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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously presents Shining World Heroine Award to Claw Mothers of Ukraine, long COVID to cost up to €180 billion per year in the Netherlands, New York state installs four gigawatts of rooftop solar, Czech archaeologists find ancient building older than the pyramids, billionaire outdoor clothing retailer gives company away to address climate change, Australasians desire more vegan products according to study, and rescuers in Northern Ireland battle storm to save German Shepherd dog-sisters.

In Shining World Heroine Award News from Lviv, Ukraine…

A group of brave mothers in Ukraine risk their lives to save children from war-ravaged regions and take them to safety. They have rescued at least 313 youngsters, many of whom are orphans, with their parents deceased as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. Other children reported that their parents are missing or are overseas. The Claw women voluntarily travel to war-torn territories to bring the terrified youngsters, who have been found in precarious situations, such as hiding in basements and derelict buildings, to a safe place.

“I heard that the war had started and I told everyone in the phone book to flee, leave, move away from hostilities. And everyone who heard about it for the first time were asked to stop by to pick up other people’s children on the way, whose parents were not in Ukraine. For example, a mother is at a conference in Dusseldorf, and the child is with a nanny in Irpin, and the nanny is killed. They brought them to me, to our location. I was already waiting for them.”

After learning about the women’s valiant work, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Tearfully present the Shining World Heroine Award to the Claw team mothers, plus US$30,000 as a simple token of support, with heartfelt gratitude, love, and prayers. May God protect each of you and the vulnerable children you save.”

Our Association members were honored to present the award letter, crystalline plaque, and Master’s publications and DVDs to Claw Mothers. “The ‘Claw,’ so named ‘because we are clawing these kids to safety when we rescue them,’ is made up of a brave band of women, all heroines with their own children who know how traumatic it can be for kids. Following carefully devised plans, the fearless members sneak past enemy troops to reach frightened young ones hiding in basements underneath the invader’s tanks. Police, secret service contacts, and friends all help with reconnaissance, ensuring a mission is viable and has the highest chance of success. Each daring operation may rescue up to 35 children, who are then driven for two days to reach safety.”

Our Association members were also honored to present Supreme Master Ching Hai’s financial contribution to the heroines. “Supreme Master Ching Hai would like to present the Claw Mothers team with US$30,000 to continue the work of saving children in Ukraine.”

Ksenia, leader of the Claw, was touched to receive the award and expressed her gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai. “On behalf of the entire Claw organization, I want to thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for supporting us, giving us a future, and making us stronger. I bow to You from all Ukrainian children. The children of Ukraine thank You for their life and Your help.

Thank You very much. I know and believe that your visit gives us the inspiration to do even more, to do even better in Ukraine and around the world. With God, everything is in time and God does not choose the strong, He gives strength to those who need it, who need this strength. I think that Ukraine is the strongest country today, because it has women like us and support like you. Children are the greatest wealth we have, in our hearts, in our souls, in our work, and in our actions. We want to thank you and say, ‘You have a huge heart in your organization.’”

In deep gratitude for the life-saving work that is being carried out, we praise the Claw Mothers for their brave rescue efforts. We also extend our appreciation to all others involved in saving the precious children. In God’s Grace, may all of your missions be safe and successful, with peace coming to Ukraine soon. For the full presentation of the Shining World Heroine Award to Claw, please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

Long COVID assessed to cost up to €180 billion per year in the Netherlands.

As stated by health economist Dr. Xander Koolman of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the possible €180 billion long COVID annual expenditures are based on treatment and lost labor costs. Dr. Koolman used information from England, where about 1% of the population is unemployed due to long COVID. He explained, “If you translate that data to the Netherlands, about 100,000 Netherlands residents have long COVID and are unable to work as a result.” According to a study by University Medical Center Groningen and The Radboud University Medical Center, one in eight coronavirus patients developed long COVID in the Netherlands; symptoms include loss of smell, chest pain, shortness of breath or fatigue for months or even years after their initial infection. Such concerning news, Dr. Xander Koolman, University Medical Center Groningen and The Radboud University Medical Center. In the elevating grace of the Providence, may all soon realize that the solution to the pandemic is the compassionate vegan diet. Vegan: Love is the cure 4 all ills. Vegan helps that.

