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Seeing the Energy from S.M. Celestial Jewelry Help Wearers Together with the Whole World and Quan Yin Practitioners Being Measured When Entering Higher Realms

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Dear Master, I got initiated on 16 of September, 2001. I would like to share one of my inner experiences regarding the S.M. Celestial Jewelry, Elevated Universes Series, designed by Master. When I was meditating, I saw myself standing on top of the Earth, and I saw Master’s Light Body. At that time, Master wore the Elevated Universes jewelry, and You were approaching me. When I looked at that S.M. Celestial Jewelry, there was an extremely strong vibration and Light shining all over the Universe coming from it. The S.M. Celestial Jewelry’s vibration cleansed the entire atmosphere, and its emitting energy was so powerful that I felt as if my whole being had completely dissolved.

Later, I saw those vortexes of the Universe, and Master took my spiritual body through those vortexes. When I came back to Earth, the energy from the S.M. Celestial Jewelry Elevated Universes emitted rain-like Light. Those Light drops scattered all over the Earth and somewhat eased the suffering of a number of beings. These people joyfully knelt down in gratefulness of the Grace and Love from Master Tim Qo Tu.

And I saw many glass bottles. I saw that the wicked and aggressive souls were locked up in these bottles, who then were burnt into dust by hellfire and taken to some dark place. And at the present time, Heaven still does, and will continue to, purify the Earth by sending Heavenly armies down to capture those kinds of souls. Those souls are pitiful but their karma was so heavy, and they didn’t repent, and so were punished by Heaven.

I would like to share with Master another of my inner experiences. During my meditation, I saw the Heavenly gates open up, and each gate is a realm. I saw that the souls there were Quan Yin practitioners, and we lined up to enter those gates. Inside every gate, there is Master’s Light Body to take care and teach them, and each soul will go to the realm that he or she attains through their efforts of spiritual practice.

And in order to enter a higher realm, the soul is measured very carefully, such as whether it has practiced spiritually diligently, kept the vegan diet, is humble, practiced Master’s teachings, kept the Five Precepts… and their souls will have to change their light layers to match the vibration of that realm.

After that, Master’s Light Body took me to a place very far away where there was a gate, and on both sides of the gate, there were angels with wings who lined up and greeted us respectfully with their joined palms. When Master’s Light Body took me past the gate, we both disappeared; only transparent and extremely pure spiritual bodies exist there. At that time, my consciousness just knew that Master had taken me to the Supreme Region.

I would like to thank Master. Thank You for coming; thank You for awakening the greatness inside each one of us, and taking us back to the eternal realm. Thank You for Your immense Love and noble sacrifice. I would like to wish You an abundance of health. May the Heavens and the most Mighty Godses always protect You. I love You forever. Your disciple, Thảo Phương from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Soaring Thảo Phương, Thank you for sharing your inspiring inner visions about S.M. Celestial Jewelry and the higher realms.

Master has some wisdom to share with you: “Awakened Thảo Phương, I am glad that you witnessed the Power of S.M. Celestial Jewelry for yourself. Master Power uplifts humanity, and the jewelry designs help not only the people who wear them but also the whole world as well. There is so much negativity on our planet that Master Power must use every avenue available to bring the Light to as many individuals as possible. Thank you for practicing well so you could have the chance to experience the Supreme Region. May you and the sweet-tempered people of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) be filled with the wisdom of the Buddhas.”

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