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The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 12 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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I know you have everything, but you want my half sandwich. Oh, maybe one day you will have it. Maybe. Just pray for world vegan, world peace, sincerely with me. (Yes, Master.) And one day your dream will come true. (Thank You, Master.)

I tell you when you are wrong. (Yes, Master.) I praise you when you are right, equally. (Right. Yes.) Not because I like you or hate you, nothing. I’m just doing my job; comfortable or not. (Yes, Master.) I don’t enjoy my job either, but if it helps some souls to be free, then I just have to continue. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

Hoping one day, maybe I can take you to the Himalayas, dream on baby. (Oh, yes!) And then you don’t just eat vegan chapati or samosas, you can eat soup and dip many of your sandwiches in it, or half of my sandwich in it because it belongs to Master – must have blessing power in the half of the sandwich. Has drool in it, blessing drool, my drool. I can just bite many sandwiches and leave all to you; the rest, after I bite. So, if I’m too tired, or my teeth hurt or something, I just put some saliva on them. Then you will like it very much. And the samosa, I would do the same. Every day. And we will live in Heaven. (Yes, Master.) (That would be Heaven already.) That would be Heaven already, that’s what I mean. (Yes.)

If we live in our own built-up Heaven. People, if they look on, they would say, “Ew, what group is that?” Maybe the fly- or the mosquito-person will also come along and say, “Oh, it gets crazier nowadays with Her. We saw Her before walking in the garden, talking to trees and stones. And now She even puts saliva on the sandwiches and everybody just goes ga-ga over it! Before, we saw Her walking around with this square little black thing, and pointing at trees, rocks, and bushes and talking to them, saying they’re pretty, beautiful. And puts Her hand on Her chest and bows and says “Thank you” to the trees. “Can you imagine? And then now She’s doing more crazy stuff here! Yeah, come all of you, come and have a look!” And they will not bite us because they’re too busy looking. They’re enjoying the theatre. The saliva theatre or sandwich theatre.

I know you have everything, but you want my half sandwich. Oh, maybe one day you will have it. Maybe. Just pray for world vegan, world peace, sincerely with me. (Yes, Master.) And one day your dream will come true. (Thank You, Master.)

Hey, I’m still here. (Hi, Master.) I don’t know, the phone had problems. What were we talking about? So, I repeat again, samosa, samosa, samosa like a mantra. I don’t know, I might disappoint you if we go there, because my life may be good for me, but maybe you won’t like that style. What will you do? Sit, and then go to the Ganges and then go back to sit again, and eat just samosas and soup and sandwiches all day?

And what else did he want? Ah! Vegan pancakes. (Pancakes, yes.) We can fake it; make chapati and put some sugar and lemon, like the English eat them. (Yes.) Or whatever we put on it. And it looks like a pancake, no? (Oh, yes, Master.) Just different style, different texture. You still like pancakes? (Yes, Master.) (Oh yes, we do!) Oh, wow. OK. We don’t have it. Sorry. You know it. But you cannot make it? You can ask for some flour, and then make a batter and then fry it. Put some oil in the pan. (Yes, we can.) (Yes, Master.) And make it one day. (Right. Yes, Master.) And just put sugar or syrup and lemon on it, or just syrup, or just lemon. If you forget the syrup, just put lemon.

I have a joke for you. You know, in England they have railway tea. (Yes.) Somehow people often make fun of it, like it doesn’t taste good. Like it’s too diluted or too... It’s not like how you make it at home. (Right, Master.) Not too tasty or something. So, I made a joke when I was in England. I told my friends. I said, “One guy went on the train, and he would like to have some tea,” like everybody else in England. You know, the English people, they drink tea more than the Indians. They just moderate it, they just put tea leaves, the powder, or tea bags into a pot, and then they pour it on top of some milk in the cup, and they have it with sugar or not.

But in India, cooking tea, chai, is an art. You know that. (Yes. Yes, that’s right.) Oh, they have to have the right amount of this and that and others. Many spices are put into it. (Yes.) And then a little bit of ginger, fresh, and then cardamon. I forgot what else. Not curry. I know, you think curry, but not in the tea. I did not see that. Did you? (No, Master.) No curry in the tea, right? In the chai, no. And some other spices. And they have to boil the tea, the milk first, and then put the tea in it, in the boiling milk, and boil together, instead of water. (Yes.) They put the tea in the milk instead of just boiling the water.

