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Between Master and Disciples

The Truth about Maya's Dark Force and Temptations, Part 2 of 3, Nov. 7, 2018

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But in general, if you are breatharian, then you have less common karma, collective karma, because your wants are few.

(Master, is there anything that You can do in Your retreats, like techniques or things to make the influence of Maya and the not-so-positive disciples less? Like for example, if You eat less food or even none at all, like breatharian, can that help You to be more connected to the higher realms, and less influenced by the lower Maya?)

Oh, OK, OK. Yes, of course. If I do that, it would help, of course. Telling you, of course, meditating does help. But because I have to do many other things, not just that, OK? (Yes, Master.) That’s why it’s not so quick… Talking about breatharian, I’m telling you, the Maya even wants to “coo” me into being breatharian. (Wow.) And it was so comfortable just to be so, but it’s not so ideal. (Yes, Master. Is there a reason why it’s not, Master?) Yes, there are reasons. First of all, if you’re alone, for yourself, OK, (Yes, Master.) and not involved with any disciples or teaching anybody at all on this planet, or doing something lighter or just minding your own business, do your work, then it’s OK. But being me, it’s different. But even I tell you, there are pros and cons to being breatharian. (Yes, Master.) Well, I’m not talking about anybody else, I’m talking about me, since you asked me.

Let me look in my diary; I wrote it down somewhere. (Thank You, Master.) Patience, patience. I wrote so many notes. Yeah, lucky I brought my diary just now, because I just came out and brought the diary with me.

“Breatharian pros and cons.” Pro is that it’s convenient. (Yes, Master.) Comfy. Carefree. Happy. (Yes.) It is carefree and happy. Very happy. I knew that because I have been breatharian before, when I did not have any disciples, or just a couple of so-called disciples, not many. Piece of cake, you know what I mean? To take care of. It was very comfortable, very convenient. Oh, very carefree and very happy. You’re like walking on a cloud all day. (Wow, yes, Master.) Yeah, that’s how I felt. And after I stopped it, and I ate the first morsel of food, I felt like I fell down, became heavy immediately, like I fell down; fell, not physically, but somehow you feel like you fell down, just like that. Like z-z-z-z-t from a string coming down, from a high level.

It’s just that it shortens your life, and you will be less able to sleep well, and not much you can do for the world, because you don’t have much more collective karma. (Understand, Master.) Eating too much also shortens your life, because you exceed your allotted provisions for this life time. And so, either you’ll be sick, you can’t eat, or you die early. So, being breatharian will shorten life in general, minimum eight years, maximum 28 years. (Wow.) Yeah, because you don’t have karma, common karma. Understand? (Yes, Master, understand.) Not don’t have, but less. That’s why Maya tempted me to do breatharian again. Of course, I liked it. I almost wanted it. Because if I run around finding places to meditate, do retreats, and/or go see disciples, different centers, different work, then I don’t have to carry anything. Just myself and some clothes, you understand me? (Yes, Master.) There was a nun in Taiwan (Formosa), she was waterian, but she didn’t drink that much. And she died about 60-something, very young. I forgot, but very young though; it doesn’t matter. I don’t mean that as proof. But in general, if you are breatharian, then you have less common karma, collective karma, because your wants are few. For the world’s sake, otherwise often, I don’t feel like eating, but I still do. To be breatharian has some other kind of effects.

There was a monk, also in Taiwan (Formosa), His name was Reverend Guang Qin. They called Him “Elder Master Guang Qin.” Before He died, He refused to eat, saying to His disciples that, “If I eat those foods, I will have to stay some more days.” That’s why He didn’t want to eat it. You see? (Yes, Master.)

Food is the most instrumental in connecting all beings together. Don’t you see that? (Yes, Master.) Because of the farmers, and the fertilizers, no matter what, organic or not. And then the work to do, and then the rain god, and the wind god, sun god, the earth, and the people who toil for it, and the people who have to harvest it, and the people who have to transport it. (Yes, Master.) Taking care of it every day, and then harvest, wash and clean, and package and transport. And then the supermarket people have to arrange it and sell it, and the car has to go there to buy and bring home. Understand? (Yes, Master.) Directly and indirectly, it’s a lot of karmic connection. And not to talk about in some developing countries, they use animals for agriculture, for fertilizer and for plowing the soil and all that. And the bees, and the worms. (Yes, Master.) Many, many things, sweetheart, many things.

So, to be breatharian would shorten my life. For example, if I still could live another 40 years, it would shorten it by half, at least. (Wow. Oh, no!) And then, that would shorten my work, my mission, and shorten my stay on the planet. That means, many people would have less benefit. Many souls would not have the connection with me. So, you see that? (Yes, we understand, Master.) That’s why he keeps tempting me again and again, and many retreats he does that. When he sees I don’t have things to eat, or less things to eat, or very few things to eat. (Yes, Master.) And he keeps telling me, “Yeah, yeah, why not breatharian?” This and that, and other. It sounds like he’s concerned. I said, “Thank you, thank you, but not now, not now.” (Yes, Master. Thank You very much, Master, for explaining that. It’s now clear.)

