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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai presents Shining World Compassion Award to athlete group promoting veganism in Costa Rica, researchers in United States find Earth likely formed in solar nebula, Japan commits to aid Cambodia with green electricity development project, scientists in Germany create material to store heat in buildings, Romanian monastery embraces Ukrainian refugees, new meat alternative company releases vegan chicken products throughout United States, and rescue shelter in Bangalore, India has cared for 2,000-plus injured or sick homeless dog-people.

In Shining World Compassion Award News from Costa Rica…

Vegan Power Athlete is a noble group of sportsmen and women who have come together from various disciplines, including bodybuilding, dance, yoga, cycling, gymnastics, and swimming, amongst others. Its mission is to bring awareness of the virtues of a plant-based lifestyle through athletic competitions, events, and social media. Through these channels, they inform the public that if you would like to maximize your fitness level and overall health, the best choice is the vegan diet. Belsen Mata, a holistic plant-based health and nutrition coach, former professional jazz dancer, and current Pilates and Pilates Barre instructor, leads the cause. Upon visiting the “veganpowerathlete” Instagram page, you will see the various events the group attends, as well as many interviews Belsen conducts with a wide range of vegan sportspersons.

"Vegan Power Athlete was born after I was in an activist group. I saw several athletes doing activism, and I wanted to unite those athletes from different disciplines so that we could share that example and teach people."

Upon learning about the noble endeavors of the organization, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present Vegan Power Athlete group the Shining World Compassion Award with all love, appreciation and best wishes for your kind acts to share the vegan way of living. May Heavens forever bless and protect you and your loved ones.”

Our Association members from Costa Rica were honored to present the Award letter and crystalline plaque, as well as Master’s publications, DVDs, a vegan snack basket, and other gift items to Ms. Mata. The following is an excerpt from the letter.

"This Award is presented in recognition of your social activism, encouraging the transition to healthy eating through the demonstration of the powerful attributes of the vegan diet. Your collective voice on behalf of the many saved animals is creating a brighter future for humanity. The Vegan Power Athlete group stands for more than just winning races and medals; it also promotes being a voice for the well-being of our animal friends, humans, and our planet."

Belsen Mata was elated to receive the Award on behalf of Vegan Power Athlete, and expressed her deepest appreciation to Master.

"I would like to tell Supreme Master Ching Hai that I really thank Her with all my heart for everything She does, and I admire Her. I would like to be like Her. I would like to have that strength to move forward, work for a better world, and fight for the animals. So I ask You with all my heart for many blessings, so that You give me that strength and that wisdom to move forward in this fight to help animals."

What a fantastic initiative, Belsen Mata and Vegan Power Athlete, to bring together a community of plant-based sportspeople to showcase the true essence of the healthy and compassionate way of living. In Celestial harmony, may all be informed of the many dangers caused by consuming animal-people products, as well as the numerous benefits of transitioning to the planet- and health-saving vegan diet.

For the full presentation of the Shining World Compassion Award to Vegan Power Athletes, please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

United States researchers determine Earth was probably formed in solar nebula.

Scientists from the University of New Mexico recently calculated the amount of helium-3 gas that is leaking from the Earth’s core, with the findings suggesting that our planet was likely formed in a solar nebula, or giant gas cloud which gave birth to the sun and planets. Helium-3 is very rare and was originally created during the Big Bang, yet they estimated that the Earth’s core contains up to 1 billion metric tons of the material that was accumulated from the nebula during the planet’s formation. Thank you, researchers from the University of New Mexico, for your fascinating study into the potential origins of our planet. In the omniscience of the Providence, may humanity’s scientific knowledge be matched with spiritual wisdom, to ensure a future of benevolence and peace.

Up next, Japan commits to aid Cambodia with green electricity development project. We’ll just give thanks to the pottery instructors who guide their students in the art of pottery and ceramics, such as working with clay, hand building and wheel throwing techniques, glazing, and firing. When we return, more generous news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hallo, virtuous friends, it’s Ryan, a vegan dad from the Ruffed Grouse kingdom! Every day, I deeply pray for the dawn of peace in the world. This is truly my yearning that everyone will turn towards compassion, thus walking in harmony and kindness. We have a useful tip for you. There are various ways you can use positive affirmations to improve your children’s self-esteem. They can look in the mirror and recite positive affirmations to themselves. You can lead the way, and they can repeat after you. Parents can teach their kids to say positive affirmations when they are dealing with challenges to help them eliminate negative thoughts and self-talk. For example, you can encourage them to say, “I can do this!” instead of, “It’s too difficult. I can’t do it.” This will help them get into a positive mindset and overcome obstacles. Thank you for watching. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now the weather from around the world.

Japan assists Cambodia with sustainable electricity program.

The Japanese government has committed to partnering with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to aid Cambodia in providing a renewable electricity supply to seven provinces in rural areas. Around 350 villages in these provinces are still off-grid, with about 180 of them inaccessible by road. By installing mini-grids in these remote areas, around 1,300 households will have affordable, reliable access to electricity, allowing the residents to enjoy an improved quality of life through increased productivity and opportunities. Japan is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Generosity, and Animal Protection laureate. Bravo, Japan and UNDP, for your benevolent collaboration to benefit Cambodia. May all the loving Cambodian people be blessed in bliss and harmony, in Buddha’s grace.

German researchers develop material to store excess heat in buildings.

