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Between Master and Disciples

The Truth about Maya's Dark Force and Temptations, Part 3 of 3, Nov. 7, 2018

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Because they, the humans, the beings, have already been brainwashed life after life, eon after eon. They rejected anything that they were not familiar with. Otherwise, any Master, just one Master would have been enough to save the whole planet, and make it into a paradise, a long time ago.

Today you have quite a few questions, huh? (I think the sisters may have one or two more questions, Master.) Is that OK? You boys finished? (Yes, Master.) OK, sister! (Hi, Master.) Hi.

(Following up on the brother’s question about how Master saved the planet, the way I understood it is, when Master made the tremendous accomplishment to save the planet in 2012, Master saved the planet from complete disappearance and explosion. And then now the planet will stay, but when we say we need to save the planet, we need to clean up the atmosphere and all that. Did I understand correctly, Master?)

Yeah, of course! Of course. Because, it’s not only God’s Divine Power, but the humans have to want it. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) The humans also have to make the effort. Otherwise, Godses will do everything? And where is the human’s free will? (Yes, Master.) It would seem dictatorial. Even the doctor, if he wants to heal you, he asks you, no? (Yes.) And he needs your signature, before he operates on you. So, does that answer your question? (Yes, Master.)

That’s why we are still working. On our Supreme Master Television. Trying to talk to people, to make them understand more, to let them wake up more, and take it more seriously. Even the UN already sounded the big alarm, yeah? (Yes, Master.) But it’s up to the people only, also. And up to all, up to everything, like, the people and the government and the media, everybody has to do their part to help to save the planet. I don’t know why they don’t do anything. I mean, they do too little. It’s their planet, for God’s sake! It’s not just my planet.

I don’t know if they care about their children. They really don’t seem to care about what planet they will leave for their children. If they really loved their children, they would stop eating meat right now. All of them, to save the planet for their children to live in a comfortable atmosphere, and healthy environment, no? (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t understand the parents, the people on this planet. I don’t know why they don’t just forsake a few pieces of meat, and replace it with plant-based protein. It tastes delicious anyway and it’s healthy. And save this home for their children, and grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. If you really love your children, you would do anything, right? (Yes, Master.) You would even lay down your life, but you don’t even have to lay down your life, you will be even more healthy. You just lay down that piece of animal’s meat, which is poisonous and bad for you, bad for the environment and damaging the planet anyway, the planet that they want their children to inherit. So, I really don’t understand humans.

(Master, in Noteworthy News we see that there are many more platforms that Supreme Master TV is reaching out to, more and more through different platforms. And it’s spreading.) Yeah. (So, we have a lot of hope, Master. And we see every day Your lectures, all the new and so much beneficial information for the planet. So, we have so much hope, and it’s thanks to You, Master, and through Supreme Master TV, and spreading more and more through the world.)

Yes, I just hope it’s on time, before it’s running away… the climate. Even though we are doing our best, I know that and it looks very hopeful. But not enough for my liking. Not enough. People, some people still suffer because of climate change. Especially the vulnerable countries who have no protection, no equipment. Not even air-con or fans to cool off when they need. (Yes, Master.) And the well-off countries are too comfortable. Maybe, therefore they cannot understand why it’s so urgent. I am proud of what you guys are doing; I’m very happy with our work. It’s just still giving me pain to know that animals and humans still suffer due to the climate steadily rising. And people, the humans don’t do enough to stop it. I mean to stop it quickly. (Yes, Master.)

It’s like some wound is bleeding and the doctors have equipment and the knowledge to do it, and don’t do it. Just, “Oh never mind, it’s just bleeding.” (Yes, Master.) The humans, they are the doctors. They have equipment, they have knowledge, they have the power to stop this bleeding wound, which is the climate running, the running climate, the running climate change. And I don’t know why they don’t do it. I really don’t understand, I truly don’t understand. I truly don’t understand why even the governments, they have so much power, why don’t they use their power, resources and tax money to spread more veganism, to spread more of this news, and to make more laws, to make more… not just recommendations, but laws, because if it’s harmful to your citizens, then you should just forbid it. (Yes, Master.) If it’s something harmful to somebody, and you know it’s harmful, then you forbid, no? (Yes, Master.) The leader is supposed to lead, and the people will listen, no? (Yes, Master.) Like, if somebody committed a wrong, then they call them a criminal, and put them in jail to protect the other innocent citizens.

