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Between Master and Disciples

The Power of Vegetarianism is All Over the Planet (Part 4 of 5) Jul., 10-11, 2013

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(But two years ago, two women had gotten together. They had a similar history of cancer and things like that but had found that a vegan diet had helped to put that into remission, whereas a lot of the Western medical stuff just made them sicker. Anyways, the one lady that became the chef, she had just this feeling that God wanted her to start a vegan restaurant, but she didn’t know how, and so she painted it on her truck that she was a raw vegan chef. And she was at the gas station one day, and the other lady who had the business aspect of things, wanted to open a restaurant but didn’t have a chef. Then they met up. So they opened up a raw vegan café and it’s 100% voluntarily run. And all the proceeds go to benefit kids in orphanages throughout the world that are underprivileged, and helps them to get adopted and things like that.) Oh, wonderful. (And then out of that, now they’re really popular, and now they opened up an organic market two doors down from the vegan restaurant, that is for profit but supports the vegan restaurant. Because then they do all their bulk purchasing for the nuts that they use in the production of raw foods and stuff. So, it’s just neat to see the change that has taken place, and the support from the community that hasn’t really had that option.) And so successful! (Also there’s another story. Just from Master’s blessing and grace, our Center continues Supreme Master TV on the local TV station. And every Sunday, six hours, from six o’clock to twelve o’clock, the local TV station continues to broadcast Supreme Master TV, all the programs. Because we have put on Supreme Master TV programs for many years for Sunday, six hours. And when they stopped, the owner of the TV asked us, “Can you continue, please? Because they’re really very interesting, so many people are interested. It’s a pity to stop.” And he and his wife all became vegetarian and almost vegan. And it’s very important for the people to change; so many people are watching it. So we talked to Supreme Master TV and they sent us the FTP site, so we downloaded directly. So we organized all the Animal World, cooking shows, Words of Wisdom all together, like whole sets of them, just to continue going. And just a few weeks ago, we put Master’s new conference, “Every Peaceful Plan Will Be Done.” This conference, we put it out. And just last week, when we went to the car park, we came out from the car park, someone from the car was yelling at us through the window. I couldn’t hear perfectly, quite shocking. I just heard something about Master. So I turned around and one guy, big smile on the face, and one guy, big smile on the face, was waving to us. And he just said, “Master is a very good lady.”) Thank you for your effort. (Thank you, Master.) Thank you and your New Zealand brothers and sisters for your effort.
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