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Between Master and Disciples

The Grace of the Ultimate Master, Part 2 of 4 Feb. 26, 2005

Lecture Language:English,Mogolian(Монгол хэл)
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And the rememberance brings you spiritual upliftment. I just talk in points, so that at least you can know the value of it. But of course, the merit is immense. Of course, whenever you remember the Master, whether praying, asking, or praising, or thanking, or inviting for food, or thanking for food, whatever it is, if you remember the Master, you get points.

Next one. Anybody? (Hi Master.) Yes? (If we buy one of Your actual paintings, not pictures, for like a member of our family, do they get points, benefit each time they look at it?) Yes, sure. They do also. They do, but sometime they spend it all, you know. That’s the problem. But better than credit. For example, if they eat meat when they go out, they lose 500 points. They hardly look at it, and go out eat a steak, they lost 700 points. But better than nothing. (My sister, she is doing Convenient Method.) Balanced out. Then it is good. Good. Good for her, of course. Good for her, of course. But don’t tell her that. She’ll be sitting in front of the painting all day long. It has to be natural, you know? Be natural.

Wow, all of this help, and you’re still there, Third Level or what. Because you don’t use all of it. You didn’t make use of all the, whatever you have available. That’s why. Think of Master by the way. Have a picture, OK, souvenir or whatever. And listen to the tape because you go to meditation, group meditation, and it’s there, so you listen. But it’s nothing much for you, that’s why. All these are spiritual equipment.

I told you everything really, almost. I don’t know what else I can tell you, unless you ask me something. (OK, I was wondering if you get any points from conversing with the Inner Master, like asking questions inside?) Of course you get. It depends. Of course you get points. The point is not like your question inside or outside. The point is that you concentrate on the Master. So even if you ask question with the Inner Master, that means at least you remember the Master. And the rememberance brings you spiritual upliftment. I just talk in points, so that at least you can know the value of it. But of course, the merit is immense. Of course, whenever you remember the Master, whether praying, asking, or praising, or thanking, or inviting for food, or thanking for food, whatever it is, if you remember the Master, you get points.

Anymore? (How about the clothes You designed?) Yeah, yeah, a lot of points, but I don’t want to say that. The jewelry, the clothes, oh, a lot of points. Just to wear it an hour, you have 500 points. (Just to look.) Look also have points, less. And jewelry, everything. It will enhance your spiritual practice as well as your appearance, everything. You don’t know it. But I never want to say these things, because you might think I want to sell my design. It’s for the people who need those only. But if you ask, then I am under oath, just like you, Five Precepts, don’t tell lie. So I have to answer you everything you ask, in the truth. It’s different, you know.

Everything I created, or everything to do with me has a lot of points. Just to look at it, just to look for five minutes, you have 50 points. Just looking and admiring it. So the thing is, you go outside and exhibit my stuff and all that, it helps a lot of people. I don’t have to do anything, they get help anyway. That’s how we help the world, you see? Because all these things have been printed on newspaper and all that even. Even just printed on there, and millions of people look at them. And it stays in the library forever. Everybody goes in the library, looks in that magazine, searching it again, they see it. On the newspaper, the newspaper you advertise for me when I am going to lecture... Any newspaper just stays in the library, or magazine, and people come, look again and again. Not only the millions of readers, but later on, you know? And the reader, the one who buys it, there’s at least ten more reading it. Sometimes, they put it in the restaurant or the office. Hundreds of people read that newspaper, for example. So its benefit just spread out forever. Even secondhand benefit also. Or that person goes to look at my portrait outside, goes back home and looks at the family member, he got it also, for that day.

(I have a question.) Then tell me, yes? (A question about the [inner Heavenly] Sound. Because I always hear the [inner Heavenly] Sound every day and night, and should I always be concentrated on the Sound? Or can I recite the Five [Holy] Names also?) Recite the Five (Holy) Names also. (Also, OK.)

(And when I do the (inner Heavenly) Light meditation, I also hear the (inner Heavenly) Sound. Should I ignore?) (Ignore the Sound.) OK. When you do the Light, you see the Light; when you do the Sound, you hear the Sound. (Every time, the Sound is there.) I know, I know, just do it properly, OK? (OK.) Just recite the Five (Holy) Names all day. (Yes.) Of course, if you want to listen to the (inner Heavenly) Sound for a while, it’s no harm. (Yes, I do, because I hear it. But the Five (Holy) Names, sometimes, I do automatically.) Yeah, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s fine.