Up next, four gigawatts of rooftop solar installed in New York State. We’ll just give thanks to the animal-people control officers who enforce laws related to our animal friends and make sure they are well taken care of. Please stay with us for more generous news on Supreme Master Television.

Good day, gentle viewers, I’m Timmy, a vegan construction worker from the Temminck’s Tragopan kingdom. Color your life by making a point to smile generously when you next meet somebody. Everyone likes a smile and the good vibes will quickly spread to all. Here is a handy tip for you. Measuring tapes may appear straight forward, but did you know that the metal tab that you use to pull along surfaces can serve multiple purposes? For example, you can gently press the edge on some surfaces to mark it instead of needing a pencil! Use this trick next time you need to measure! Thank you for tuning in, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.

New York state installs four gigawatts of rooftop solar.

During the recent Climate Week, the Governor of New York, United States, the Honorable Kathy Hochul announced that the state had already installed four gigawatts of rooftop solar in an effort to address climate change. The panels that have been placed on residential, industrial and small commercial premises, have enough capacity to power 710,000 homes. By 2025, New York state plans to have a total of six gigawatts of rooftop solar, and ten gigawatts by 2030. The installations were made possible by funding from the state, which contributed US$289 million, as well as US$1.5 billion in private investment. Kudos, The Honorable Kathy Hochul and New York state, on your dedication to improving the planet through green energy. In Heaven’s radiance, may renewable energy continue to flourish in your state as the world transitions toward eco-friendly power.

Ancient Czech architecture found to be older than the pyramids.

Archaeologists in the Czech Republic recently discovered the remains of a circular building near Prague that dates back almost 7,000 years ago. This is older than Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids. The structure, known as a roundel, was built by people who were part of the Stroked Pottery culture that thrived in the area between 4900 BCE and 4400 BCE. The roundel is approximately 55 meters in diameter and has three entrances. It is thought that the building may have been used for large communal gatherings, such as rites of passage, economic exchange, or rituals. Nice work, archaeologists from the Czech Republic, on helping us to understand the lives of our ancient ancestors. In Divine omniscience, may the wisdom of the past guide us toward a bright and peaceful future.

Billionaire apparel brand owner gives company away to mitigate climate crisis.

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the American outdoor gear and clothing line Patagonia, has announced that he is donating his US$3 billion business to the Patagonia Purpose Trust and Holdfast Collective, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the climate crisis. Mr. Chouinard shared, “Earth is now our only shareholder. … Instead of extracting value from nature and transforming it into wealth for investors, we’ll use the wealth Patagonia creates to protect the source of all wealth.” The company’s annual profits, estimated to be around US$100 million, will go towards environmental causes, such as preserving wild lands. Founded in 1973, Patagonia is well-known for advocating on behalf of various social and environmental causes, and its commitment to sustainability. We applaud you, Yvon Chouinard, for your laudable donation towards a noble cause. May your business continue to thrive as you lead by example in saving our precious home, in Celestial goodwill. “U don’t hear the animal-people screaming in agony or being tortured in the slaughterhouse? Oh, don’t worry. U’ll hear that in hell. But the screaming is urs.”

Coming up, study finds Australasians desire more vegan products. We’ll just pause for a moment to disconnect our keyboard and mouse from the computer and give them a good clean, wiping them with a microfiber cloth, tipping the keyboard upside-down and shaking it, as well as sanitizing both with an alcohol solution. We’ll return with more encouraging news on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Worthwhile News for a Resplendent World.

Australians and New Zealanders want additional vegan and vegetarian options.

According to a 2022 study conducted by The Vegan Society of the United Kingdom and the Christchurch Vegan Society of New Zealand, shoppers and diners across Australasia are demanding an increase in vegan and vegetarian products. The researchers surveyed 1,000 plant-based shoppers and discovered that 55% and 52.7% of the participants desired more vegan selections in restaurants and supermarkets respectively. The study found consumers wanted a larger number of choices in vegan cosmetics, fashion, healthcare, and household merchandise. Overall, those belonging to the Millennial and Generation X brackets showed the greatest demand for more vegan goods across all product categories. Many thanks, The Vegan Society UK and the Christchurch Vegan Society, for your revealing research. May the wave of veganism spread to all corners of the world to save our majestic planet and its benevolent inhabitants, in the guidance of the Providence.