Of course, maybe the breatharian people, the true breatharian people, they don’t eat at all or they eat very little, so they don’t need a lot. Food is the most important thing in humans’ life, yeah? (Yes, Master.) So, if you don’t have food, then you see how much you need. Nothing! Almost nothing, right? (Yes, Master.) You have a couple of clothes that you can wear half of your life. You don’t have to have a lot of clothes, yeah? (Yes, Master.) And then you can patch it up and continue and then you can live anywhere, you can go anywhere at will, without notice. Anywhere you want and you can just live anywhere; you don’t need anything. Imagine how convenient that can be! (Yes, Master. Very much.) How independent! How troubleless and how happy, because you really need nothing, almost. The clothing, you don’t really need much. You can even go out to, sometimes in the garbage area. People sometimes throw away still wearable clothes. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) So actually, you need nothing. And water you can have it anywhere; at the gas station, in the supermarket, in the public toilet area, (Yes, Master.) in the square fountain. Even if you drink water, you don’t need much. So, you owe very little to this world. You disconnect yourself from all the collective karma that binds all beings together on this planet and the next.

Therefore, if you are breatharian, it’s like that. Of course, you have not much link to the planet and to the population, to the Earthlings. So, you go early. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Logical or not? (Yes, Master.) OK. (Thank You for eating, Master.) Thank you for what? (Thank You for eating, Master.) Well, with pleasure! I love to eat. Well, I don’t care actually. If I have good food, I love that, but if not, then fine. You know what I mean? (Yes, Master, but we want You to stay with us a very long time, so You can finish Your mission,) Yeah, I do what I can. (and we really pray that You accomplish everything You wish for, Master.) Thank you. Thank you. I also want that. I also want to help this world as much as possible, before I go. (Thank You, Master.)

(Master, the world is catching on to veganism now and even meat companies are seeing that their businesses are limited in their future, so they’re starting to invest in vegan businesses. But the thing is that, before we were… the climate change, we were really at the brink of destruction, but Master saved us. But now they’re physically feeling the temperature going up and they are now catching on to global warming. So, it’s very ironic how this is, but the world is going more vegan, but they’re also saying that climate change is getting worse. So how will the future be for us?)

If they all change to vegan, then they can save themselves, so that it doesn’t get worse and the climate will reverse. (Yes, Master.) Just, it’s too slow for me, too slow, too slow. Really, I’m just tired. Sometimes, I get fed up also. I’m not telling you that I have an iron heart and I feel nothing, and just continue to go on just like I’m blindfolded. Sometimes, I get tired also. Too slow. But this, of course is better than nothing, better than nothing. But it seems like they are catching up and OK, at least if it feels good. (Yes, even countries like China, they are holding vegan festivals and parades and even a lot of less developed countries now are catching on to veganism. So it seems … whenever I’m looking at the news, I’m seeing a lot of veganism popping up everywhere. It’s very good news.) Yeah.

(But the thing is that Master saved us, but we’re seeing hotter temperatures, so are we going to keep seeing hotter temperatures for a while, until the world completely turns vegetarian and vegan?)

Well, you can see that. What can we do? Because they’re too slow. They’re catching up, but it doesn’t mean completely. And the temperature has already been rising, so, it may be slower now, understand me? (Yes, Master.) Compared to if no one is vegan at all, yeah? (Yes.) Maybe it slowed down a little bit, but that doesn’t mean it’s balanced enough. (Right.) So, we just wait to see what happens. We do what we can. That’s all. (OK. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

You see, because the temperature has already been rising. And now they’re just beginning to notice, because… well, thanks to all the vegans and all the people making noise here and there. And maybe it’s not all going into deaf ears. So, I hope everybody wakes up quick, because it has to counterbalance. If you put one kilogram in one plate of the scale and put only half a kilogram on the other scale plate, then of course the scale is still tipping. You see? Towards the one kilogram. (Yes, Master.) So, in order to balance, we have to put another half a kilogram on the other side of the scale. Right now, we have not even put half of the kilogram on it, and how do you want the one kilogram to lighten up, in order to balance with the not even half kilogram on the other side of the scale? OK? (Yes, Master.)

The climate change is already in gear, in full gear, like a burning fire. It needs adequate amounts of water to extinguish it. A lot, a lot, a lot of water. Same in our situation, the humans have to react fast and adequately in order to curb the climate change and to turn our world into a more benevolent, more livable condition for all, especially for the next generations. If we love our children, we must do it fast. Sometimes, I myself even want to go out again and lead whoever comes with me and just scream out loud and say, “Go vegan now, before it’s too late!” But I don’t know if that would help anything. So, we just do the Supreme Master TV. (Yes, Master.) Hoping and praying. At least the blood is not on our hands. And we do what we can. That’s all. Otherwise, screaming out loud and always going out on the streets, I don’t know if it helps anything. OK? (Yes, Master.)