(I have a question about something I do not understand in my practice.) Yeah. (Because sometimes I feel that I go out of my body. But since a long time before I know initiation, I sometimes feel that. And it’s as if I am in a flying body, left, right,) Yes. (upstairs, downstairs. And when I make meditation on the [inner Heavenly] Light, I don’t see the... We say that we have to go out of the body...) No, we don’t have to. (We don’t have to. I don’t see the, you know, the... between the two. Is that useful to feel that flying body?) No. No. Don’t care about that feeling. Don’t be attached to that. If you’re going out of the body, sometimes it’s just astral projection. It’s not really high level, not always high level. Just concentrate here, and whatever you see, that is your... When you see some (inner Heavenly) Light or hear some (inner Heavenly) Sound, that is actually your soul is out of the body. But because the transition is very smooth, so you don’t know anyway. And now, the soul’s mostly out of body, because you are already high level, so it’s just functioning mechanically. But the soul is still there, you know, going back and forth, or maybe from there and then looking down, controlling.

(Can I ask another question?) Sure, sure. Why not? (One time I had a question with my practice, but at home. And at night I told You: “Oh, Master, tell me where to go “Oh, Master, tell me where to go when I am out of the body.” Where to go… But because I don’t feel, you know, funny to go out of my body; I have nowhere to go. It was not interesting. So I asked You, “Please, please show me where to go after.” And I don’t know how, but You showed me something absolutely...) Indescribable? (...indescribable, but I don’t know what it is. Can I ask You what it is?) You can, but why? Just enjoy whatever. (Yes.) You can tell me if you want, of course. (I was in infinite Light. Only Light, Light, Light, Light. And I was in that Light, but I had no body at all. No fine body, no, nothing.) Understand, understand. (But I only feel that a beating, as if I was only a beating, a vibration beating, and that was I, and it was an infinity of Light.) Understand. (It was a...) That’s correct, that was correct. Of course, you don’t have a body. But you do feel that you are you. I understand. That is correct. That’s a good experience. That is not like out of the body, astral projection. But that is merging with the Light. Understand? That is more correct.

(Master, can I go for the big question, please?) You don’t scare me. Like the doctor, just shoot the injection quick, and don’t talk. Making me nervous. (Why did You create us?) I didn’t. I didn’t. It’s just a natural process. (But Hes was created as well, right?) Yeah. Well, Hes was the leftover from the Sixth (level), remember? Then Hes has the creative urge, because Hes is also from God. (OK.) Then, Hes feels like Hes must create something. (Yes. So, do we have real kinship with Hirm?) Sure! Hes is your Father! (Yes! Wow! Yes!) And I am your Granny. (Yes, that’s what... I didn’t want to say it, but in essence, yes.) That’s why I had to come and help you. Grandparents always love grandchildren the most. (Yes, they do.) More than their own children. (Yes.) So, here you are! The spoiled rotten brats. (We couldn’t have seen You... Do You go to the other realms as well, the higher ones, or do You only come down...? What I am trying to say is: What I am trying to say is: We have the opportunity to meet You, is that because we are here?) Yes. (We have to come to this world to meet You. We couldn’t have seen You there, right? Because there’s no need or reason...) Well, it depends. Some people see me up there. Not beyond the Fifth, but Fifth Level, sometimes I go there. (OK. So we can still like email You or something now and again, see how You are doing.) Probably, maybe. I told you already, if you go up there, maybe you have forgot me already. I am just a driver on the highway, and you hitchhike for a few hours. (I know, Master. Even if we forget You, I think You won’t forget us.) Well, I don’t need to forget or remember you, you will be there. We’ll be neighbors, no? (Yes.) You see, you try to bring these sacred, holy, abstract concepts into worldly language, and we all get lost. (I am sorry.) No! No!

(I am curious, that’s all.) Of course, of course. But it’s very difficult for you to understand the things that you don’t experience. (Yes.) And difficult for me to explain it, so that you understand. (That’s fine.) But I have tried my best, and I have told you many things that you have not heard before. (Yes.) And even then, you understood, and that’s really amazing! (That amazes me too.) And we just talk as a concept, you know? (Yes.) The real experience is rather different. Right now, you understand, “Oh! Yeah! God is Light, God is Love.” But when you are in It, oh dear! You understand? You melt. You just don’t know what to do anymore; you just feel completely lost in Bliss. (Well, that’s great! That sounds fantastic!) Of course, it will be like that. (Here the same, but in misery, so at least there will be a great change, right? For us.) But the thing is, I am just describing it. It’s different. It’s just a concept, and you understand that intellectually. But the real experience is no way to describe. (Sure!) Like the sister just said now that she was in the Light. She feels like she’s just a little, tiny point pulsating in that infinite Light. But she feels that it’s her, but she doesn’t have the body, but she knows it’s her, that’s the thing. You will experience that kind. That’s just a glimpse into the infinite, or the “infinite”, whatever that is. Sometimes, the English, they make me lost. Same way of writing, but they pronounce differently all the time.

