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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Loving Message to the Peaceful Ukrainian (Ureignian) Citizens

Language:English,Ukrainian(украї́нська мо́ва)
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“Dearest Ukrainian citizens, beloved children of God, I have read your messages on Facebook. I have heard your heartbeat, your desperate prayers. I have seen your tears, and your suffering. May all this end, even yesterday. This is senseless. Senseless war, senseless brutality. No one can understand this, what’s happening in your peaceful, loving country.

My deepest sorrow and sympathy. My heart goes out to all of you, and we pray day and night with you. We cry with you, we shed tears with you. And we hope that the Almighty, merciful God will hear us. We will continue praying for you, and we send you all our love, in the name of God, in the mercy of Heavens.

Please, take good care of yourselves. Try to pray more. Try to eliminate the cause of suffering, that is, try to minimize the suffering of the animal-people through the diet that we take every day. Please, try to be vegan. That’s all I can tell you. And pray. May all these nightmarish troubles end soon. Dear God, please help us. Amen.

I love you. We all love you. The Supreme Master Television team and I embrace all of you with our heartfelt love, sympathy and prayers every day for you; for all of you, for the souls of the deceased and for the souls of the living, for your whole country to know peace soon. Until then, we will not know sound sleep or tasteful meals.

I’ll send all your prayers, your grievances into the world through our Supreme Master Television. I’m sorry we cannot send all of your prayers, because there are millions of them. We just send some symbolically.

Please know in your heart that we love you. May human beings love one another and spare each other any pain, any needless suffering. May Heaven bear witness to your prayers. And may all your wishes for a peaceful time to return to your country come soon. Love you, love you and love you. Pray God protect Ukraine. Amen.

I also pray for the Russian leaders, to feel more the love of God, so that they will be satisfied in their hearts and never think of waging war, or causing suffering for any other fellow human again.

Thank You, my God, thank You, my Lord, thank You, all the help from Heavens and humans thus far, to minimize the suffering of the peaceful Ukrainians. 

Thank You, my Lord, for everything that You have arranged and will be arranged for all of us, for all the suffering humans on this planet. May You be loved forever, my Lord.”

In these trying times for our world, Supreme Master Television has been honored to receive an outpouring of sincere messages on its social media platform Facebook from the noble Ukrainian people, expressing their heartfelt thoughts and prayers. We would now like to share with you a further selection of these messages, as we pray for immediate peace in Ukraine and the world, so that all affected may begin their healing and soon realize a newly thriving Earth of beauty, harmony and loving kindness.

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