In England, they cook tea with water first, and then pour in some milk. And then they put sugar, or not. It’s a moderate version of chai. And they have different names. Thé au lait (tea with milk). Milky tea. In India, they make it more sophisticated. Even if vegan chai, they still put all these spices in it. Otherwise, it won’t taste like chai. (Yes.) It would be like English railway tea.

So, I made a joke. I said to my friend, “One guy, he went into the tea department on the train. (Yes.) And then he ordered some tea. And the waiter asked him, ‘Do you want it with milk and sugar? Or just black tea, sir?’ So, he said, ‘I just want milk and sugar.’” He doesn’t want the railway’s tea, the famous English railway tea. Mostly they brew it already; put it in a big pot. (Yes.) And they go around and pour it in your cup, in your train compartment. This guy, he went there and especially ordered just milk and sugar.

It’s my original joke. My silly joke when I was in England. How I even came to that joke, I don’t remember. Because my friends kept telling me how lousy the railway tea is. (Yes, Master.) I never had experience of that. I never went on the train in England. Bus maybe, but not train.

Anything else? Any other pancake story or soup (story)? (I don’t think so.) (No, Master.) That’s all. (Yes, Master.) Ah, good. Did we break the record? No, we didn’t. (Far from it. We’re at two hours and a half.) Only? (Yes.) Wow, what a surprise, considering my record of talking. I wonder myself.

Sometimes I sit down in some moments of reflection. I thought, I wonder what became of that girl that I knew, long, long decades ago, before marriage and during marriage and after marriage even. Some years after. I never talked so much. Many people who saw me in India, also said, “She was always quiet.” I wouldn’t know what to say. And now I talk non-stop, you can see. It’s contrary to the person I knew. Myself, before.

In your young age, in, I don’t know, primary school, high school – anywhere, I wouldn’t know how to answer people. If they mocked me or if they slandered me, or if they kept ranting about anything about me, or nothing true – I still didn’t know how to answer. I just lowered my head and kept walking, or sat there doing nothing. Even in the ashram, one person accused me of eating the last chapati and I also didn’t defend, because it wasn’t me. It was the other guy next to it. (Yes, Master.)

And there were two guys eating some chapatis with me, in the ashram. Some of those lucky moments when I caught some chapati. And the guy next to me, he ate the last chapati, and the guy opposite him, turned to me and said, “Hey, you are a small girl, but you ate a lot. You ate the last chapati as well.” (Oh.) But I didn’t say anything. (Oh.) And I thought to myself, “If I say, ‘No’ and point at the other guy, then the other guy would be so embarrassed,” because he did not say anything. That means he didn’t want to admit it already. (That’s right. Yes.) And if I pointed to him, then he would be too embarrassed. (Yes.) So, I thought, “Never mind, this guy, he already embarrassed me. What’s the use of transferring it to the other person?” So, I didn’t say anything.

Many other things like that. Even during these enlightening journeys. (Yes, Master.) I didn’t argue so much. I also wouldn’t know what to say, and also didn’t know much about anything to say that I deem worthwhile or anything. In fact, if somebody told me a lot of things and if I had to answer a lot, I felt very, very tired. And I was younger then. (Yes.) And how come got tired from conversations so quickly? And now you are getting tired, because of my conversation. I hope not. (No, Master.) You can always say, “Master, no, stop it. We have had it, Master, had it.”

Alright. But it’s time to end anyway. So I didn’t break my record and disappointed you. Next time, maybe. OK? Next time, we’ll make it six hours. Make sure of our own Guinness record.

OK, my love. God bless. (God bless, Master. Thank You. Thank You, Master.) Lots, lots, lots of love. Thank you, all of you, inhouse, near-house, next-house, above-house, below-house, and outside-house, and no-house remote workers. And everyone who is supporting Supreme Master Television in any way they can. Even just to watch it. We thank you all. God bless all of you, and be enlightened quick-quick – all of you, out there. (Thank You, Master.) Thank God. (Thank God. Thank Master.) Praise God, Glory to God, and please, give us Peace, my Lord. Give us World Vegan, World Peace, and paradise on Earth. Thank You, thank You. We thank You. (Thank You, God.)

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