(Master, a lot of advanced countries are now seeing that people are not having babies, and seeing that as a problem. And the average of their working people is getting older and they’re not getting enough young people to pick up the work. Is this a normal thing as our world advances more? Is this normal, that advanced people are not having babies, and they don’t want to have babies and they want to be more inward and they want to be more free?)

Having babies is a big, big job. Truly. If you don’t believe it, you go ask your parents. (Yes.) Anyway, some people do like to have babies still, and some people don’t. Well, we have a lot… we still have a lot of population left, so don’t worry about it. OK? (OK.) It balances here, balances there. OK? (OK.) If this country doesn’t have enough people, then we have enough or more surplus in the other country, neighboring country, who is yelling out loud that, “Oh, we are too overpopulated, don’t have enough housing, don’t have enough facilities, don’t have enough food. (Right.) So, whatever, humans are free to decide what they want. Normal, or not normal, you go ask them. Why do you ask me? I’m not making any babies here.

(It’s just said that a lot of countries, they see it as a problem.) I know. (But they don’t want to open borders, either.) Yeah, I know. Why don’t they open borders? (Yeah, so it’s ironic.) Yeah. Just open the borders. (Yes.) Like, lately I saw on TV, when I’m checking the scripts, I saw that Sweden benefits from the income growth, (Yes.) benefits from the immigrants. (Yes.)

(The study just came out from Germany saying that migration actually helped them a lot.) Of course, that’s why they want to accept them. The Chancellor of Germany, before she opened the borders, before and during, she kept telling people, “They will benefit us. We will need more working people, and they will bring a work force to our country.” (Right. Yes.) Yeah, but some people didn’t like it, so, they went against her. So, she had to slow down a little bit, of the influx of immigrants. Anyway, humans are like that; some OK, some not OK; they’re always the same, since time immemorial.

Whether good for them or not, they don’t listen. Like we keep telling them all the time, the benefits of the vegan diet, and some still don’t take it. You see that? Even Meatless Monday only, not every country accepts, not everywhere accepts. Not every government encourages it. You see that? (Yes, understand, Master.) Yeah, even if they know it’s good for them. All the many doctors, organizing conferences, and printing books, and going on TV, broadcasting how vegan immediately reverses many fatal diseases, like, even heart disease and all that. Everybody knows and even doctors themselves say that. And people, of course, they worship doctors like gods on this planet. And they still don’t listen! (Yes.) They know it’s bad but they don’t listen.

Like people smoking; they know it’s bad for them, but they still smoke, or people who drink, they still drink. I mean, it’s lessened nowadays, thank God for that, but it’s not 100% stopped. You see that? (Yes, thank You. Even all the countries now, their young people are drinking less alcohol, smoking less;) Good. (the world really is getting better, yes; it’s really going well; a lot of veganism everywhere. But it’s just not quick enough for Master.)

Not quick enough for the planet, not for me. I’m old already; if I die tomorrow, I have lived well. Most people on average, they die at 70, 80. The average of the human world, level it out, then they die about 70 something. (Yes.) I’m almost 70; if I die, I have no regrets. Truly. So, it’s not for me anymore; it just makes me work more only. But if I can help them to open their minds, I will do it. It’s just, I’m alone. Of course, you guys are helping, but what can one person do? (Yes, Master. We’re doing our best. We’ll do our best, Master.) Yeah, I know. I even need to take care of business, earning money, and buying ashrams for people to meditate. So many things that need my attention; everything takes my time. Understand? (Yes, Master.)

Even when I wasn’t well, I was supposed to call the doctor every couple of days, but I did not even find time to do that. You would think, call the doctor, only a few minutes, but, one thing after another, I could not finish, until, when I wanted to call, it was too late. You know what I mean? (Yes.) And so, I just ignored the doctor, he kept calling and saying, “You have to take more medicine this, and more of this food, and more of that combination of food. Yeah? You know that.” And I said to him, “Not now.” I could not even call him because I felt too ashamed to call him. So, through one or two of you, I said to him, “Maybe later. I can’t explain.” But luckily, I just healed. I don’t even have time to tell him that. But I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, my health, so I also keep quiet. I am too busy, also. Understand? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, whatever happens. Also, taking medicine is very, very troublesome. You have to take it half an hour before the meal and after the meal, and then the next one on what time. All day, you have the alarm clock ringing. And then you have to calculate your time, you have to eat this, you have to eat that, or you cannot eat this, you cannot eat that. And I thought it just made my problem worse. So, I can’t. I just put them all in one bag, and am waiting until I have time to see the doctor, to return to him.

And I was ready. I said, “OK, whatever, if I have to die, I will.” Because I cannot make it. I really cannot. With my schedule, and my lifestyle, I cannot make it. I cannot continue taking medicine. So, I thought, “OK, if I die, then I will.” That’s what I was ready in my attitude. (Yes, Master.) So, I threw all the medicine, and food, whatever combination of food, and whatever else, I just threw it in there, and I just got healed. Yeah. (Wonderful.) Just like that. (Thank God, Master.) (Thank You, Master. Thank God.) Of course, meditation helps. And a retreat now and then helps. When I’m run down, it helps me to recover. (Yes, Master.)

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