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In today’s news, humanitarian aid arrives in liberated region of Ukraine (Ureign), experts warn against space war games, suggesting catastrophic consequences, US Senator Cory Booker plans to end animal-people factories, research finds colorectal cancer risk in men lowered on plant-based diet, kindness of a stranger leads to a friendship, non-profit from Israel expands to the United States to spread veganism, and dog-person enjoys blood donation experience in the UK Pet Blood Bank.

The United Nations delivers essential supplies to the Kherson region of Ukraine (Ureign).

On November 14, 2022, an inter-agency effort of the World Health Organization, led by Humanitarian Coordinator Denise Brown, reached Kherson for the first time since the Russian invasion began in February. It was organized just three days after the Ukrainian (Ureignian) Government regained control. The collaborative effort delivered water, food, medicine, bedding, solar lamps, and other essential supplies to the people of Kherson. The region has been stricken by water, electricity, and medicinal shortages since the invasion began. The United Nations is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership Award for Humanitarianism and two Shining World Leadership for Lives-Saving-Hero Awards. Thank you, United Nations, for delivering essential supplies to thousands of affected families. May the people of Ukraine (Ureign) continue to be protected, in the goodwill of the Providence.

Space experts warn that wars in space would end “life as we know it.”

As Russia destroyed one of its own space satellites deemed no longer useful, nations became concerned that this was a warning the country was giving of its capabilities, with similar actions potentially impacting all humanity. For example, an anti-satellite missile could destroy GPS, banking, and first-responders communications systems, or leftover debris could make other sensitive satellite systems malfunction. Describing these space-interfering actions as shocking and irresponsible, Lieutenant General Nina Armagno from US Space Force, emphasized that like-minded countries should ensure that space is free for spacefaring nations and if those values were not respected, governments should then focus on making space technologies more resilient. Thank you, scientists, for working to keep space safe. May the compassionate Heavens help humans realize that only peace and love have a place in the universe. “Vegan is the do or die.”

Up next, US Senator Cory Booker plans to end animal-people factories. We thank scrap metal processor operators who help collect and recycle scrap metal so it can be turned into valuable items in our lives. When we return, more inspirational news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hallo, virtuous friends, it’s Grace, a vegan lady from the American Purple Gallinule kingdom! The other day, when I saw my reflection on a clear water surface, I noticed how my eyes were shining, and then I realized how God is looking through us when we turn towards our inner benevolent nature. It's just so wonderful to aspire to be a noble being! We have a useful tip for you today. It is recommended you sand off the rust from metal before you paint. Start off by removing loose rust and paint by using a wire brush. Begin gently and get rid of the rust layers that are easy to take off. Next, take a hammer and tap it mildly against the metal to determine whether it is solid enough to be painted. Then, clean off the surface and dry it. Apply a thin layer of rust converter over the cleaned area and several centimeters outside that. Allow it to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Lastly, paint the surface. Be sure a primer made for metal is used before proceeding. Thank you for watching. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants alike. Now the weather from around the world.

US Senator leads institutional change to end animal-people factories.

The Farm System Reform Act of 2019 was introduced by The Honorable Senator Cory Booker (vegan) to end large-scale animal-people industrial raising operations by 2040. In 2021, Senator Booker was appointed to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, and the bill was reintroduced again with broad support from family farmers, agricultural workers, environmental organizations, the public health sector, animal-people welfare groups, and consumers for a sustainable, humane food system. Recently, Senator Booker unveiled the Agriculture Accountability Act that also holds agribusiness accountable for disaster mitigation and animal-people protection. As the 2023 Farm Bill is written and debated, Senator Booker and advocacy groups are working to advance those shared goals. Thank you, Honorable Senator Cory Booker, for leading food system reform. May your bills soon be integrated into the 2023 Farm Bill, in God’s boundless Protection.

Researchers find lowered risk of colorectal cancer in men who follow a plant-based diet.

In the study published in BMC Medicine, Korean researchers examined data from over 79,900 men and 93,000 women for two decades, assessing their dietary patterns. Participants reported the frequency and portion size of their food consumption from 180 items. The study concluded that a diet rich in healthy plant foods is associated with a 22% reduction in rates of colorectal cancer in men compared to individuals eating little plant-based food. Colorectal cancer affects the lower end of the digestive tract, is the third most prevalent cancer globally, and is more common in men than women. Researchers hypothesized that ‘antioxidants found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains could contribute to lowering colorectal cancer risk by suppressing chronic inflammation, which can lead to cancer. Thank you, all researchers involved in this critical study. In Buddha’s Glory, may we protect our God-given bodies with a flourishing vegan diet.

Traveler with lost luggage is helped by caring airport worker.

Hana Sofia Lopes’ luggage was lost by the airline when she flew from Europe to New York, USA, and after seven days in the city, it still had not been found. Hana then flew to Montreal, Canada, to begin work in a movie production. Upon arrival, she approached the information desk to raise her luggage complaint in person and began crying as she poured out her frustration to airport worker Azalia Claudine Becerril Angulo. Hana wished to attend a VIP reception but was missing her makeup. Ms. Angulo, who also works as a makeup artist, offered to come to Hana’s hotel room and do her makeup free of charge. She came as promised and, according to Hana, did a spectacular job. The women are developing a beautiful ongoing friendship. Thankfully, the luggage was found and returned to Hana. With much gratitude Azalia Claudine Becerril Angulo, for your loving heart in helping a stranger in need. May the Divine bless such a fairy-tale friendship that arose from the kindness of a selfless act. “No 2 vegan: only benevolent people choose it.”

