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In today’s news, Canada assists Ukraine (Ureign) with demining, India’s SARAS radio telescope provides insight into Universe’s early development, robots assist doctors in diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis, hydroponic farm provides fresh crops for food bank in United States, four-year-old stranded in African bush country is found alive, co-founder of vegan burger chain says the future is plant-based, and stray animal people treated by vet clinic in Palestine city.

Canada provides funds to Ukraine (Ureign) for the clearing of landmines.

Based on estimates by the Ukrainian (Ureignian) authorities, since the Russian invasion, landmines are found in about 30% of Ukraine (Ureign). To assist the demining efforts, the United States, Canada, and other western countries have provided significant funds and trained over 100 teams to clear landmines. In addition, Canada recently announced a contribution of just over US$11 million to Ukraine (Ureign) to be used for equipment needed to safely clear landmines, including protective suits for the deminers, as well as advanced remote-control systems to clear large areas. Canada is a Shining World Leadership Award for Animal Protection recipient, and a laureate of five Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Caring. Our sincere gratitude, Canada, for assisting the noble people of Ukraine (Ureign) during this difficult time. We pray for peace to resume soon and for all our brothers and sisters in Ukraine (Ureign) to enjoy safe, peaceful, and prosperous lives in their beloved motherland again, in God’s divine Protection.

India’s SARAS radio telescope provides insight into Universe’s early development.

The Shaped Antenna measurement of the background Radio Spectrum 3 (SARAS) telescope, developed by the Raman Research Institute (RRI), was successfully used to “determine properties of the earliest radio-loud galaxies formed during the Cosmic Dawn, a time 200 million years after the Big Bang.” An international team of researchers measured key elements of the first-generation galaxies bright in radio wavelengths, including energy output, luminosity, and masses. Initial findings discovered that “less than three percent of the gaseous matter within early galaxies was converted into stars, as well as a correlation between the earliest galaxies bright in radio emissions also being strong in X-rays, which heated the cosmic gas in and around the early galaxies.” Fascinating news, Raman Research Institute and co-researchers, on your collaborative efforts to discover more about the creation of our Universe. In Heaven’s wisdom, may humans continue to work together to solve mysteries of our past to create a brighter future. “Vegan: tested positive 4 good heartedness.”

Up next, robots assist doctors in diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis. We’d like to express our gratitude towards metallurgists, who study, take apart, and work on different kinds of metals and other materials that are needed and used very prominently in our lives. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more healthy news.

Good day, smart viewers, it’s Asher, a vegan buddy from the Asian Black Bear kingdom. My gorgeous furry suit makes me feel so handsome with a creamy-colored patch decorating my chest. I cherish my peaceful days, and I very much hope that everyone joins to create a harmonious atmosphere all around our wondrous planet! I'd like to share a tip on how to grow ginger in a pot. First, buy a piece of ginger approximately the size of your thumb or slightly longer, that has a firm, light-colored root with bumpy small buds at the tips. It is best to use organic ginger as the regular kind is treated with chemicals that don’t allow for sprouting. Get a large deep pot containing a drainage hole in the bottom and top it up with a well-drained potting material that is rich and loose. Take a bowl of warm water and submerge the ginger root in it for many hours or overnight. Next, plant it with the buds directed up, laying 2.5-5 centimeters of soil over the root and watering it gently. Sprouts should start appearing within two to three weeks. You will be able to harvest the ginger after the plant is three to four months old. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now it’s time for the worldwide weather.

Robots assist doctors in recognizing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Doctors could soon get help from robots in detecting early signs of rheumatoid arthritis in patients. In the face of the global problem of an aging population and lack of healthcare professionals, a clinical robot named ARTHUR, developed by Danish researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, can assist doctors with early detection. By running automated ultrasound scans on the patient’s hands, doctors can quickly detect the autoimmune disease symptoms in their early stages. The outcome is more favorable if treatment begins within 12 weeks of the appearance of the first symptoms. Thank you, researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, for your wonderful invention. We pray that the advancement of technology to assist healthcare professionals in providing better care for our fellow humans continues, in Divine love.

