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The United Spirit of the Ukrainian People Shines Before the World, Part 7 of 12, Apr. 3, 2022

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They’re all civilians, in civilians’ plain clothes, children also included, and some were tied at the back even before they were killed in execution-style. And they tortured them also. This is incredible. This is truly soullessness. This is truly demonic. (Right. Yes.) And I hope the world opens its eyes. Because if they don’t help Ukraine, they will be the next one like that; their lives, their fate will be the same. Soon. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Any others? (Master, we have many good news to share.) Tell. So, the questions are done? (Yes, Master.) Tell me. Good news is always good. I’m dying to know it. (Alright, Master.)

(On Saturday, April 2, 2022, Ukrainian negotiator David Arakhamia told a local TV station that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will likely meet for face-to-face peace talks soon in Turkey. Arakhamia added that the Russian negotiators also agreed that draft documents will likely be sent to Putin and Zelenskyy for direct discussions.) Let’s hope they’ll make peace out of it. (At least there’s some hope, Master.)

What else? (Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister says the country’s forces have retaken the whole Kyiv region. as Russian forces withdraw from key towns.) It’s good.

(Next good news, Master. The US will help transfer Soviet-made tanks to Ukraine.) At the end? Finally? It’s funny how people let others eat until they are almost full already, or full already, and then say, “Here, some more!” Or, “The best one’s coming!” (It’s true.) Or, the p Francis is also now condemning or criticizing Putin. (Oh.) Oh, where were they before? (Oh, right, Master. Right.) All these spineless people, if they are even people. Tell me.

(More information is that this is the first time the US helped deliver tanks to Ukraine) I’m not surprised. Oh, what a surprise! I’m supposed to say, “Wow, how surprising!” (since Russia invaded, and comes after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy renewed his requests for the West to send tanks and planes.) He had requested that for a long time already. (Yes, that’s right.) And now Russia is moving away, (Yes.) leaving a lot of equipment and tanks behind even. And left some occupied cities empty. And now they come in with all the tanks, whatever. Yeah. Wow, what good theater! (Yes. It’s too late now.) What a good show of unity. (Yes.) Thank you.

I told you that these world leaders, so-called leaders, they are so funny; they are daft, like kindergarten people, or deaf and dumb and stupid, or lame or whatever. No brain or brain-damaged, or spine-damaged.

Anything else? (Yes.) Tell me. (Previously, Ukraine generated its own electrical power as well as used supplemental electricity from the Russian and Belarusian power grids. With the invasion, Ukraine’s power supply was partially disrupted due to Russia taking over some of Ukraine’s power plants and having no supplemental electricity from Russia.) Yeah. (So, the good news is that the Belgium-based utilities company ENTSO-E has linked Ukraine to an electricity grid spanning much of continental Europe,) Oh, bless them. (thus providing Ukraine with another critical source of electricity and allowing Ukraine to end its dependence on Russian and Belarusian power stations.) They should have done that long ago. (Yes. Right.) They should also make themselves more independent as well. Never mind. Better than nothing. Better late than never. (Right. Yes, Master.)

(They planned it for a long time, Master, but because of this invasion, they increased the speed of it, and so, it happened right away.) “Planned it for a long time.” Oh, sure. Just like NATO will accept Ukraine into their circle, but doesn’t know when. (Yes, that’s right.) “Planned for a long time.” The EU also, takes a long time to join them. (Yes.) They have time. My God. Wait until Russia comes to their bathroom, then, they will know they don’t have time. (Yes, Master.)

I hope this Ukraine war will be a big, big, big, huge lesson that they have learned. All these so-called big powers, European Union or America and the rest. (Yes, Master.) Because now they will wake up and learn to be more independent. Like, at the moment, the US government is releasing reserved oil. (That’s right.) But it won’t last forever. So, they have to continue doing their oil and gas supply investment like when Trump was there. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, they will jump back to their old flame again, Russia. Old flame for flame.

Whatever you think you can take advantage of from somebody else or some other group, it won’t last. Always if you can, you have to help yourself. Be independent. Even it’s said that “God helps those who help themselves.” (Right. Yes, Master.) Even God! Not to talk about these mundane bunch of whatever, commercial politicians. (Yes.)

