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Heavens Assist Those on the Benevolent Vegan Path, Part 3 of 3, Nov. 30, 2022

Lecture Language:English,Norwegian(norsk )
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When some cities, or some countries, or some towns reach some number of benevolent energy by producing it through their own benevolent way, in some way, somehow, then that country or that city or that town will be much more assisted by Heavens and protecting angels and other beings, powerful beings. That’s why we pray for World Vegan, so we’ll have more peace and lasting peace. (Yes.)

Right now, for example, if you are a UK citizen, you can’t stay in Europe for more than three months. (Yes.) Yeah, this is terribly strict. I remember British citizens could stay in any country, like even before the EU, they could stay in Spain for six months. But nobody cared if you stayed longer. Nowadays, they kick the British out if they stay longer than three months. (Wow.) I saw that on the news. It’s very unfriendly to each other, for neighbors. (Yes.) It’s unfriendly. It’s no good. It creates angry vibes. No good for both – for the EU, as well as for the UK. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

To be together is good, as long as it’s not forceful, not oppressive, and not obliged. (Yes, Master.) As long as it’s voluntary. Voluntary and peaceful – then it’s good. Like the United States of America – many states and territories before even joined together – Hawaii and some islands, like Puerto Rico. (Oh, Puerto Rico.) Yeah, they joined the US, so they became also the United States, one of the states and one of the territories. And when Puerto Rico has some problems, like a hurricane or something, the United States immediately sent help. They’d send help anyway, but still, it feels like you have a brother – family who takes care of you. Something like that. (Yes, Master.)

It’s nicer to be together in peace and harmony. But it’s up to the English people. They have to rethink, and they probably have to call a poll or vote again. (Yes, Master.) And if the majority are OK to join, then maybe they will join. And I hope it’s soon. It’s convenient for everyone. (Yes, Master.) Are you happy with my answer, or you want Brexit still? (We’re happy with Your answer. Yes.)

Would you, yourself, like the UK to join the EU or not? (We prefer them to join also. They become a big family. Yes. It’s the world coming together.) Yes. It’s better that way. It makes things easier. Especially, the two sides are peaceful, civilized countries, so they could talk and help each other. (Yes, Master.) No need to separate. Maybe they just think about separation. They can remarry again. People do that sometimes. (Yes, Master.)

Any other things? (Yes, Master. A couple of days ago, on Monday, there was a loud bang, sounding like a big explosion in London, with many callers dialing 999. Some saw a huge flash of light and a plume of smoke rising into the night sky. Reports say there were no signs of fire nor any signs of an explosion and that it could have been caused by thunder and lightning. Others say that it might have been a meteorite. Strange how this “explosion” seemed to fade into almost nothing.)

Yeah. They say it like that. They said thunder and lightning, but it’s not like that. (Oh.) Lightning and thunder cannot make a big explosion, a big plume of smoke and a huge light like that. (Right. Yes.) Well, by the way, if you ask me, I’m glad that it has been reduced to almost nothing. (Oh.) It has been intervened. I am not at a convenience to tell you who and why and where. But it is like that, it has been reduced. (Understand, Master.)

If you want to know further, it should have been at least 533 people dead, many injured and many other damages. (Oh! Oh, my God! Terrible.) But as it is, it’s like nothing happened. (Yes. Thank God.) And we should thank Heavens, thank God for that. (Thank Heaven. Thank God. Yes.) Thank all the Protectors. Sometimes it can happen, because many people in London have U-turned to vegan, I told you. (Oh, yes. Understand, Master.)

“VO: When it was named Most Veg-Friendly City by PETA in 2019, then London Mayor, His Excellency Boris Johnson, welcomed the honor and noted the city’s ‘noble history of vegetarianism.’ That’s because London was a hub for vegetarian ideas – and popular veg eateries – since the Age of Enlightenment in the late 17th century! The city today is bustling more than ever with vegan restaurants, vegan markets, vegan delis, and vegan cheese shops galore!”

“Media Report from BBC – Apr. 27, 2019, Greg Wallace-Reporter (m): One of the biggest new food trends became a mass movement thanks to social media. Veganism. Now, there’s a trend that’s come right out of the blue. A year ago, being a vegan wouldn’t have had mainstream appeal. Today – it’s everywhere. Whether it’s for ethical reasons, to save money, or simply to be healthier, swapping animal products for plants is a rocketing trend – a trend now worth almost £600 million a year.

Derek Sarno (m): It’s not only a trend, but it’s here to stay.”

“Media Report from TRT World – Mar. 22, 2018, Katie Gregory-Reporter(f): It’s not just a diet choice, it’s being sold as a healthy way of living – meat-free, dairy-free, put simply – animal-free. Going vegan is gaining traction with the new age of conscious consumer.

