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In today’s news, United States provides emergency food aid to Lebanon, 25 million-plus residents affected by COVID lockdowns in Shanghai, China, man in Australia converting gasoline car to electric, farmers in Mozambique receive fruit drying machines to lessen harvest losses through government program, non-profit started by two brothers from New York, USA, makes unsheltered feel loved with blankets, German Development Minister calls on co-citizens to eat less meat, and British photographer rescues animal-people companions left behind by those fleeing war in Ukraine.

United States provides humanitarian relief to Lebanon.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has donated US$64 million to Lebanon to feed its most vulnerable amidst a worsening food crisis exacerbated by the invasion of Ukraine, which has ended food imports from that country. This timely donation through the United Nations World Food Programme will assist more than 740,000 Lebanese people via the provision of non-perishable grocery items such as lentils, pasta, rice, and chickpeas, as well as vouchers for purchasing food at local markets to assist in boosting the economy. The United States is a recipient of five Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance, seven Shining World Leadership Awards for Promoting Healthy Living, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governor, Justice, Protection, and Environmental Protection; and a laureate of 24 Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, three Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Loving Care, a Shining World Award for Good Governance, a Shining World Peace Leader Award, Shining World Caring Leadership Award, and Shining World Super Loving Care Leadership Award. Our gratitude, USAID and World Food Programme, for your timely and compassionate assistance to the soulful people of Lebanon. May our Lebanese brothers and sisters soon enjoy the peace, abundance and joy they deserve, in Allah’s Care.

Shanghai, China with 25 million-plus at center of recent COVID surge.

To contain the spread of the coronavirus, government officials implemented a partial lockdown on March 27 followed by a full citywide lockdown on March 31, noting that the infection rate was much worse than that in Wuhan at the onset of the pandemic. Scientists say that Shanghai is seeing an Omicron subtype that is different from other strains in China and around the world. Nonetheless, restrictions in some neighborhoods eased on April 11, but residents were still ordered not to leave their neighborhoods, and the US-based consultancy, Eurasia Group, has called China’s zero-COVID policy one of the top risks of 2022. Our prayers go out to the residents of Shanghai, particularly those dealing with the illness. May humanity now choose the lasting solution to the pandemic, namely a conversion to the plant-based lifestyle, which will save us from zoonotic diseases, in Buddha’s abundant grace. Go ahead n make war: people like u don’t know what else better 2 do but 2 make people hate u.

Up next on Noteworthy News, man in Australia converting gasoline car to electric. We’ll just take a moment to thank the computer network designers who create and maintain a company’s IT systems so that information can be safely and efficiently shared across its computers. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more splendid news.

Respectful viewers, I am Hannah, a vegan housewife from the Harpy Eagle kingdom. So much contentment fills my heart as I feel oneness with all beings. Therefore, my life is founded upon compassion, which includes extending kindness even to the smallest of Earth’s inhabitants. Here is a tip for parents. Some kids dislike eating vegetables but love finger foods and dips. A great way to get them to eat their veggies is by providing dips like hummus or vegan ranch dressing and offering chopped veggies on the side. Try giving them a colorful selection of veggies to choose from, such as bell peppers, snap peas, baby carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. Plus, a beautiful presentation will make it more appealing to children. You can get creative and use veggies to form animals or trees! They’ll like it! Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet, thus save the world! And thank you for tuning in. Now the weather around the globe.

Australian man transforming petrol car to electric.

A 28-year-old Albany man, George Knowlden, has begun building himself an electric vehicle. With a budget of just over US$16,500 for the entire project, Mr. Knowlden purchased a second-hand four-wheel-drive Suzuki Jimny, as well as an electric motor from another vehicle, and is using his engineering skills and information from the internet to create his dream electric four-wheel-drive vehicle. With a goal of finishing by the end of next year, Mr. Knowlden plans to drive his electric vehicle across the country from Western Australia to the eastern states with a solar charger on a trailer. What a great project, George Knowlden, to convert a gas-powered car to electric and thus help to preserve our precious planet by cutting the use of fossil fuels. In the goodwill of the Providence, may all people now take the necessary actions, including switching to vegan food, to avert climate change and ensure the health of the Earth.

Over 1,000 Mozambican farmers will get access to fruit drying machines.

Austrian cooperation partners have provided €10 million to support a program to improve the fruit-growing value chain in Mozambique’s fruit-producing provinces. So far, this government initiative has delivered 17 fruit dryers to farmers, with plans to distribute 50 solar-powered fruit dryers in the three provinces classified as the country’s orchards. An annual loss of post-harvest fruits due to a lack of processing facilities is currently estimated at around 20%, with a cost of US$1 billion. The new technology is anticipated to halve this loss within 5 years by significantly increasing the shelf life of harvested fruit. Our accolades, Mozambican government and Austrian cooperation partners, for your innovative solution to preserve nature’s delicious gifts and reduce food wastage. May this device support the hard-working farmers of Mozambique to preserve and sustain their harvests, in Divine radiance.