It’s all about money and gain and comfort. That’s why they fight. That’s why they want more land, more tax because they want to keep their life in luxury. (Yes.)

Like Putin owns a lot of properties, according to the investigative journalist reports. He owns even a yacht of 700 million dollars, owns houses here, city apartments there for his lover, or kids, whatever. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they cannot let go of the power. They will become nothing. They will become poor. (Right. Yes.) And they can’t bear it. (Yes, Master.) That’s why they fight life and death; not their life, their death – other people’s life and death, to keep them alive. (Yes, Master.)

It’s utterly evil, selfish, truly inhumane. (Right.) Sacrifice all others for your own comfort. (Yes, Master.) They cannot let go of their yachts, their wealth, their big, huge bank accounts, and every other thing they have. I don’t see any leaders who are poor when they retire, or when they are in power. (Yes, that’s true.) Here and there, they secretly do some dealings, something, to have millions of dollars while they are in power. So, they retire rich.

Just like Biden and his son. (Yes, Master.) Always denying it. And even now CNN exposed them with evidence; signature and bank account and laptop, whatnot. (Right. Yes, Master.) And Biden still says, “Oh, it’s still OK.” His son’s business is OK. And now the media says, “It’s not OK.” (Now they say it. Yes.) Now they say it. It’s safe now, because the election is gone. It’s over. (Yes. Yes, right.) And Biden, his family and whatnot are already established in the White House. They feel like nothing can remove them anymore now. Now they just go after Trump. But now they can go after also the son of Biden. (Yes, Master.)

Before the election, they suppressed all this. They did not want to print or report it, deliberately, just because they wanted to get rid of Trump. (Yes, that’s right.) The president that they don’t deserve. President Trump is the president that they don’t deserve, I have to say. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) So, his loss is not his loss; it’s their loss. (Right. Yes.) They don’t deserve him.

In a way, I’m not praying for him to come back. Whatever. Whatever their lot, whatever their karma is – it will be shown, will be done. (Yes, Master.) If they pray hard, maybe if they really miss him, if they really feel that he is worthy, maybe Heaven will let him come back. (Oh.) But I’m not sure at the moment.

It’s too much. Too much folly, one after another all the time, never stops! (Yes, Master.) Never stops.

Like Putin, he says he’s worried about NATO being next to his wall; if Ukraine became a NATO member. But Ukraine was not accepted, already. (That’s right.) They say that outright, number one. Number two, he’s bombing the whole country and NATO did not react. So, he must know by now that his country is not threatened by any NATO members. (Right. Yes.) So, he still continues killing; killing his own servicemen, soldiers, and the Ukrainian people. (Yes, Master.) He knows by now that the war is lost. Many of his soldiers died for nothing already. He should take pity on the rest. No! He continues to make more; more conscripts, to continue the war. (Yes, Master.) Oh, man. Even hell will never open the door for him to get out again, whether or not he’s a devil. (Wow.)

You see, if they did not invent so many mass destructive and lethal weapons, the war could have been less destructive, less painful and have less long-term effects. If people are killed like in old times, just by rocks and sticks all that, then people don’t die in so many numbers like that. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

The photos from the satellite images show the city’s citizens are dying on the street at the hands of the Russian soldiers, all over everywhere, it’s about 400 people, at least, who died there, and were left there for many weeks already. (Right, Master.) But Russia denies it, said the deaths happened after they left. It’s not true, because satellite images recorded it. And it has been there for weeks already, meaning not just after they left, but before they left. They wanted to blame it on the Ukrainians, that’s what it is. But it won’t work because satellite images captured it.

Oh, Russia. My God, I can’t believe this. (Yes, Master.) I cannot believe this; cannot believe the Putin regime, or I don’t know, Putin or it’s communism that brainwashes the young soldiers to become soulless like that, to just kill anybody. They’re all civilians, in civilians’ plain clothes, children also included, and some were tied at the back even before they were killed in execution-style. And they tortured them also. This is incredible. This is truly soullessness. This is truly demonic. (Right. Yes.) And I hope the world opens its eyes. Because if they don’t help Ukraine, they will be the next one like that; their lives, their fate will be the same. Soon. (Right. Yes, Master.)

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