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Love Is the Way to Health

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Hallo, Beloved Master Ching Hai, Recently, I’ve benefited greatly from the Words of Wisdom program on Supreme Master TV. One of the discourses from “Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl)” touched upon noble wisdom and ideals, and stated the importance of inward spiritual practice. I’ve watched it many times and would like to share it with Your viewers.

My family was not very harmonious before, as my parents didn’t get along with each other very well. I grew up in an atmosphere of anger and complaints. I was badly polluted by those negative qualities, which have harmed my body, mind and soul. I had always wanted to run away from my home.

“Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl)” mentioned that all our sufferings are the consequences of violating the law of love. It said: “Ignorant is the one who, seeing dirtiness outside does not realize his own dirtiness.” We should go inside to clean our own temple. By cleaning our mind, everything will be clean. If inside of us is full of love and peace, whatever we see will be full of love and peace.

Hatred in my heart is the poison in my mind, which must be eliminated immediately. Since then, I’ve been constantly checking myself. Negative qualities like anger, complaint, greed, etc., all originated from our mind. We should think and focus on the positive and bright sides of life all the time, keeping a pure heart and not looking at others’ faults. Only when we keep the power of love, the joy from the heart will arise.

One of Your books, “The Realization of Health,” has already mentioned that whatever diseases we have come from the thoughts we have in our mind. At that time, I had not been able to fully understand what that meant. Now, I’ve found the root which causes all the problems. Following the law of love, compassion and wisdom is the eternal Truth, and it’s also the best cure for all psychological diseases. If our mind is full of negative thoughts, our body cells will also become very ugly. Then how could they heal us?

“The Realization of Health” also mentioned that people in a “sub-health” state, such as those suffering from the three-highs (high blood pressure, high blood glucose, high blood lipids) and chronic diseases, can improve by eating properly, because our body has a tremendous self-healing capacity. Taking medication can only control a patient’s condition, but it causes a lot of side effects. We must find the root cause of the illnesses.

If you are willing to change, you should begin with a vegan diet and see how miracles will happen in your life. Another book titled “Healing Without Medicine” is also worth reading. Being a vegan makes our love grow. It is the ultimate way to heal our body, mind and soul. Increasing our love and compassion is the best contribution to the Earth. There is more than one alternative in our lives and we should live a much more brilliant and splendid life.

All the best, peace, and good health to the most Beloved Master Ching Hai, and much appreciation to the Supreme Master TV team for presenting to us so many wonderful programs. Yi-Cen from China

Diligent Yi-Cen, Thank you for sharing your wise observations.

Master has a loving reply for you: “Awakened Yi-Cen, I feel the sincerity in your words, and your wisdom shines through your heartline. In this world, there are so many negative circumstances and situations that if we do not use the Divine Love and Wisdom within us, we will be drowned by the negative power here and lose ourselves. Love is the way to health. We must have love in our hearts and eat in a loving way, which is the vegan diet. It follows the law of Love which is the foremost law of all. I am reminded of the Buddha’s words in the Dhammapada, ‘Hate never yet dispelled hate, only Love dispels hate. Such is the law, ancient and inexhaustible.’ Continue to walk the way of Love, my dear. May you and knowledgeable China be blessed forever in the Buddhas’ infinite Grace.” 

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