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In today’s news, United States assists Afghanistan following earthquake, new report warns animal-people raising industry “inherently inefficient” and calls for transformation of UK farmland, World Bank offers grant to Djibouti, scientists in Switzerland find three new subatomic particles, American-Ukrainian actress fundraises over US$36 million to aid war refugees, watermelon seed-based vegan cheddar and mozzarella blocks debut in India, and lucky kangaroo-person rescued in Australian flood.

United States provides humanitarian aid to earthquake affected people in Afghanistan.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a donation of US$55 million, to help quake-stricken victims have access to critical needs and prevent contaminated water-related disease outbreaks. The assistance will make available basic necessities, including shelter, household items, water, sanitation and hygiene supplies, solar lamps, emergency healthcare, provision of food, and protection services, with special attention to women, children and elderly. The country is facing multiple crises with 95 percent of the population having insufficient food. The new funding brings the total US charitable aid to Afghanistan to US$774 million since August 2021. The United States is a recipient of five Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance, seven Shining World Leadership Awards for Promoting Healthy Living, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governor, Justice, Protection, and Environmental Protection; and a laureate of 24 Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Loving Care, a Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance, a Shining World Peace Leader Award, Shining World Caring Leadership Award, and Shining World Super Loving Care Leadership Award. Thank you, United States, for your generosity and solidarity. We pray the kind Afghan people soon live in peace and stability, in Allah’s abounding Mercy.

Governments need to transform land usage away from breeding animal-people.

The World Wide Fund for Nature-United Kingdom (WWF-UK) has issued a report on arable land in Britai, which points out the inherent inefficiencies of raising animal-people, depicting how current farming practices are causing climate change, nature loss, and human starvation. While meat and dairy production in the UK relies on 85 percent of the country’s total farmland, it provides a mere one third of the calories consumed. Meanwhile, half of the country’s annual wheat harvest, an amount which could make 11 billion loaves of bread, goes to feeding chicken- and pig-people instead of being used directly as food. Finally, industrially-raised animal-people emit unsustainable amounts the insightful report, WWF-UK! and destroys our planet’s forests and biodiversity. Many thanks for the insightful report, WWF-UK! May governments around the world immediately promote the transition to plant-based food systems to save precious lives on our planet, in God’s Beneficence. Vegan: exchange that piece of meat 4 the safety of our world.

Up next, World Bank grants funds to assist residents in Djibouti. We’d like to thank the oncology social workers, who provide psychosocial support to cancer patients and their families who have been impacted by the diagnosis of the disease. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more helping news.

Good day, compassionate friends! I’m Mick, a vegan lad from the Maroon Leaf Monkey kingdom. The pristine forests of Borneo, where I live with my swinging good friends, are thousands of years old. Please help us keep them this way by supporting sustainable, plant-based agriculture that protects native forests. Here is a health tip for you. Be sure you regularly clean your humidifiers to ensure you’re not breathing in mold and potentially harmful bacteria that may accumulate inside of them. It is simple to clean humidifiers— just use hydrogen peroxide. Add one part hydrogen peroxide to four parts of water in the liquid holding container. Allow it to sit for thirty minutes. Then use clean water to rinse out the interior. Your respiratory system will surely appreciate it! Thank you for your attention and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.

World Bank approves grant to support people in Djibouti.

The World Bank recently authorized an International Development Association (IDA) funding of US$30 million to the Republic of Djibouti in the Horn of Africa, to help protect vulnerable people increase their resilience to economic shocks. The money will be directly transferred to at least 15,000 households and 2,200 students, who are being affected by food price increases due to the invasion of Ukraine, as well as severe drought in the region. The World Bank currently has 19 projects in the nation, totaling US$436 million, in areas such as health, education, energy and more, with specific focus on women and youth. Our appreciation, World Bank and International Development Association, for your supportive measures to ensure the gentle Djibouti people have sufficient food and finances. In Heaven’s abundance, may our planet switch to a vegan way of life, to make certain there is always enough for everyone to eat.

Researchers in Switzerland observe three new subatomic particles.

Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Large Hadron Collider, in Switzerland, recently detected three never before seen types of exotic matter: two new “tetraquarks” and a “pentaquark”. Ordinary matter contains a proton made up of three subatomic particles called quarks, which are the smallest particles known to humans. However, the exotic types discovered contain four and five quarks. These breakthrough findings may help researchers to further understand how our universe was formed, as well as provide more information about the strong force which is known to hold together the inside of atoms. Great news, scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, on your discovery of three more forms of exotic matter. In Celestial inspiration, may your ongoing study into the nature of particles help humanity to recognize the Divine intelligence within all.

Ukrainian-American actress starts fundraiser to aid her country’s people.

