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Seeing in the Inner Vision Master Eliminate the Darkness Attempting to Encompass Earth and the Future of Ukrainian (Ureignian) People

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Greetings to Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and the esteemed Supreme Master Television team, I’d like to share with Master and other disciples the inner vision I had in my dream. In my dream, I was in a place next to Master. While She was meditating, Master was also creating a being into existence for a mission on Earth. The mission was to send every being and human who had done bad deeds to eternal hell.

The reason why Master could not do this mission Herself was that our world was in an apocalyptic situation, and if Master stopped meditating even for a second, the planet would be destroyed. And the second reason was that there was a possibility that Master would be physically injured, so that angel must carry out this task alone. When the designated time of the angel’s departure came, I asked Master if I could go with the angel on this mission, and She allowed it. The whole planet was war-ravaged and even natural disasters had devastated the planet. The Earth was black and dark, but we could see clearly everywhere. In my dream it occurred to me that in this mission, p. Francis and Putin would be destroyed. So, we reached a human and the angel destroyed him.

I asked if this devil was Putin and if he would also perish. The angel answered, “It was not Putin, but Putin and the pope (Francis) will also return to hell.” On the ground was the blood of innocent people, including the Ukrainian victims of the war. I asked, “Will the people of Ukraine and President Zelenskyy go to hell, are they guilty?” The angel answered, “No, because Master will take them to Heaven, and they will be free from the evil of displacement and worry.” The people who remained on the planet were few, because some of them had already gone to hell or Heaven.

Then, in the distance, I saw a woman who was teaching and had a small number of, about four, disciples. People and demons could not see the angel I was with, but they could see me. So, all the time I was hiding behind the angel and recited Master’s Name. I was very scared when we approached that woman. The woman had evil makeup and horrific eyes. With one look at this woman, five images appeared in front of my eyes, showing that she had violated the five precepts.

Suddenly, I saw that the woman was looking at me. Although she did not see the angel with her eyes, she was aware of the angel’s presence. Then, the evil woman was burnt and destroyed, but her followers were angry with the angel, as they truly believed that she was a godly person. At that moment, Jesus Christ appeared, and also the transformation body of Supreme Master Ching Hai came, as Her physical body was in meditation. With the arrival of Master, the awareness of the disciples of that woman was raised, so they also believed in Master, but they had some karma that they had to clear by practicing. That was the end of this inner experience.

I am grateful to Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai for supporting and guiding us in every way, for more knowledge, and for being able to follow the correct path. May our souls be liberated and return to their original Home, to be with the Love of the Master and the Almighty forever. Your young and humble disciple, Haranoush from Iran

Brilliant Haranoush, Thank you for relating this inner experience of Master’s omnipresent Power for us all to better appreciate the extent of Her work here on Earth in these times of devastation and suffering. We pray Master always remains safe and knows of our love and gratitude for Her selfless incarnation. May you and magnificent Iran be blessed by Allah’s eternal Grace. In Celestial peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this caring response: “Tender Haranoush, your vision appeared in answer to your yearning to understand what is happening now on our planet, including the process of eliminating the darkness attempting to encompass Earth. I send my Love. In Divine guardianship, may you and the charming Iranian people be forever comforted and safe.” 

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