US nonprofit provides fresh foods from indoor farm to vulnerable people.

Nourish Bridgeport, a community-based charity, operates a hydroponic farm to produce fresh vegetables for its food bank in Connecticut. The charitable organization is the first one in the city to have its own indoor farm. Fresh vegetables grown there are sent to those in need directly or to the largest food bank in Bridgeport. Vegetables grown include lettuce and baby carrots, with plans to expand to tomatoes and cucumbers. The farm also provides job training and welcomes over 2,500 volunteers each year. The non-profit has programs providing groceries to thousands of people, formula and diapers for infants, hot meals, and English classes. Funding is through grants and partners. Way to go, Nourish Bridgeport, on your benevolent efforts with smart farming for people in need. May your fresh vegetables, programs, and immeasurable kindness bring health and joy to many of God’s cherished Children.

Four-year-old boy rescued after being lost in the African savanna for six days.

Ayub Ahmed roamed barefoot in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya after separating from his brothers. The day after he went missing, the chief of his village contacted Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to ask if they could assist the 70-member rescue team. Pilot Roan Carr-Hartley agreed to help, conducting search flights lasting many hours but to no avail. Then on the sixth day, Roan spotted the boy while flying over the region where the village search party had discovered a set of footprints. Rainwater had kept Ayub hydrated, while amarula pods nourished him. The search party joyously carried Ayub back to the village while chanting songs of gratitude and blessing. Ayub was checked by physicians and soon totally recovered. Ayub’s parents honored Mr. Carr-Hartley by adding “Roan” to their son’s name. We thank the Divine for saving you, Ayub “Roan” Ahmed. Bless you, Roan Carr-Hartley, and all who joined the search party. In the limitless Benediction of Allah, may all of our precious children flourish. “[…] Meat eating can increase desires, meat eaters are greedy.” ~ Lankavatara Sutra (Buddhism)

Coming up, co-founder of vegan burger chain says the future is plant-based. Join with us now to share our amazement at the distinctive trees found on a remote island of Yemen named Socotra. The ancient and gnarled twisted dragon’s blood trees and the bulbous bottle trees are marvelous sights to behold. More loving news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Friendly News for a Kinder World.

Co-founder of vegan burger chain envisions a plant-based future.

In 2019, Italian entrepreneur Tommaso Chiabra, co-founded the 100% plant-based food business, Neat Food Co., in the United Kingdom. In an interview with USA-based business magazine Forbes, Mr. Chiabra shared that Neat Food’s mission is to disrupt the animal-people industrial raising operations, which are responsible for the most significant contribution of human greenhouse gas emissions. With its signature product, the Neat Burger patty, the company has plans to become a world leader in vegan burger restaurants. With ten outlets across the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, Neat Food has a global food footprint concept. It wishes to inspire consumers to be ‘game changers’ and eat responsibly. The enterprise is on a mission to help save the planet by showing everyone that “the future can be both sustainable and delicious.” Bravo, Tommaso Chiabra and the Neat Food Co. team! In the goodwill of the Providence, we pray your noble vision quickly manifests as reality.

Palestine municipality establishes animal-people clinic.

The Palestinian city of Ramallah has started a public veterinary clinic to treat stray dog- and cat-people living on the streets who endure cruel treatment and even poisoning. The Honorable Issa Kassis explained his municipality decided to take it upon themselves to help by establishing a clinic. The animal friends now receive medical care, vaccinations, and are sterilized by vets at the clinic. This initiative has become so popular that residents of the area hope it will expand in the West Bank region. Congratulations, Ramallah City municipality, for your humane approach to helping stray animal-persons. We pray we see the growth of more vet clinics like this throughout the governorates of the West Bank in supporting a more harmonious balance of animal-people and local citizens living together, in Allah’s Mercy.

The hilarity street sign clearly points towards the joke of the day, so let's check it out! This one's called, “Today is Sunday.”