Benevolent brothers make homeless feel loved.

Mike and Nick Fiorito from New York, United States, quit their jobs and co-founded Blankets of Hope to spread a little kindness to indigent people. To date, Blankets of Hope has brought warmth to individuals in 43 US states and three countries abroad by partnering with schools who send them to shelters. Each blanket is delivered with an inspirational message handwritten by thousands of young students, whose participation in the project allows them to practice empathy and kindness in a lasting learning experience. Over 100,000 blankets have been donated thus far. Three cheers, Mike and Nick Fiorito and all involved, for your praiseworthy collaborative efforts. May many people be inspired by your noble example and also show great care to others, in Celestial unity. Vegan: so easy! Just replace that piece of animal-people protein with a piece of meatless protein.

Coming up, German Development Minister calls on co-citizens to eat less meat. We’re going to step outside for a moment to sit peacefully in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. We’ll be right back with more laudable news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Beneficial News for an Ideal World.

German Development Minister advises her fellow citizens to reduce meat consumption.

Recently, Her Excellency Svenja Schulze, Germany’s Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, spoke on the news station Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, warning that food security will be affected if animal-person livestock raising is not reduced and agriculture doesn’t become sustainable. “It would help the grain supply in developing and emerging countries in the medium and long-term if we in the rich countries would eat less animal products,” stated Her Excellency. She also said that a 30% reduction in pork production in Germany would free up 1 million hectares of land to grow 5 million metric tons of grain. Thank you, Your Excellency Svenja Schulze, for making the citizens of Germany aware that avoiding consumption of animal-people-based products benefits us all. We pray that people everywhere will recognize the need to quickly change to plant-based eating to ensure food security for all, in Heaven’s guidance.

Photographer rescues abandoned animal-people companions as Ukrainians are forced to flee their war-torn country.

British photographer Nick Tadd traveled from the United Kingdom to West Ukraine in an effort to save displaced animal-persons left at train and bus stations, with some chained to lampposts, as their caregivers fled the war. The companions were left behind because the transport companies would refuse to allow the furry friends on board. Mr. Tadd and a group of volunteers are working hard to bring them across the border to shelter them in Poland. Many of these loving beings are facing post-traumatic stress disorder and are frightened and confused. In an effort to continue helping these distressed animal-folk, Mr. Tadd is documenting his work on social media to raise money for more supplies and a new ambulance. We laud you wholeheartedly, Mr. Tadd and all those who have assisted you, for your benevolent acts of kindness in transporting these sweet souls from Ukraine to safety. May God have mercy and forever bless Ukraine and her animal-people with protection.

The chuckle phone is now powered back up and reached its full charge. Let’s use it to get the joke of the day called “Texting is Better.”

Two kids text each other.

“You know, I really prefer texting better than talking on the phone.”

“How come?”

“Because I can’t backspace my words after they come out of my mouth.”


And now we have a heartline from Zoey in California, United States:

Dear Supreme Master Television team, Thank you so much for emphasizing the need for people to go fully vegan every day! I wanted to share that thanks to my dog-person companion, I was recently made aware of the impact of having leather in our car. I thought I did not have any leather in my life but realized that in my cloth seat car, there is still a leather steering wheel. After realizing the price I would be paying spiritually and health-wise for it, I traded it in for a fully vegan, electric car (the least expensive Tesla model that is fully vegan inside). I made the switch immediately because it made sense that I would never buy anything leather, so there is no excuse for me to keep holding leather every day when driving. It might be a hassle for some people, but I understand that not going fully vegan is so much more costly to our spiritual life. I’m happy to say that my health has improved so drastically and evidently after that. It is like closing one more road that the negative force uses. I hope everyone who is able can make the switch – we owe at least this much to the animal-people. Sincerely, Zoey from California, USA

Conscientious Zoey, Our appreciation for your message. The level of integrity in which you are keeping the Five Precepts is an excellent example for all to follow. It is a reminder to us all that we should not make exceptions. Even one instance of cruelty to an animal-person is too much. This is the least we can do for the noble and loving animal-people who serve us so generously regardless of how we treat them. We pray that humans finally awaken and treat our beautiful animal-folk with the utmost honor and respect they so richly deserve. May God’s Divine Grace shower and uplift you in your diligent spiritual practice! Wishing you and the munificent American people the Blessings of the Providence, Supreme Master TV team

Vegan man: how handsome!

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May Heaven’s bountiful love guide your life on this treasured planet.

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