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Praying for the President of the United States His Excellency Donald Trump

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On Friday, October 2, 2020, the President of the United States His Excellency Donald Trump announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19. That evening, President Trump, who is 74-years-old, was flown to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he has been receiving an “antibody therapy” treatment. First Lady Melania Trump is quarantining and tweeted that she has “mild symptoms but overall feeling good.” In a video His Excellency tweeted on October 4, from the hospital, he stated his appreciation for the medical professionals, as well as his fellow Americans and world leaders for their support, saying, "The outpouring of love has been incredible, I will never forget."

Over several phone calls with Supreme Master Television team members on Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai took time from Her intensive meditation retreat to express Her deep concern regarding this news, and especially President Trump’s health. Asking us to pray for him and the First Lady, Master also told us to let fellow initiates know to pray if they would like to.

I just want to tell you something. The President Trump and his wife, the First Lady, got COVID-19. (We heard, Master.) How you knew? I just know it now. When did he get it? (It was on the news yesterday.) Oh, yesterday I was too busy, too busy. I just saw it now. So, have some prayers for them. (Yes, Master.) For Mr. Trump. Everybody became softer now, they don’t attack him too much. That’s also a good thing, but I worry… I hope he recovers. He seems to be unbeatable, but you never know. (Yes, Master.) The negative tries to get him, that’s what. If you want, can give him prayers. (Yes, Master.) Because he’s good, he’s genuine.

I was kind of feeling very sorry for the President because he has to go out. It just fell on the election time. (Yes.) There’s so many people now and many of his aides having [COVID-19] positive also. (Yes, Master.) And many more people, like famous people also get [COVID-19] positive infection symptoms. So I’m telling you this pandemic is very serious. Now you know why I’m so serious about it. (Yes, Master.) It’s getting on to the top even, my God. And he’s all protected. They say in the White House, they keep distance, six feet or something. But six feet is not distant enough. But they cannot help it, because his secretary or his aide sometimes have to be near, to talk. Like the bodyguard and all that, security man, they cannot work from home for the president. Yeah, thus, they are infected and they infect him. (Yes.)

And also even, for example, his cook, his chef in the White House, anytime he (the president) needs a meal, they immediately bring. They might not be sick, but they touch those frozen meat and fish and stuff like that, which still are virus-laden. The scientists, they have been researching, and then they found that the virus still survives after three weeks. But if they continue doing more research, probably they will see that they survive even longer on frozen meat, or fish or whatever frozen. The virus survives in them longer, even. So they will not be killed because of winter. That is the very dangerous thing. And then even though the chef or the cook is not sick, but they touch the frozen meat or fish to cook for him, and then they touch his plate while preparing for him. Then he would take the plate and he would consume the meals, and then… That’s how, possibly, he got sick. We just pray Heaven to spare him. That’s all we can do. I hope he’ll be okay.

If you are willing, please pray for President Trump. (Yes, Master.) We need him. He’s one of those good instruments in the world. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Despite how it looks outside. I cannot explain everything. (Understood.) But if I tell you he’s a genuine good guy, you must believe me. I have no reason to lie to you. (Yes, Master.) I never see him I don’t know him. He is not my friend, relative, nothing. It’s just for the world’s sake. (Yes, Master.) He and Chairman Kim Jong Un are two of the few people who are working good for the world. (Yes, Master.) We need them. (Yes, Master.)

I also feel very sorry for him, because everybody attacks him relentlessly, constantly. And meanwhile, he still needs to deal with national affairs and international relations. (Yes, Master.) Everybody just blames him, and don’t relent, don’t feel anything for him. He has to do many jobs! (Yes, Master.) It’s not just the jobs that are listed in the news, but many other things that a president must do. It’s not just about in front of the camera. It’s not only that. (Yes, Master.)

You pray for him if you’re willing. (Yes, Master.) Imagine if it’s you, you are the president; you have to deal with so many things and many egos around you. (Yes.) And your own people even betray you; your family members attack you, stabbing you in the back. And still have to function. That’s why his immunity is low and now he got it. (Yes, Master.) Normally he shouldn’t have. But immunity is low because too much stress, too much sorrow, pain. A man is not made with iron. Even a president is not. (Yes, Master.) He also has business to deal with, and family and many other things that are not in the press.