On the way to church service on Sunday, Father Ron passed by a farmer working in the field.

“Hallo, son, do you know that God created Heaven and Earth in six days only, and on the seventh day He rested? Today is Sunday, which is the seventh day. Why are you still working today?”

“Father, you’re correct, God finished his work in six days but I’m not done with my work yet.”


And now we have a heartline from Li-Wen in China:

Hallo, respected and Beloved Master: I’m so thankful that You and the Supreme Master TV brothers and sisters are working together to save the Earth, and that fellow initiates all over the world have been striving together over the years to make our world a better place.

I’ve been a vegan since being in my mother’s womb. I am 13-years-old now. I am fortunate to have been able to watch the outstanding Supreme Master TV programs from birth, and I’ve been trying my utmost to keep up in spiritual practice. However, all kinds of worldly temptations did cause the immature me to have committed some mistakes for which I deeply repent here. Please forgive me, this once ignorant and confused child. I’ll definitely change myself and be a good kid from now on to help the world together with everybody else.

I’d like to share an inner experience I had in August 2022: Once, during my meditation at dawn, I saw that the world was all ruined. A giant city appeared in the sky, from where countless beautiful phoenixes of seven colors flew down to Earth. A golden thread appeared on the heads of many people connecting them with the sky. The ones with a golden thread on their heads were all carried by phoenixes and flew away, while those without a golden thread were all drawn into a huge black hole… At that moment, I saw, among the hundreds of billions of stars and planets, a planet that was shining with the radiance of tens of thousands of billions of suns, tremendously brilliant and dazzling! Surrounded by extraordinary, serene and beautiful melodies, it made people feel so elated and joyful that Master and everybody were all crying with joy…

Additionally, I’d like to share one of my paintings, titled “Awakening.” In the very center of the painting is the burning Earth. Mother Earth is shedding tears of blood, drop by drop. Above the Earth is Heaven and underneath is hell. Maya is using a huge iron chain to tie the Earth, trying to pull her into the abyss. On one side is the endless transmigration of birth and death, and on the other are some souls who fortunately return to Heaven. God is shining immense Light, together with Heaven, trying to save and uplift the Earth.

It portrays what our Earth really is encountering now— a battle between Yin and Yang. Although countless pitiful tears of Mother Earth have dropped into hell, she still can’t quench the fire of hell, as the karma of all the beings is too heavy, and they are unwilling to repent... The dragons and phoenixes surrounded by Heaven mean the goddesses are assisting Master and doing their best to guard and protect our only Earth home...

I hope that, together in this lifetime, we’ll be able to see peace in the world, and that people on this planet will awaken soon to choose the vegan diet and the compassionate and noble lifestyle. May all lives be gently treated!

Thank You, the Greatest Master in the Universes, for guarding and protecting the Earth and all Your disciples day and night. We love You forever! May Master be beautiful, healthy, have a long life, and all Your wishes come true!

The sounds of the inner Buddhist chanting and inner ocean waves are superior to the sounds of this world. I would like to dedicate this series of spiritual paintings to our most Beloved Master. I wish You good health, good luck, all Your wishes to come true! May the world wake up and become vegan, and may World Vegan, World Peace be here on Earth soon! Li-Wen, a disciple from China

Soulful Li-Wen, Thank you for your insights. No matter what the future holds, together we cherish and devotedly express our undying gratitude to Master for being here on Earth and sharing Her Ultimate Loving Power.

Master replies to you with Loving guidance: “Talented Li-Wen, I am so proud of you and sending you my Loving embrace. Your merit from past lives has served you well, with the Blessing of vegan living from birth and being born into a family of initiates. Well done, and thank you for sharing your beautiful and insightful paintings with us. Know also that you have my forgiveness, unconditional Love and support always. May you and the gracious Chinese people be blessed by Buddha to achieve your highest noble dreams.”

“Vegan: cos we can’t b that ignorant.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May your heart rejoice in the Glory of God.

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