Meat is killing people! It’s a crime! Why don’t they just stop meat? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, put meat in jail and lock it up forever. (Yes.) Yeah! So that’s what they should do. They should make it against the law to harm people. And so, if the governments already know meat is harmful, then classify it as a crime, and stop meat forever. Just like stopping the criminal, so they don’t continue harming other people. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t understand this. I really don’t understand. OK, any more questions?

(Master,) Yeah. (a question regarding the teleconference, when You spoke about the special stones around the world, and You mentioned a type of conference with Heavenly Beings, and one of the Heavenly Beings asked Tim Qo Tu what Tim Qo Tu did for peace in the world. And the DiZ Divinenity Being respectfully explained, addressing You, and how You joyously sacrifice for peace and do much more. The question is, do more Heavenly Beings now know of Master’s noble and selfless mission and what You have been doing to bring love and peace to our world? And, if so, can They help in any way, so that You can have a rest once in a while?)

Yeah, understand. They are also trying, but the karma of humans stopped Them; the rejection from humans stopped Them. Not stopped Them, but doesn’t let Them go through. Just like you build a wall to stop some people from coming in. Humans have freewill, humans have God inside, but the Maya messed with their minds. And also, because humans are made with a brain, the complicated brain, very sophisticated and complex brain, and the mind behind it. And humans have been brainwashed, poisoned, drugged by mayic power, mayic force, negative force. So, they’ve been in a slumber for a long time already, understand? (Yes, Master.)

So, anything that’s new to them, so-called new to them, anything that is not familiar – not like what the Maya has been showing them, giving them, telling them, they reject. (Yes, Master.) It’s not just now, it’s been forever. That’s why they crucified Lord Jesus; they wanted to assassinate Buddha, several times. They persecuted the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). And many other Enlightened Saints and Masters had to live in obscurity, in hiding, teaching in secret, teaching in unsafe environments, or had to die such an anguished death before They even reached out to a much larger public. You see that? (Yes, Master.) It’s not just now; it has (always) been like that. It has been conditioned for the humans to react that way, this way. Otherwise, Jesus would have saved all humans already; Buddha would have done all that, instead of having to undergo many, many sufferings through repeated incarnations in order to make affinity with humans, and let them trust, let them be close in order to teach them and liberate them, slowly, by and by. You see all that? (Yes, Master.) This is all the fault of Maya. He created a creation with a lot of flaws, and he’s possessive. He wants to be a ruler forever. That is the problem.

(Master, in the world, there are rulers and subjects. If Maya is our ruler, then could there ever be the case where Maya could be overthrown by his subjects or exiled or have to leave his post?) You mean rebel against Maya? (Yes, or if his merits maybe run out, and he has to leave his post, or if he could be exiled somehow?)

Yeah, but this is a force, sweetheart. It’s not a person. And then that force or whatever that entity has manifested himself as, already makes sure of its continuation, by creating many temptations, by creating many obstacles and brainwashing techniques daily, every minute, every second of the humans’ lives, to make sure this kind of dark force, possessive force continues. Because this energy will not diminish, as long as the humans still follow this kind of dark force, of not positive, conducive kind of power, or the way of life. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Therefore, even the doctor advises them not to smoke, they still continue. Tell them not to eat meat, they will not leave it. (Yes, Master.)

Just imagine, anything will do, except anything good. You see, Buddha came just teaching all good, and they wanted to assassinate Him. The Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, taught only good things, they also wanted to kill Him. Jesus Christ the Lord, Son of God, only taught the good things; even good for society. If everyone didn’t kill each other, didn’t steal from each other, didn’t lie to each other, any king would want his subject to be like that, no? (Yes, Master.) But then why kill Him?

