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Between Master and Disciples

The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 9 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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As you sow, so shall you reap. These weaklings are spineless. How can they become leaders? I don’t know how. All this is just public relations propaganda and talk. (Yes, Master.) They have nothing inside them. They have no guts, no noble spirit, no protective character. (Yes, Master.) Except for talking and promising, they do nothing good.

All these so-called leaders, they are really so cold-blooded, like poop Francis, saying that it’s an infantile war. How can it be? It sounds like just a children’s naughty game. It’s not a game, man. It’s not childish. It is life and death of a nation. (Yes, Master.) And then another leader somewhere said, “We will not give in to this emotional blackmail.” Maybe in response to President Zelenskyy’s passionate appeal for help for his people. (Yes.)

My God! Sickening, you know that? (Yes, it is.) It is sickening. It’s people’s children, women, human life and death in front of their eyes, and you call it a children’s game and children’s naughtiness. Infantile.

And the other ones, “It’s just emotional blackmail.” What bs is that? What evil talk? (Yes.) All of them. (Yes, Master.) Oh, God. Sickening. It’s really disgusting. Despicable. (Yes, very.)

"Media Report from Sky News March 26, 2022 Reporter (f): Those who have made it out talk of a nightmarish existence. 'It’s hell there. It’s hell,' this mother tells us. 'My children’s godmother is still there. It’s not possible to leave the shelter. There’s no food, no gas, no electricity. It’s just like Mariupol. Everyone’s cut off.' They’re distraught and terrified. The rituals of death are crammed in between the shellings, as those left behind struggle to live. For those here, this isn’t real living. It’s just surviving.

Driver (m): Our country needs your help. Good luck."

Do they have to wait until the bomb flies on top of their heads, or their houses are destroyed, their children murdered, their wives raped, their whole city’s flattened into the dirt, then they would think twice about saying such evil things? Evil comments? (No, I hope not.) It might come to them. As you sow, so shall you reap. (Yes, Master.) So cold-blooded. (Yes, very.) If they don’t have anything more sympathetic or constructive, or comforting to say, then they better just shut up. Nobody invited them to say anything. (Yes, Master.)

If you don’t comfort, then you don’t hurt people by words. Because that’s a kind of war also. People are already hurt, pained and wounded, and you have to put salt on their wound? (That’s horrible.) So, they are horrible inside out. They are just as bad as Putin, in a different manner. (Yes, Master.) I’m not sorry for saying anything like this. I will say it again, again, again – a million times, and don’t even feel sorry. (Yes, Master.)

Anything else? (Yes, Master. For the millions of Ukrainian refugees coming into the European Union, the EU has released €3.4 billion in funds that can be used by member states for expenses related to refugee health care, as well as housing, employment, education and social inclusion.)

Yeah, yeah. They have money. It’s no big deal. (Yes, Master.) It’s no big deal. They should have protected Ukraine from this fate, of becoming beggars, refugees. They should have done that long ago, when Crimea happened. (Yes, Master.) Not now. Now they’re just paying for their debt, for their shamelessness, for their inhumane attitude, ignoring the suffering of their neighbor. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t praise them, nothing. They should have done more than that, and long, long time ago, when Crimea was taken, or threatened to be taken by Russia. (Yes, Master.) They did nothing. They let it happen. And let Donbas happen. And let Ukraine, the whole country, suffer. (Yes, Master.)

And then now, give some handouts as like a very charitable kind of system. I feel sick of all these so-called leaders of the world. They should all abdicate, they should go away, go home, plant their own vegetables to eat. Because now Ukraine cannot supply. Or less. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) It’s so easy for them. They just give land to farmers, make them grow some crops. They don’t even do it themselves, that’s why they don’t know how hard it is, how valuable it is what the neighbors have produced to feed them, to nourish their children, and themselves. (Yes, Master.)

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we say “Ăn trái nhớ kẻ trồng cây. Nhờ ai vung xới cho mày được ăn.” Meaning, “If you eat some fruit, you should be thankful to those who planted it, and those who are taking care of the tree, so that it bears fruit for you to eat.” (Yes, Master.) It looks like nobody is grateful for Ukraine, in Europe. Now they just do some handouts. Of course, they have a lot of money. It’s easy to just give money. (Yes. That’s right.) And they probably feel proud, they’re helping Ukrainian refugees.

My God, Heaven sees everything. Such weaklings are these people – just sit on the top for profit and fame. Nothing good comes out of them. (Yes, Master) I dare say that openly on our television. I’m not talking behind anybody’s back. (Yes.)

If they don’t improve themselves, they should retire. They should abdicate. They should go home. Plant their own fruit and vegetables to see if they can nourish themselves without anybody else’s help, (Yes, Master.) (Right, Master.) so that they can be more grateful for what they have had before and be grateful to people who toil day and night for their comfort, for their privileged situation. And for their glorious seat in the world. (Yes, Master.) Shameless.

Next one. Any other things? (Yes, Master.) Tell me.

