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In today’s news, Japan provides humanitarian aid to refugees in Tanzania, rate of warming in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East now nearly double of global average, UK-based tech firm’s innovative system allows plants to “talk” to farmers, United States researchers find COVID-infected individuals flushing nasal cavity with mild saline solution can lessen hospitalization risk, brave nine-year-old Australian girl saves mom’s life with CPR, Spanish vegan startup gets investment funding to expand, and viral clip shows dog- and sea lion-person’s friendship in California, USA.

Japan donates to World Food Programme (WFP) to assist refugees in Tanzania.

The government of Japan has contributed US$500,000 to the WFP, to aid more than 200,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi currently staying in camps in the Kigoma region of Tanzania. The donation was announced by Japan’s Ambassador to Tanzania, His Excellency Yasushi Misawa. Through the funding, 260 metric tons of beans will be purchased for WFP’s daily food basket rations, which also includes cereal, wheat, and soy, as well as vegetable oil and salt. This timely assistance is especially appreciated by the agency, during this time when funding sources have been less than before. Japan is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Generosity, and Animal Protection laureate. Our gratitude, Japan, for your ongoing support to the vulnerable displaced persons in Tanzania. May they soon be able to return home safely and know stability again, in Heaven’s wisdom.

Pace of warming in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East almost twice of global mean.

A new study by a team of international researchers reveals that temperatures in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East are increasing at a rate that is approaching double the global average. The region’s greenhouse gas emissions rose approximately 600% over the past decades. Alarmingly, the analysis projects an overall warming of up to 5 degrees Celsius and more in these areas by the end of this century. Snow-capped mountains are expected to decline, and rainfall will likely reduce by up to 30%, particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean. Direfully, the scientists warn that rising sea levels and unprecedented extreme weather events, including severe and prolonged heatwaves, will critically affect the socio-economic activities, health and well-being of the estimated 432 million people living in the region. Many thanks, all researchers involved, for this assessment. May every country swiftly implement the climate-smart vegan food system to safeguard a thriving future for all, in Divine brilliance. Vegan: the innocent animal-people thank u.

Up next, UK-based tech firm’s innovative system allows plants to “talk” to farmers. We’re just going to thank the aircraft electricians who monitor, test and repair issues related to different electrical components in an aircraft. We’ll return with more beneficial news here on Supreme Master Television.

Purrrr, purrr, smart viewers, it’s Noah, a vegan nurse from the Norwegian Forest Cat kingdom. Take a moment to pray with me for peace across the world – your prayers do make a difference, and more so if we all pray together for the same goal. I’d like to share a tip on how to determine whether or not your cat-companion is breathing abnormally. It should be taken into account that a healthy respiratory rate for a feline-person, who is resting or sleeping, is twenty to thirty breaths per minute. Each breath should result in small movements of their chest. If your furry friend’s sides are moving a substantial amount, this may suggest labored breathing. Monitor their breathing and use your phone or watch to time thirty seconds and count the number of breaths that occur during that period. Then multiply that number by two to get the number of breaths per minute. If you notice their breathing is unusually fast, slow, noisy, or they are having trouble breathing, be concerned and consult your veterinarian. Labored breathing can be an indicator of a serious medical issue, if your feline friend isn’t stressed, tired from exercise, or too cold or warm. In this scenario, emergency veterinary care may be required. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now it’s time for the worldwide weather.

Can plants tell us what they need? A UK garden tech company says “yes.”

Gardin, an agriculture technology startup based in London, uses sensor-based artificial intelligence to help farmers grow nutritious food. It uses optical phenotyping, or the scanning and analyzing of plants in real-time, to determine the stage of growth of a crop and what is needed to optimize its health. Gardin’s technology is deployed in controlled environments like vertical farms, to assess factors such as what wavelength of light will make basil more flavorful. These suggested changes are then conveyed to the farmer, who is then equipped with the data needed to enhance the crops’ quality. The firm explains that its system operates in a very precise manner that makes it cost-effective and sustainable. Kudos, Gardin, for using smart tech to create better food. In God’s Love, may all have access to abundant, tasty produce.

New research in United States finds nasal irrigation reduces COVID-19 severity.

Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University recently stated that COVID patients who practiced nasal irrigation, or flushing nasal cavities with a saline solution, two times a day, experienced lower hospitalization rates. Seventy-nine participants who tested positive for the virus tried this technique within 24 hours of their diagnosis. The researchers witnessed an 8.5-fold reduction in the hospitalization rate and no deaths amongst the subjects; COVID-19 symptoms diminished as well. The doctors explained that nasal irrigation reduces the amount of virus present and the saline solution inhibits the virus’ ability to attach itself to ACE2 receptors - the gatekeeper to a wide range of human cells. Thank you, doctors at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, for publishing these important findings during these COVID-19-stricken times. In the safety of the Providence, may humanity quickly turn to a vegan lifestyle, so zoonotic illness outbreaks can be prevented.

Nine-year-old girl from Queensland, Australia, uses CPR to revive mother.