If every citizen of that kingdom had followed the Lord Jesus’s teachings, then the king would have been having a holiday every day. (Yes.) Nobody would’ve rebelled against him, nobody would’ve gone and killed him or stole his treasure. Everybody would’ve been happy and a good citizen, no? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, right. Ask yourself. Then why did they even kill Him? You see that? (Yes.) You see the stupidity of it all? (Yes.)

Because they, the humans, the beings, have already been brainwashed life after life, eon after eon. They rejected anything that they were not familiar with. Otherwise, any Master, just one Master would have been enough to save the whole planet, and make it into a paradise, a long time ago. You see that or not? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, that’s why all the Masters have to suffer a lot, at the hands of humans even. Even the disciples go against the Master also, not just the outside people. (Yes, Master.)

Because they are so used to having what they want the way they want, and if the Master doesn’t do it, they think the Master is no good, and then they do something bad against the Master. It’s like Devadatta; he’s the cousin of the Buddha even. And what did the Buddha teach wrong? Nothing. Not even one sentence He said was wrong, but Devadatta always tried to go against Him, wanted to kill Him, all the time, during Buddha’s life. Devadatta was also the Buddha’s disciple, but he didn’t believe in the Buddha. He was just curious; maybe just wanted to know what the Buddha taught, what the initiation looked like, that’s all. And then he just went against the Buddha anyway. Whatever the excuse was, it was absurd, it was ridiculous, it was just beyond any intelligence. But still, that’s how it was. You see that? (Yes, Master.) For you to look at all this, you see it is very illogical, unreasonable. But for many people they think it’s OK like that. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they killed our Lord Jesus and others, many other Masters had to suffer.

And I tell you what. Nostradamus was also assassinated. (Wow!) He died young, somebody killed him. I mean, of course secretly, yeah? (Yes, Master.) He was a physician; why would he die so young, from nothing? But nobody would know about it, so they did not say anything I guess. Even though he was the physician of the King, even though he was the King’s friend even, and he had the most powerful friend in the country, that did not stop anyone from killing him secretly. (Yes, Master.) He was a physician; he was exposed to people every day. And it was not that difficult to kill him. (Yes, Master.)

Yeah, anyone who is famous, who is beloved, there will always be someone, always be someone or a group or a few people who are jealous and they will oppose that person. It’s not always safe to be famous and exposed. Even the movie stars, people love them and all that, but they sometimes have body guards and police around, or they have their homes secured, with cameras and stuff like that, because they are famous. (Yes, Master.) And when you are famous or rich or beloved, then always somebody is jealous, even within your own fans, within your own group. (Yes, Master.) It’s not safe to be famous and well known and exposed at the same time.

OK, any more questions, love? Girls? (I think that’s all the questions for now, Master.) OK, good. All right then, my voice is also gone a little bit croaky. OK, good, then we stop here. You didn’t want to get any cake? Really? You don’t want to get fat? Or you want to be breatharian? Just eat, be normal, OK? (Yes, Master.) We are ascetic enough, but if you want to be breatharian or whatever, it’s your free will, your freedom. I never interfere. (Yes, Master.) I just save some food and eat up your portion then, for you. (Thank You, Master.) Shakyamuni Buddha said to Maitreya that because Maitreya loved food, that was why He was slower to become Buddha. But food is good, and then you have affinity with people, if you are a Master. OK. So, I say so long for now, boys? (Thank You, Master.)

I just want to let you know that I am out and I am still alive. (Thank You very much, Master.) So that you can bring your beautiful karma to me, so I can continue working. It’s good to be busy but not always too busy. Whenever I work all night or late at night, I see my hands become more and more wrinkled during the night. Yeah, and if I stop for a few days, then it gets better, and my face also. But what to do? Our work is like that. Because the light, the night light is not normal, it somehow affects your skin. Always the same, there’s no escape from it. All right, good. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

God bless you for your diligence and dedication. I appreciate it myself very much. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Applaud for yourselves. Can you hear me applauding you? Yeah? OK. Ciao. (Ciao, Master.) Take care. (You too, Master. We love You.) Take care, keep cool, keep pure, keep the Holy Names, keep God with you, in you. God is in you. Just remember (that) only, OK? Remember that, all the time, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Remember that you are divine. God bless, and my love to you. Ciao, ciao.

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