Henry Mason (m): The vegan trend is just exploding everywhere, as I’m sure you’ll be aware of, both in the restaurant industry, both in the at-home industry. Suddenly both specialist vegan providers and also the mainstream providers – the sandwich shops, the restaurant chains, are really catering towards vegan options in a way that you’ve never seen before.

Katie Gregory-Reporter(f): And new research from retail analysts Kantar Worldpanel shows that 29% of evening meals in the UK don’t feature any meat at all.

Ashley Anzie (m): An extra 200,000 consumers now are saying that they are vegetarian over the last three years, which actually is quite significant when you look at the trends there. We’ve got one in five households are now actively reducing the amount of meat that they’re eating.

Katie Gregory-Reporter (f): Concerns over animal cruelty and the environmental impact of farming have had a lot to do with it. And it’s also being helped along by celebrity and sports star endorsements.”

That helps Heaven to come to help them in many more ways that they don’t even know. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master. It’s good for them.) Yes.

When some cities, or some countries, or some towns reach some number of benevolent energy by producing it through their own benevolent way, in some way, somehow, then that country or that city or that town will be much more assisted by Heavens and protecting angels and other beings, powerful beings. That’s why we pray for World Vegan, so we’ll have more peace and lasting peace. (Yes.)

But the English people became more and more vegan nowadays, so, it’s much less likely things will happen to them. But they should not take it for granted; they should continue the benevolent way. (Yes, Master.) Then they will be safer. (Yes, Master.)

It’s good. Many more things I know, but I can’t tell you everything. But that thing I knew. I knew that. (Understand.) When did I write this in my little notebook? It’s written here, “29 November.” But I can’t even read it. One moment. I turn on the better light. And glasses… I can’t remember when I wrote it, but many weeks ago. (Yes, Master.) “29 November. This year…,” I wrote here, “asteroid,” oh, God, “will hit London. (Oh. Wow.) 533 people will die and more injured. (Wow.) And it will affect also the Royal Family, etc.” (Wow.) I wrote it many weeks ago. But never mind. I’m glad it’s reduced. It’s good like that. It’s good like that. I’m so happy, I’m so glad. (Yes. Good. Thank God. Thank You, Master. Thank You, Heaven.)

Alright. Anything else, my dear? (No, Master. That’s all we have, Master.) No? Then, it’s good. Do any of you want to go home? (No, Master.) I’m glad. We want to go home, but our real Home, not the temporary and destructible home. (Oh, yes. That’s right. Yes, Master.) I also wanted to go Home. Big Home. Because sometimes I feel really tired of this world. (Yes, understand, Master.) They do just crazy things. (Yes, Master.) Crazy things, and brutal and evil things. And so simple – the logic: just be good, then all good things will come to you. Just simple logic, and they don’t listen even. And then cause so much suffering for themselves, for their country, and for the world – and get nothing in the end.

Do they get anything in the end? Like, for example, Russia has invaded other countries before, but then they had nothing in the end. (Yes.) Lost a lot of money also. And lost a lot of their own citizens, Russian citizens. And lost so much. Nothing they could keep anyway. In the end, they all die anyway, all these dictators, all the great big, bad kings and queens. Where are they now? (Yes.) Nowhere. Just in hell. Perhaps still in hell. Hitler is still in hell. So, imagine where else anybody would be if they were doing similar stuff. (Yes. Understand, Master.)

But it’s a kind of bad karma somehow, otherwise, how can the whole country support and listen to just one blah-blah-blah person who’s doing bad things to other countries? (Yes.)

So, as I keep saying – humans, we have to change into a better way of life, then we will not have any trouble at all, war or pandemic, hunger – nothing. We have everything. God gives us so many things. And the economy and everything would be so good and blooming. Instead of helping citizens and other countries’ citizens, we’re just burning it on the battlefield, killing and paining others. This we can talk forever.

Anything else, my love? (No, Master.) That’s it, huh? OK. Good then. I wish you well, and I appreciate your steadfast devotion to a good cause, to God’s work. (Thank You, Master. Thank You, Master, for calling. Thank You.) Thank you and all the animal-people thank you. All the good people in the world thank you. (Thank You, Master.) God Love. See you next time. I mean, talk to you next time. (Yes, Master.) I look the same, even if you don’t see me. (Yes, Master.) Like in the last photo, I look the same. (Yes, Master.) Maybe a couple more wrinkles and gray hair. (Thank You, Master.) Ciao. (Thank You, Master.) God bless. (God bless, Master.) God Love. And I love you. (We love You too, Master.)

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