(Your Light is so beautiful. I just glimpsed a few seconds of it. It’s more amazing than anything I could ever imagine.) Just now? (Yes! Yes! If I close my eyes, I can see a little glimpse.) Good! Good! (Yes. That’s amazing, right? I just have to be careful when I leave this holy place that I don’t slip back into my normal, silly, stupid, lost self again. So this time, I think I will protect myself better.) Try, try. Because it’s too precious to lose. (That feeling of loss is the greatest feeling, That feeling of loss is the greatest feeling, what You described earlier. That feeling, when you slip, and then you lose a little bit of your level, or a lot of it. And then you really... it’s not regret, it’s kind of a real sense of real loss.) Empty? (Yes.) Feel so dry somehow. (Yes. And then you feel kind of... but also humbling, too.) Yeah? (Because you feel humbled too, then start climbing back, but it’s a long way to go, right?) Yeah. Don’t lose anything. (Don’t lose it.) Difficult to get it. (Yes. I think we’ll never get this again.) Right.

Just recite the Five (Holy) Names all the way home. (I will.) And go straight to meditation, and then sit all night. (I will.) Even if you have to sleep and sit again, doesn’t matter. (OK.) Try your best. You can do it here, why not at home? (Yes.) The people who come from the first night are still here? (Yes.) Yes, and you still sit every night like that? You go to sleep? No. You sit, right? (Yes.) See? They can do it here, they can do it at home, all right? (Yes.)

What else? (Master, instead of repeating the Five Holy Names, sometimes I repeat Your Name in the meditation also. Is it OK?) No! No! Don’t do that. Just do it in the beginning, maybe pray to Master, and then repeat the Five (Holy) Names.

Next one, yeah, yeah. Again? Why not? Ask to your heart’s content. (OK, Master, I think You explained enough about high levels, and I think we all understand a million times more than we ever did.) Yeah?

(But the other thing You were talking about is love, you know, relationship.) Love? (Love with the partners.) Oh! (That’s also amazing, what You said, “Because it is just karma.”) What did I say? Oh! Karma. (Because like...) But you know that all the way. (Yes, but...) You didn’t know that? You know it! (No, but the love I have for Master is the highest one in my life. But love with my partner is also a beautiful thing.) Yes, it is. (But my partner does not practice.) I know, I know. (But the partner, their essence is very good. I learned a lot from them, their good quality, their selflessness, their devotion.) Yes, yes, yes! Doesn’t have to practice. Maybe she’s a saint, and you are not. (I think so, really.) She’s the Third Level. (But I wonder that... She doesn’t want to practice, so maybe...) No, she doesn’t have to. (No concept to do it.) No, maybe she practices silently; she doesn’t want to do the way you do, always talking and asking, “I’m a Buddha,” and all that. She doesn’t want to do that. I’m not talking about you, your relationship. (Yes!) I mean in general, in general, like when you go to the coffee shop, you saw two people hold hands and look into each other’s eyes. And sometimes... Some of you, not just me, wonder what they see in each other. That’s all. It’s just fun. (I know, but in my mind, I already accepted the fact that we’re together, it’s beautiful. Then at the end of life,) Good. (I’ll go there and she’ll go there, it’ll be all finished.) If she goes there or if you go there. (Right, but what if she says, “Where are you? Come back.” Should I encourage her more perhaps to practice?) Her to practice? No, she’s fine. (She’s fine.) It is you who needs to practice. (I know.) You smell Buddha too strong...

I told you all these days that saints are everywhere now. OK? (Yes.) They don’t know they are saints. It is fine. They eat meat, they drink a little wine and all that. They pay for it with their physical suffering. It is just they suffer because they do the thing that is not too correct. But that, they will pay with their physical torture, or sickness or whatever. Understand now? (Yes!) But nevertheless they are saints. And because you practice with me, you are also saints, and you don’t suffer too much, because you know the secret to stay away from suffering. You don’t eat meat, you don’t tell lie, you don’t steal, so you don’t pay. Understand that? (Yes.) They are the saints, but they pay, because nobody teaches them the secret concepts. They just have to pay for it. They’re not, insulting God or killing Buddha, or anything. So a physical debt that they pay with their physical suffering, like they eat meat, they got cancer, whatever. And if they drink wine, they damage their brain cells. But they are not such an irredeemable soul. Understand me? (Yes.)

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