Coming up, non-profit from Israel expands to the United States to spread veganism. Please join us as we take time to appreciate waterfalls, which enhance our ecosystem in many ways, such as purifying our atmosphere. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Gracious News for an Elegant World.

Vegan non-profit from Israel expands to the United States.

A vegan non-profit from Israel called Vegan Friendly, dedicated to promoting the plant-based diet, will expand to the United States. The organization, founded in 2012, allows products and restaurants to display their pink and green heart stickers if they are approved as being friendly for vegans. Currently, 1,800 hotels and restaurants in Israel are certified, as well as over 10,000 products. They also have an online community where people can connect and receive discounts from businesses and restaurants that have been certified as Vegan Friendly. The model was implemented in the UK two and a half years ago, and the non-profit now plans to launch in New York City. Great news, Vegan Friendly, on your expansion to the United States. In the wisdom of Heaven, may your efforts help countless people switch to the vegan way, as we honor all beings' lives by ensuring all our actions are compassionate.

Canine friend in the UK enjoys blood donation trips.

Wendy Barnett established the Pet Blood Bank UK in 2007 as the nation’s only blood bank charity for vets. The purpose is to supply blood for canine- and alpaca-people’s emergency needs, with plans to expand to cat-people soon. The blood-donation process first consists of a well-being verification by a vet, followed by a tummy rub in the donation room while drawing blood. It finishes with the canine friend selecting a toy to take home. Many canine-people have donated blood multiple times and enjoy the experience. One six-year-old former racing canine-person, Mabel, is always excited to go to the blood bank and is known to fall asleep during the blood draw. Our heartfelt gratitude, Ms. Barnett for creating the Pet Blood Bank UK, and many generous dog-people for donating your blood to save precious lives. May all animal friends receive the care needed in emergency situations, in Celestial harmony.

At any moment now, we are expecting the joke of the day to appear. Let's get ready! This one's entitled, “Change Seat.”

During a long-haul flight, a passenger calls the flight attendant…

“Could I switch seats, please? There is a crying baby next to me.”

“Well, you can't do that if the baby is yours!”


And now we have a heartline from Yessica in Peru:

Beloved Master, I humbly address You and apologize for asking You this, but I can’t find another way out, excuse me.

Master, I am from Peru, and recently in my country, there has been a terrible crisis between the political and economic power and the native and humble people of Peru. And as always, power controls everything, everything, with money, so unfairly, so dishonestly, and with so much exploitation.

Recently, they have provoked a confrontation between the army and the people who are always discriminated against because of the color of their skin, etc. And these clashes reached such an extreme that they killed many people mercilessly. A girl has died, youngsters of 13, 15, 17-years-old, young and old. They say that so far, there are 25 deaths, but the people know that there are more; there are even people missing. It’s so heartbreaking; there are so many injured. We see and hear all the pain and inconsolable crying of the mothers and families of the people and we feel so powerless in the face of all this. The only thing left for us is to cry and cry and cry, because if you complain, they don’t listen. For them, killing is nothing.

I apologize, Master, because we know that it is our collective karma as a country. It is just as You told us, except that the feeling of pain and powerlessness is so enormous in the face of dishonesty, injustice, corruption, and the wickedness of the economically powerful. How to defend against them? There is no exit.

Perhaps because of the prayers that we do as a group, a one-hour prayer for our country, and because of this Christmas and New Year time, the people have declared a truce until January 3. The protests have stopped for the moment, and the ombudsmen said that they will resume the fight on January 3. We don’t know what will happen, but many Peruvians feel and experience firsthand the bitter taste of injustice.

For this reason, Beloved Master, we ask for Your Sacred Prayers for our country and people and Your Wise Advice that will undoubtedly comfort our hearts. Humbly thank You, thank You, thank You. Yessica from Peru

Trustworthy Yessica, Thank you for alerting us of the urgent situation in Peru. We send our earnest prayers that the conflict is resolved quickly and peacefully.

Master has a loving message to console you: “Compassionate Yessica, I am heartbroken to hear this news from Peru. This time on Earth is the turning point long predicted in the prophecies of the past. The only way to dispel the darkness is with Light. Meditate and stay focused within so the Divine can guide you in each moment what to do. Take care of the people around you and help them to remember God and turn to Hirm in these challenging times. Hes helps a lot in these situations, as we have seen in Ukraine (Ureign). The more connected your people stay to Hirm, the more protection and support will be available. I wish I had more advice for you, my love, as I know these are extremely difficult circumstances. I pray that this world wakes up now and becomes vegan so this horrific violence ends forever. I am with you always. Remember that. May you and the kindhearted Peruvian people be more awakened and forever protected by God’s Divine Grace. Love you, love and pray for Peru. May all pray for your land too. We all pray for the world, whenever feasible, at all times. One hour is just symbolic to remind people that our world is in deep turmoil, that we should all be the real children of God!!”

Vegan: cos God made us to rule over all beings with love.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May benevolence and love spread out to all beings.

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