(A docked ferry has become a floating hotel for Ukrainian refugees in the city of Marseille, in France. A ferry has been transformed into a floating hotel to accommodate up to 1,600 Ukrainian refugees. This floating hotel will be put at their disposal as well as social aid, health care, training, education for children, childcare and a crèche.)

Nothing really can make up for what they lost. (That’s right, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Their dignity, their peace in their own house, their own independence. And nothing makes up for what their loving family members lost. Nothing. They lost their country, their family, their home, maybe their family members, their children, their wives, their kids, their mother, father. Nothing can make up for it. (Yes, Master.)

All these leaders should bow their heads in shame and repent to God. God will not forgive them for ignoring Ukraine’s problem ever since it started in 2014 already – not just now. This is just a continuation. (Yes, Master.) And if they don’t behave well or they don’t improve themselves, they will be next. They will be the next refugees. (Yes. Right, Master.)

As you sow, so shall you reap. These weaklings are spineless. How can they become leaders? I don’t know how. All this is just public relations propaganda and talk. (Yes, Master.) They have nothing inside them. They have no guts, no noble spirit, no protective character. (Yes, Master.) Except for talking and promising, they do nothing good. Just all go home, that’s what I advise them to do. Of course, they’ll fight to death to stay. They will not go home. (Yes, Master.) Their home is too good. Their home is a palace, next to their work. Their home is where their prestige is. They would not go anywhere. (Yes, Master.) I’m so disgusted. It’s despicable, all these big government leaders in the world. So despicable.

Anything else? (Yes, Master. A veterinarian from Poland, Jakub Kotowicz, has rescued over 200 cat- and 60 dog-people from Lviv, Ukraine in three convoys. So, yes, that’s one positive news from Poland.) OK.

(The next news is the Italian government is ready to rebuild a destroyed theatre in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine, which was devastated by the bomb attack. The Italian parliament has passed the proposal to use government funds to rebuild the theatre.)

Just the theatre? How about the hospital? How about the children’s orphanage? How about the kindergarten? And how about people’s loving homes? Yeah, wait until they’re all destroyed and then can rebuild. It’s kind of too late, no? Don’t you think? (Yes, Master.) Wait until there’s nothing left of Ukraine, then they can go in and just rebuild and live in there themselves, because people will not be there anymore. Ukraine is not Ukraine anymore. Wait then. Why don’t they wait until all is destroyed? And come in and be a good guy? They’re nothing better than Putin. (Right. That’s true.) It’s just a little bit different.

I don’t look up to them anymore, ever. Before, I used to be very respectful of any government leaders, and religious leaders. And now my eyes are open. I don’t have any more reserved respect for any of them, for most of them actually, most of them. Maybe one or two are still good.

There’s a joke in Âu Lạc (Vietnam); there was a news all over, saying there was a cat-person, just born, but he always talked, he said, long live such and such leader, at that time, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), after the war. (Yes, Master.) Long live such and such leader. And then so everybody came and had a look. Then some more journalists came and wanted to take a photograph and record of the wonder cat-person.

And when they came, the cat-person didn’t say anything anymore. So, they asked the owner what happened. Why doesn’t the cat-person talk? And the owner said, “Oh, he was saying nonsense when his eyes were not opened. (Oh.) And now his eyes are already open, he knows. He knows. He doesn’t talk nonsense anymore.” (Yes.) Me too. My eyes are opened.

Next one? (To help increase military aid for Ukraine, the UK has brought together 35 international partners in a conference to help widen military support for strengthening Ukraine’s armed forces as Ukraine continues to repel Russian military forces.)

Russians are already packing, from their key posts. You read that? (Yes, Master.) I read that. (Yes.) So now it’s time to come in? Right? (Yes.) To share the glory. (Yes. That’s right.) “Well I did help Ukraine, didn’t I? We did send military help to Ukraine. That’s how they won the war.” Oh yeah, have the memorial ready to plant it in the land, cities, villages of Ukraine when the war is over. Make it ready soon. (Yes.) So that they can plant it everywhere in Ukraine’s noble land, so that they can tell people and their grandchildren, “Yeah, you see that? Go to Ukraine and have a look at such and such village. My name is there. I was there.” “Our government helped, you saw that?” (Yes.) “Never forget, OK?” “Your Grandfather, your government, are great.” Write it in the history as well. Shameless, I tell you, all of it, shameless.

Before that, England did not even want to take any refugees. Not long ago, almost like at the beginning of the war. And then later they said, “OK, help yourself style.” You came to England, you do what you do, try to survive. You don’t know the language. You don’t have a house. Your children have nowhere to protect themselves from the rain and the snow and the cold and the fog in England. Everything’s OK. Do it yourself.

I told you, they’re shameless, the leaders of the world! Now you believe me or not?! (Yes, Master, we do.) So, I can only rely on Heavens. (Right. Yes, Master.) These worldly people, they are truly a bunch of useless, spineless profiters. I’m not sorry at all. I don’t ever apologise for saying that.

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