Feeling deep sorrow regarding the war in her homeland of Ukraine, actress Mila Kunis along with her actor husband Ashton Kutcher decided to raise money so immediate help could be brought to those affected. The caring couple started a fundraiser where the proceeds go towards shipping relief supplies to refugee sites in multiple countries through Flexport, and providing free short-term housing for fleeing Ukrainians through online booking company, Airbnb. Their fundraiser titled ‘Stand with Ukraine’ has raised over US$36 million with donations from 76,000 people since March, including the couple’s own contribution of US$3 million. Their efforts also gained the attention of Ukrainian President His Excellency Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a Shining World Leadership Award for Bravery laureate, who personally thanked them via a video call. Our gratitude, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, for using your platform to help support others in a time of need. May the beautiful Ukrainian people always feel love and care wherever they call home, in God’s protective Embrace. Vegan: cos oppressing, murdering the meeker beings is not strength, it is weakness.

Coming up, watermelon seed-based vegan cheddar and mozzarella blocks debut in India. We are just going to step outside for a moment to prepare some lettuce to feed the duck-people in a nearby pond. We’ll be right back with more inspiring news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Assuring News for a Precious World.

New watermelon seed-based vegan cheeses launch in India.

Combining modern plant biochemistry knowledge with food science technology, Mumbai-based vegan food startup Katharos, which means “pure’ in Greek, successfully produced plant-based mozzarella and cheddar cheese blocks from watermelon seeds. The products can be grated or melted into soft, creamy vegan cheese when heated, and are made by combining watermelon seeds with apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, seaweed extract carrageenan, potato and corn starch, along with nutritional yeast. The company’s other creative vegan offerings include almond-based feta cheeses, cashew-based pizza cheese sauce, and a variety of vegan soft cheese spreads also based on cashew. How marvelous, innovative Katharos, for making affordable plant-based cheese alternatives of great taste, nutrition, and excellent craftsmanship. May everyone adopt the vegan lifestyle for a healthy planet, in Divine happiness.

Kangaroo-person saved from flood waters in Australia.

A kangaroo-person, struggling in flood waters caused by torrential rain in Maitland, Australia, has been brought to safety by rescue workers at Surf Life Saving New South Wales. The team was evacuating and ferrying people away from flood affected areas, when they saw the young marsupial-person swimming through the deep water. Once on the boat, the fortunate fellow relaxed and warmed himself up in the sun. Rescuers in kayaks and dinghies have saved hundreds of animal-people companions and wildlife-people from the deluged land, since the floods began. We are heartened that you are now safe, little friend. May you recover fully and speedily from the traumatic ordeal. Our sincere thanks, caring rescuers at Surf Life Saving New South Wales, for your courageous actions. May the lives of those affected soon return to normal, as humanity awakens to change to a peaceful and loving way of life, in the protection of the Providence.

Time for a tiny tummy tickle with our joke of the day? Here it comes. It’s entitled “Phone Conversation.”

I was catching up with my mom on the phone the other day, and I told her I’d lost a lot of weight. I don’t think she was paying very much attention to our conversation because she then said:

Have you tried retracing your steps yet?


And now we have a heartline from Yi-Ning in China:

Respected and Beloved Master and the Supreme Master TV team, Thank you for working hard day and night for the goal of a vegan world. I’m living in the dry Loess Plateau, where the inhabitants have to rely on Heaven’s Blessings to sow and reap at the right time to secure their livelihood. In recent years, due to climate change, the life of the people here has become more and more difficult. This spring, when the time to sow came, it had not rained for two months here. The soil was too dry for sowing. Farmers had to drain water from wells to irrigate the fields which, however, was just like a drop in a bucket for what was needed. Seeing that farmers were about to miss the sowing season, I felt so anxious, since if there was no sowing in spring, there would be no harvest in autumn. I had no other way but to get up at 3 am for two consecutive days to pray to Master. On the third day, the wind began to blow strongly. During that night, while people were sleeping soundly, Master quietly showered nectar for us. The soil that had already dried up was finally moistened by God’s nectar. Hearing the sound of raindrops – ticktack, ticktack – I was filled with indescribable gratitude.

Master is the reincarnation of the Quan Yin Bodhisattva who answers all prayers. I pray that all humankind will listen to Master’s sincere advice - stop killing, quit eating meat, and love and care for each other. I pray that “World Vegan, World Peace” will be here soon. Your disciple, Yi-Ning from China

Nurturing Yi-Ning, Thank you for writing. We are truly moved by the miracle received in answer to your prayers to Master. May the benevolent Godses bring good fortune and a bountiful harvest to you and the persevering Chinese people. In Universal Wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master offers Her caring support: “Devoted Yi-Ning, my heart goes out to all those diligent farmers, growing vegetables and grains for their communities. This is such noble work that provides the vital life-force of vegan living. Much Love to you, and may Heavenly beings watch over you and your conscientious Chinese co-citizens, bringing peace and prosperity.”

“Will ye not cease from this great din of slaughter? Will ye not see, unthinking as ye are, How ye rend one another unknown?” ~ Empedocles (vegetarian)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May the light of Heaven shine on you always.

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