By the way, they say it’s mild symptoms and it’s only for precaution; it’s not that. It’s rapidly progressed, nastily and zealously. So, he’s in serious safety risk now. That’s why I call you again, tell them to help pray for him. We need him. (Yes, Master.) The world needs him. You see how many people we can really feel connected with, I mean in the high position and currently in office. Only a very few number of good leaders, are really serious and genuinely good for the world, genuinely care for people. Even other leaders, they say many things, but maybe they don’t do it so seriously and passionately like that. I feel that way. (Yes, Master.) Whenever you have time and you meditate, you just say a few words. (Yes, we will.) (We will pray, Master.) I do also, I’m still doing it.

Oh my God, I can’t believe it. This kind of thing, originally, of course it’s just a mild symptom. But from then, it progresses into the next stage, and it can be very fast. Within a few hours, your status of health will change very fast. From mild and easy looking until too serious, and in that case, they have to put you in ventilation, isolation, intensive care. And that is serious. From that, it’s very difficult to recover. If recover. (Yes, Master.) Some people are in that stage for long, long months, until they get out. And get out, and still not completely well. This is a very nasty evil force. (Yes, Master.) But that is also because he’s been eating meat and all that. (Yes.) And despite all this, he’s so blindfolded not to be able to change. So karma can pounce on him. Coupled with all these “beautiful,” unloyal employees and family members, then he became weakened. Imagine if it’s you. Would you still be tough and strong? (No, Master.) Too much sorrow! (Yes, Master.) Too much pain, this wicked world. And the media also. And the opposition also. (Yes.) And the fueling protests and all that. (Yes, Master.) Oh man. OK. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) God bless. God love.

Hallo, I have just flipped the news, and somebody said his condition deteriorated on Friday. You know, I did not know that news, I was just checking it inside only. (Yes.) And now the news confirmed it! This is from Fox News, it said today that, “White House chief of staff Mark Meadows confirms Trump’s condition deteriorated on Friday.” You see that? (Yes.)

Even if President says he is well and he is OK and all that, but you see his staff says his condition deteriorated. (Yes, Master.) I did not read the news. Only today. Did you know that before today? (No, Master.) No. So that means, what I said is true. (Yes, Master.) You have also have been praying for him, all of you? (Yes, Master.) If somebody is so sick, we pray anyway. (Yes, Master.)

I could shed a few tears for him because I imagine if I am him, that I’m the president and I’m attacked all over like that because I know. I’ve been attacked before by even my own so-called disciples, and outside and other people and the newspapers and all that. Though it’s all not true, but for me, sometimes it’s overwhelming. And then he has to even take care of national affairs and now the pandemic, and they still don’t relent. Even as he’s in the hospital, somebody wishes him bad.

You pray for him. (Yes, Master.) And First Lady also. We do what a humane person should do. (Yes, Master.) Regardless. Even if another candidate got ill like that, we also pray for him. (Yes, Master.) We don’t care whether or not they do good or not good. We should not be so mean and so degraded like that. So wicked like that. (Yes, Master.) It’s good that you walk the line. (Yes.) You make yourself an upright person, a virtuous person. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) When the North Leader was rumored to be sick, I also prayed for him, but I did not tell you because it wasn’t open. (Yes.) I just prayed for him myself. And also the Prime Minister of England, I also prayed for him, all by myself. (Yes.) Anyway, they’re both OK so whether or not they have been seriously sick or not, I’ve been praying for them. Now this president is also a very good person. Good-hearted person. Even though he doesn’t know how to express it well. But what he does and his intentions inside, his heart is good, so we pray for him also. (Yes, Master.) All right, thank you, my love, and God bless you, God protect you. (Thank You, Master.)

Our deep gratitude, Most Caring Supreme Master Ching Hai, for sharing these and more important insights about President Donald Trump, and for Your loving example of compassion for all people. With Master, we will continue to send our heartfelt prayers, positive thoughts and best wishes, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, for your speedy and full recoveries. May Heavens continue to watch over and protect you and the kind Americans, as you regain your strength and health, in God’s Love and Blessings.

For the full broadcast of these conferences with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at an upcoming date.

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