Dog-sisters found by rescuers during lightning storm.

A rescue team from Pets Lost and Found Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, UK, raced into action when notified that two German shepherd siblings were lost and scared, wandering around farmland and dense woods. Although lightning flashed during the search, the team was undeterred. After three days of searching, they were overwhelmed with joy and relief, finally spotting the canine sisters huddled in a local farmer’s shed and were able to rescue them. Named Thora and Levine, they have been given veterinary care paid for by Lost Paws NI and a space to stay by Little China Dog Rescue. The pair are now enjoying cuddles in foster care. A high salute, rescuers and all organizations involved, for your determination and bravery in weathering the storm to bring the German shepherd sisters to safety. In Heaven’s blessings, we pray Thora and Levine find peace and love with a forever family.

The following joke has volunteered as our amusement driver, so let’s go for a fun ride. This one’s called “Dictionary.”

In order to encourage her students to pursue success, the teacher shouted in class:

“The word ‘failure’ does not exist in my dictionary!”

A student later handed her a dictionary, and whispered:

“Ms. Jones, please use my dictionary!”


And now we have a heartline from Golnaz in Iran:

My Dearest Master, My brothers and sisters are dying in the street. They don’t want too much. They just want to live like the other humans around the world. They are so young, so innocent. Many of them are even veg, because they are so pure, so gentle, and so kind. They just don’t want to be a part of this dark regime. Most of the persons killed were under 20 years old, so nice, beautiful and pure. There are even more than 20 children among those who were killed. They were like angels. They just don’t want to be under a demons’ regime. Please believe that this regime is devilish. They are the Russian government’s friends. They send armaments to Russia, and Russia uses them in Ukraine. Ukraine even expelled the Iranian ambassador because of that.

I know that I have to be positive, just meditate. I know it’s the Last Hour. I’ve watched all Your Between Master and Disciples and Ancient Prophecies programs. Do You know, my Beloved Master, as a human, I am just crying and burning for these innocent persons, who were killed. How can I stop myself? I just want to do something, but I really can’t, so I thought I could just write to You, as You are always my only Haven, Hope, Love and everything in my life. Maybe the others can see and know that the Iranian people are completely separate from this devil regime.

Hope that Your wishes come true, and we can see World Vegan and World Peace as soon as possible. Your disciple, Golnaz from Iran

Gentle Golnaz, Thank you for letting us know about the crisis situation in your country. We pray that the Iranian people soon find peace.

Master has this compassionate message to comfort your soul: “Pure Golnaz, my heart is in deep sorrow reading your message. Surely the world, we all pray for this to end in peace, in Allah’s merciful Grace. In this terrible world, there is so much injustice and senseless violence. Human beings have created an enormous amount of evil karma, primarily because of the meat diet. Collectively we have sown the seeds of war, famine, disease, disaster, and chaos. Immoral governments exist because they reflect back the way humans have treated the animal-people. In truth, even the evilest government is nothing compared to the vile treatment the innocent animal-persons experience in animal-people factories and slaughterhouses daily. Please do your best, my love, to meditate diligently and pray for World Vegan, World Peace every day with us. Continue to be a light in the world for those in darkness. Remember always that I am with you, and Heaven will give you strength to overcome even this terrible situation in your country. Pray with all your heart for your countrymen and women, and I am praying along with you. May Allah infinitely bless you and your kind Iranian co-citizens. With all my love!”

“What, then, is the true theosophic diet? […] If your constitution and temperament will permit vegetarianism, then that will give less heat to the blood; and, if it is practiced from the sincere conviction that it is not true brotherhood to destroy living creatures so highly organized as animals, then so much the better.” ~ William Quan Judge (vegetarian)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May the boundless love of Heaven accompany you every moment of your life.

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