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Touching Messages by Ukrainians (Ureignians) for Peace on Earth

Language:English,Ukrainian(украї́нська мо́ва)
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On May 4, 2022, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai once again viewed some of the numerous, touching comments by Ukrainians on Supreme Master Television’s social media platforms. Master “was in tears reading these desperate messages,” and She sends Her “heartfelt prayers.” Master also requested us to “air the Ukrainians’ grievance to the world,” asking “Russia to stop the war in Ukraine, because it is the way to HELL, as there is no reason to have started and no reason to continue the war. Make peace with Ukraine!”

We would now like to share with you a selection of these comments, which include a beautiful, yet sorrowful poem. May we all pray together for the Ukrainian people’s wellbeing, and we wish that they will soon know peace and comfort, in God’s eternal Mercy.

“God bless peace in Ukraine and all over the world! Life is so beautiful, why did they invent weapons?!”

“God, hear the prayers of all people. Stop the war.”

“Let a miracle happen. May there be peace!”

“I kneel, wash myself with tears, I can’t say a prayer in words, But You know all things beforehand, O Lord And You wipe every tear from my eyes. My God, my prayer is not for myself, I do not try to disturb the Heaven in vain. Everything I need, Lord, I have, I beseech You for other people today! For those who spend the night in basements today, Who hear terrible explosions day and night, Who have already forgotten the smell of fresh bread, Who have no trace of home, For those mothers and fathers who will no longer take their children to school, For a daughter and a son who cry at night, Because neither father nor mother will they see anymore.

Today, my God, I pray to You For the old grandfather, for the gray-haired grandmother, What days living in a cold apartment the old man could not escape from grief. I also pray for those who have left their families, who went to defend their homeland, For those who treat people for injuries, For those who save every soul from the fire...

This prayer, I carry in my heart every day, And mercy, mercy, Lord, I ask. Have mercy, comfort, strengthen every heart, Save and preserve us from Evil and Death. I beg You Strengthen, rejoice, whose hands are cold ...And those who never knew about You, Call for Yourself, give true insight, May salvation appear to everyone, God! I beseech Thee that the hearts may not be hardened, To be able to forgive and be able to love, Let each soul fall to its knees And know that You give help and strength! ...Oh Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, pray to Your Son for our Ukraine. I kneel, whispering softly, For other people I ask You, Lord, May this prayer flow into Heaven: Have mercy, my God, on the people of Ukraine! Thank You for Your grace. Amen.”
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