simple.

And then, if you use the rainwater, your hair doesn’t even need softener. Your clothes, washing machine doesn’t even need softener. Your skin is softened because the rainwater doesn’t have any chemicals, doesn’t have any kind of calcium or some kind of lime or stuff in it. Limestone or dirt things in it. So you don’t even need this softener salt So you don’t even need this softener salt in your water system. That lessens one thing and lessens chemicals for you. You don’t even need to screen the water with those screening devices that they sell to minimize this calcium and deposit in the normal tap water. Because if you cook with the normal tap water, most of the places, if you don’t screen it with these devices, your kettle, your pot will be caked with this white deposit substance, hard calcium deposit or mineral deposit on the bottom of your water boiler. For example like that. You don’t need all that. So you use just rainwater. You minimize not only chemicals, not only harmful substances, not only it’s good for the environment, but it’s good for you, number one, first. (Yes, Master.) And you spend less money on many softeners, beautifying your skin, and being kinder to your clothes, your hair, everything, and minimizing your medicine, doctor visits. Oh, it saves a lot of things, not just energy and environment.

You are the number one to profit first, when you are eco-friendly. (Yes, Master.) I can go on and on and about the benefit of the rain. I thank the rain god every day whenever I use the water. (Yes, Master. Thank You very much for Your advice.) You’re welcome. And I have a lot more things, but you want to hear more? (Yes, Master.)

And I do not have a lot of food bought so I don’t have to waste them when they go rotten. (Yes, Master.) I eat mostly one time a day and easy to prepare. I am contented with that. Well, except when somebody around brings eating karma with them, then I feel a little uncomfortable with that. But never mind, it doesn’t matter. If I’m too uncomfortable and my stomach has a problem, then I just nip something. Otherwise, I stick to a one-meal diet.

Whenever I’m not in the room, I turn off the heater or I don’t use it. It’s bearable, then I wear more clothes. Like a bathrobe or something.

So, same with the telephone charger and standby lights, I turn them all off when I don’t need. I put whatever needs to turn off into one standby plug. And then I turn them off all together. But the thing that doesn’t have a standby light and doesn’t spend energy when plugged, then I don’t have to plug out.

The dryer is never used. Before I came in every place, a lot of disciples or some attendants, they came and bought a lot of things. Like a dryer, for example. I just put them in that one corner. I don’t ever use it. Because like, for example, in the winter, I wash clothes. I wash my clothes in the evening. (Yes, Master.) And then I hang them on hangers, then on a line in the corner of my room until the morning. The warm temperature will dry them mostly already when you wake up. Then I will hang them out for the sun or fresh air, according to the weather. When it’s not raining, I hang them out even when it’s not sunny for fresh air. And even if it rains one time, or one or two days, the clothes are already dry in my room, ready to wear. So I don’t need many clothes. Just a moment. I’ll show you. I’ll go get the clothes that I hang. (Yes, Master. Thank You very much, Master.)

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