When Sharon Williams, who had a viral infection, fainted and became unconscious at her home, her nine-year-old daughter Charli Johnson immediately called emergency services. Anne Barklimore, the emergency dispatcher who took the call, coached Charli through performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which she continued for 17 minutes. As the pair counted the pumps together, Sharon luckily regained consciousness shortly before paramedics arrived. The bright young girl had previously learned how to administer CPR through watching a popular children’s television show. The Queensland Ambulance Service later awarded Charli for her bravery and composure. Charli wishes to become a paramedic and teach other youngsters how to perform CPR. Amazing Charli, you are a true hero for coming to your mother’s rescue. In Heavenly inspiration, may you achieve your noble endeavor of becoming a paramedic and continue saving lives in the future. “Stay no-vegan, cos the consequence is nothing grave 2 u, well, just war, war n pandemic, pandemic n endless suffering in hell 4 all who eat like u do!!!”

Coming up, Spanish vegan startup gets investment funding to expand. We’ll just take a moment to thank God for always helping us to strengthen our weaknesses. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more conducive news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Pleasant News for a Collaborative World.

Spanish vegan startup receives funding for growth.

RIP (Rich in Plants) Foods was established in 2021 in Barcelona with a goal of creating vegan chicken alternatives. The plant-based company currently provides over 40 restaurants with vegan burgers, minced meat and gyozas. Its recent receipt of €625,000 in funding, from Barcelona-based venture capital firm Ship2B Ventures and others, will allow the business to further its endeavors, including developing tasty meat substitutes for beef and pork. Marc Sabas, investment director at Ship2B Ventures, summarizes the strong potential of the vegan enterprise as follows: “RIP Foods suggests a fresh, versatile, and tasty product that facilitates the incorporation of meat alternatives into daily life, especially in dishes where meat is part of an elaborate recipe such as cannelloni or gyozas.” Congratulations, RIP Foods, in obtaining new funds for expanding your business. We wish you great success in bringing more plant-based items to the sunny people of Spain, in Celestial vibrancy.

Video showing rare friendship between dog- and sea lion-person in California, USA, delights many.

Photographer Dave Nelson was at the beach in Santa Cruz, California, playing ball with Moe, his dog companion, when he realized a sea lion-individual, whom he named Sammy, was hanging around. Sammy had done this before, during Dave and Moe’s previous visits to that area. The sea lion-guy soon swam close, while Moe dropped her ball and waded towards her new sea-lion friend. The two sniffed each other, even going nose-to-nose, as Sammy gave a couple of loving barks. Then they played fetch with a ball thrown by Dave. He posted these beautiful moments on Instagram, and they have been shared by many across social media, prompting numerous positive comments. Wishing you countless happy adventures together, beautiful Moe and Sammy. Three cheers, Dave Nelson, for brightening people’s days with your loving clip. May World Vegan soon come to pass, and all beings live in peace and love, in God’s Wonder.

The hilarity mug has a freshly ground and brewed joke of the day. Let’s check it out. It’s entitled “Never Promised.”

Two housewives complain to each other about their husbands.

“My husband always promises me that he will clean the house, but never does!”

“My husband would never do such a thing.”

“You mean your husband always keeps his promises?”

“Not really, he just never promises anything.”


And now we have a heartline from Setiawan in Indonesia:

Dear Supreme Master TV team, I would like to share a story from my family. My father used to love meat very much. Even when his brother’s spiritual master, who is believed to be the reincarnation of Jiang Ziya, asked my father to go veg only one day once in a while to prevent bad luck, my father always refused, saying, “Meat is delicious. Why do I need to stop eating meat?”

In 1993, my father and his little brother got information that a Great Master from Taiwan (Formosa) would come to Surabaya. At that time, my father met Supreme Master Ching Hai and as a requirement for initiation, he took an oath to be veg for life. When he came home, he told my mom he was vegan from that moment and this news shocked our family, including my uncle’s spiritual master, because my father was very stubborn and hard to persuade. When the spiritual teacher knew my father would be initiated by Supreme Master Ching Hai, he was happy and told us that my father was very, very lucky to meet such a Master.

Later, he got initiated by Master, and meditated every day, and followed the strict vegan life. When I was a kid, sometimes I saw him meditating and I sat beside him.

About 12 years after his initiation, my father went to Penang to undergo heart surgery. His heart specialty doctor from the US told us that my father’s heart condition had been very bad for a long time. It was his vegan lifestyle that saved him; otherwise, he would have passed away 12 years ago. My father recovered faster than other patients, who complained to the hospital for providing only vegan food.

In 2013, my father passed away. My uncle, who is also vegan, was told in his meditation by his master that my father was not settled yet. So he complained to my family why Supreme Master Ching Hai would not take Her disciple back Home once one met their final time. Our only answer was we did not know and we believed in Master Ching Hai, that’s all. But after 100 days, my uncle was told by his spiritual teacher that Supreme Master Ching Hai had taken my father to a high and safe place.

Even without this information, my family has always believed in, and is always grateful to, Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her Love and Blessings, for initiating my whole family into the Quan Yin Method, and for protecting us both in this life and the afterlife. We pray that Supreme Master Ching Hai will always be healthy, protected and safe. We pray that the world will be vegan and make peace soon. More love and positive energy, no more killing and suffering. Setiawan from Indonesia

Faithful Setiawan, We are elated to learn about your late father’s transition to a vegan diet upon meeting our Beloved Master and the positive impact it had on his health condition. May his soul rest in Heaven’s eternal Grace and Love. Praying that you and the lively Indonesian people have Divine guidance in every step of life, Supreme Master TV team

“In 2011, I became vegan after watching a documentary and becoming horrified about the suffering of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses.” ~ Maria Tiqwah van Eldik (vegan)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May cheerful bird songs welcome your days with hope and joy.

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