Scientists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and the University of Leipzig have created a material that can effectively store surplus heat that accumulates in buildings when it is hot and then release it when it becomes cooler outside. The substance is environmentally friendly, being made from an extract of rice husks and fatty acids, and can hold up to 24-times more heat per 10 degrees Celsius than traditional concrete or wallboard. In the future, the invention could be turned into panels placed within walls that cool buildings during the day, and heat them at night. Great news, MLU and University of Leipzig researchers, for your energy-saving substance that could help keep buildings at a comfortable temperature. In the love of Heaven, may humanity continue to work towards full sustainability, as we cherish all the resources that we are blessed with.

Fleeing Ukrainians take refuge in medieval Romanian monastery.

Meaning a place of retreat, prayer and meditation, the 17th-century Sihastria Monastery in northeast Romania, has opened its doors to Ukrainian refugees amid Russia’s invasion. Iryna, an English teacher from Kharkiv, Ukraine, left her husband behind and fled the country with her best friend, children and mother-in-law. They were welcomed by the monastery. Each day, Iryna prays for everyone’s safety and says she even prayed for Russia’s president to become wiser and stop killing children. Iryna faithfully believes that God has brought them to the serene monastery to protect them from harm. A deep bow, Sihastria Monastery, for providing a place of refuge to tenderhearted Ukrainian refugees during this difficult time. We pray that global peace will soon be established and all the world’s citizens live in harmony, in God’s Righteousness.

Coming up, new meat alternative company releases vegan chicken products throughout United States. We’ll pause for a moment to appreciate the cool breeze on hot days. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Outstanding News for a Wonderful World.

New vegan plant-based meat brand releases products across United States.

Skinny Butcher is debuting its line-up of vegan chicken items, including nuggets, tenders, sliders and patties in retail and foodservice outlets throughout the nation. Furthermore, its crispy “fried chicken” sandwich and other items can be delivered directly to customer doors through its Crazy Crispy Chick’n virtual restaurant in Chicago. Crazy Crispy Chick’n has also partnered with Asian restaurant chain Wow Bao and will introduce virtual kitchens nationwide at almost 650 locations. The vegan chicken is made with an innovative vegetable fiber strain of pea protein and seasoned with a unique blend of spices. Skinny Butcher’s goal is to challenge meat products with sustainable vegan alternatives that leave a “skinny planetary footprint.” Three cheers, Skinny Butcher, for your vegan chicken roll out. Our tummies are grumbling! May such plant-powered deliciousness quickly take over the global food system, in Celestial guidance.

Indian nongovernmental organization provides shelter and hope to injured dog-people.

Sarvoham Trust in Bengaluru city has helped over 2,000 sick and injured homeless dog-people since it was co-founded by Haris Ali in 2017. The rehabilitated canine-persons are neutered or spayed if healthy enough for the surgery and vaccinated; they then may be adopted by loving homes, or if senior, allowed to live out their lives at the shelter. Mr. Ali, a cybersecurity entrepreneur, originally funded the charity with his own savings and later donors joined in. Currently, Sarvoham has two ambulances, an x-ray machine, an isolation ward and a staff of 12, including veterinarians, who take care of the loving dog-people. Haris hopes to move to a larger facility to house up to 600 dog-folk in the future. Many thanks, Haris Ali, Sarvoham Trust staff and donors. We wish that all those in your care have healthy and comfortable futures, in the gracious benevolence of the Divine.

Now it’s time to turn on the laughter projector and let the joke of the day transport us into a moment of hilarity. It’s called “Too Late.”

A mother and daughter are looking through mom’s wedding photo album…

"Oh sweetheart, the feeling you get when you are walking down the aisle is indescribable. You are in your wedding dress and all your friends and family are looking at you. And that is when you realize it is too late to run!"


And now we have a heartline from Evelyn:

Master, I saw the news about Ukraine and felt sorrow. Many people died in miserable, painful moments. I can’t know firsthand their sufferings. Some Russian soldiers don’t want to fight, and Ukraine’s people never wanted war. I hope the war will stop and people can enjoy their peaceful routine. I hope people who already died because of war on Earth forgive us, and animal-people who died painfully also forgive us. And I also hope there will be liberation for them. I hope the leader of Russia changes his mind, for himself and his soul, too. I hope people don’t soak their hands with blood, and people don’t die because of war. When I think about the many sufferings, it’s hard to like the Earth. Of course, there are many enjoyable moments in our lives too, but this world is not perfect. Still, there are some things we can do for a better world. I wish when their time comes, people will go back to Heaven, and there will be good days during their short lives on this Earth. Evelyn

Gentle Evelyn, We thank you for writing and sharing your genuine thoughts and feelings. Master sends this compassionate reply for you: “Caring Evelyn, many of your sentiments echo my own, and yes, it is so hard to watch others suffer, humans and animal-people alike. We are fortunate that we can pray, meditate, and call on Heaven to shield the Ukrainian people and other such victims of injustice, including for the animal-people, in this life and beyond. May the Divine elevate humanity and bring an end to all killing so that our world, including blessed Ukraine and your cherished country as well, may live in blissful harmony.”

“All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas essentially practice the principle of great compassion. The suffering of living beings brings forth their great compassion. From this great compassion emerges the great wisdom, and with this great wisdom, they attain the ultimate enlightenment.” ~ Avatamsaka Sutra (Buddhism)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May Celestial music soothe your heart and uplift your spirit.

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